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    • Green Tech Weekly ep5


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      Green Tech Weekly brings you the greenest tech from around the world. Hosted by me EcoGeeco (that's me). This week we have a hard core electric bike, electric Tron like cycle out now, printed solar paper and efficient LED light for home use with 103 settings. See all the links at http://greentechnow.com/blog/?p=173 Twitter @greentechweekly and LIKE us on Facebook!

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      • Creepy Ladder


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        10 seconds of climbing a ladder and looking into the attic

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        • Srinds and Glides


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          A quick edit of about a week of filming while i was in San Diego. Filmer: Madriano Baraona Editor: Madriano Baraona Skaters: Various

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          • Avicii @ the Frosh Week Block Party in London, ON


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            Video by Aistis Cepinskas Premier Productions Inc. and PremierLife.ca were proud to present the 2011 Frosh Week Block Party with Avicii ft Cazzette and Giddy. Photos, Videos and our Interview to follow. www.premierlife.ca

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            • Importing Videos Into Pro Presenter


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              Utilizing the Video/Image Bin in Pro Presenter to manage video bumpers, announcements, backgrounds, and more.

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              • Hive45 Singularity Podcast #59 - Love & Collective Communities


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                Ray Kurzweil writes about love: "And you can view it in an evolutionary perspective that there is actually value in us connecting to each other, because it leads to better protection of the species if we actually create communities based on love and act as a super organism as opposed to every individual for him or herself, which is actually not a good strategy overall." We discuss his point, the idea of love as a human construct, collectivism vs individualism, the future of individualism, and the benefits of collective cooperation within hiveminds to spur collective intelligence for the continuation of the species. Shownotes: http://hive45.com/shows/episode-59-love-collective-communities Singularity Network Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/techsingularity Discussion About Love on Singularity Network Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/techsingularity/?view=permalink&id=197476006979935 Ray Kurzweil on Love And Evolution As A Spiritual Process http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anthony-adams/ray-kurzweil-interview_b_921015.html The Singularity Summit Australia 2011 http://summit2011.singinst.org.au/ HIVE45 Singularity Podcast: http://hive45.com http://facebook.com/hive45 http://twitter.com/hive45

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                • The Future of Agriculture: Plants Plugged In


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                  Dutch agricultural company PlantLab is researching ways to efficiently grow food in skyscrapers, warehouses, or underground using hydroponics while utilizing technology to precisely control the plant environments and outcomes. Instead of sunlight, PlantLab uses red and blue LEDs which achieve a a photosynthesis efficiency of 12-15% (outdoor plants are around 9%), they use 10% of the traditional water requirements, they monitor 163,830 reports per second with advanced sensors, and apparently the food tastes better! Obviously this method of food production is more expensive. But as environment pressures and issues such as peak oil cause food prices to rise, the economies of scale will make setups like this very viable replacements for feeding the world. We discuss the implications of plugging the plants we eat into the machine, and the idea of a global food production hivemind establishing to increase the efficiency and output of food. In essence, we have turned food production into an informational science and given the process an algorithm with which we can begin to manipulate more aggressively than ever before. Dutch PlantLab Plugs Plants Into The Machine: No Sunlight, No Windows, Less Water, Better Food http://singularityhub.com/2011/08/14/dutch-plantlab-revolutionizes-farming-no-sunlight-no-windows-less-water-better-food/ HIVE45 Singularity Podcast: http://hive45.com http://facebook.com/hive45 http://twitter.com/hive45

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                  • Could Opensource Swarm Robotics Be The Future?


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                    Swarmanoid is a swarm intelligence robotics hivemind system comprising of differing robots each with a particular skill-set to solve a problem. For example, in the movie they have 3 robots cooperating to find and retrieve a book on a bookshelf: - the eye-bot is the flying eyes of the system watching from above and scouting-out the environment ahead, - the foot-bot is a wheeled robot with a gripper that moves the hand-bot to where it needs to go - the hand-bot climbs the bookshelf and grips the book to retrieve it We discuss robotics research moving more toward the development of interconnected specialty robots into a hivemind with swarm intelligence. They're primarily being developed for use in rescue and hazardous environments, but we also think a MakerBot-like opensource, purchasable kit of swarm robotics could revolutionize the robotics industry. Swarmanoid: Humanoid Robotic Swarms Swarm Robots Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2nn1X9Xlps HIVE45 Singularity Podcast: http://hive45.com http://facebook.com/hive45 http://twitter.com/hive45

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                    • There Are No Borders: US Map Redrawn


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                      MIT’s Senseable City Lab has used hoards of data compiled by telecommunications giants like AT&T to craft a map of how the United States is linked. We discuss how states, countries and all political borders should be replaced by as analysis of the communication borders between different hiveminds (groups of individuals). And in fact as politics develops particularly with social media monitoring, politicians will increasingly promote themselves and craft their policies toward people within these communication "borders" instead of geographical borders. US Map Redrawn According to Density of Communication http://singularityhub.com/2011/08/10/are-nations-less-important-than-phone-calls-new-mit-map-redraws-the-u-s-according-to-communication/ Hans Rosling Talks on TED http://www.ted.com/speakers/hans_rosling.html HIVE45 Singularity Podcast: http://hive45.com http://facebook.com/hive45 http://twitter.com/hive45

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