1. ISLAM’S VIEW ON TERRORISM AND JIHAD | Dr. Zakir Naik | With Q&A Session | Part 1/2


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    • Voices for Peace 911 Commemoration


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      Voices for Peace 911 Commemoration. Held at the STRAZ Performing Arts Center in Tampa, Florida on September 11, 2011. The event was a gathering of the different faces of the community uniting for peace. Film by Juan Underbakke. The event was sponsored by the Islamic Community of Tampa, First United Church of Tampa, Friends of Human Rights, Tampa Friends Meeting, Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, CAIR Florida Tampa, St. Pete for Peace, and United Voices.

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      • The War for Northern Mali: Military Intervention and the Salafi-Jihadist State


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        When what began as the latest in a string of Tuareg uprisings in northern Mali was usurped by radical Islamist movements last year, the international community witnessed what it had feared for many years – the creation of a Salafi-Jihadist state that could serve as a safe haven and operational base for al-Qaeda-connected terrorists and narco-traffickers. As the world watched, Islamist gunmen imposed their own version of Shari’a on those who were unable to flee to neighboring countries, destroyed much of the region’s important Islamic heritage and carried out brutal punishments on those who defied their new order. As the Islamists began to push south in January, Paris decided it was time to launch a military intervention to eliminate this threat to a former colony with long-standing ties to France. This intervention quickly evolved into a multi-national operation to provide the French forces in northern Mali with military, logistical and surveillance assistance. As combat operations continue, the Jamestown Foundation is pleased to present a discussion of three important aspects of the French-led military intervention. Jamestown’s Dr. Andrew McGregor will discuss the tribal aspects of the war in Mali, Colonel Patrick de Vathaire will turn his considerable military experience to an examination of the response of the French forces to the crisis in Mali and M. Jean-François Pactet will analyze the political dimensions of the intervention. This event comes at a critical time as the struggle for northern Mali begins to present important implications for energy security, international military cooperation, regional security structures and counter-terrorism efforts.

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        • Terrorism: Theirs and Ours - October 12, 1998


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          Eqbal Ahmad spoke at CU Boulder, Colorado on October 12, 1998 (just 7 months before his death). He talked about who and what defines terrorism. Taken from www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXt1s38SzpA with Thanks.

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          • Politics Today with Dr. Mona Kazim Shah 7tthJan2014


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            Terrorism doesnt always come through suicide bombers , many times it comes through the mind set, which is more lethal and destructive and which is what you should question. Topics: Religious intolerance, Amir Liaqat's Hate speech and murder of an Ahmadi teacher follows, ‪#‎reclaimyourmosques‬ and the case of murder and rape of a six year old in Lahore Mosque, PTI and MQM both political parties popular with the youth and their role in leading a movement against Terrorism. Number to the studio is 972-231-1110 for live calls. Guests Beena Sarwar, Kashif N Chaudhry, Syed Mughni Raza (MQM), Nadeem Zaman(PTI), Mohammad Jibran Nasir and YOU For overseas listeners http://funasia.net/index.php Click on 1110AM For locals, 1110AM, FunAsiA Radio, Dallas On "Politics Today with Dr. Mona Kazim Shah

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            • Goldstone, International Law and the Coming Crisis in September


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              A presentation by three distinguished lawyers, historians, and scholars: Avi Bell, J.J. Surbeck and Rick Richman. April 28 at the Luxe Hotel Sunset in Los Angeles. Avi Bell participated in a debate on the Goldstone Report at Stanford Law School on March 28 with Justice Richard Goldstone and others, three days before Justice Goldstone published his now-famous recantation in the Washington Post. The Goldstone Recantation demonstrates that the truth about international law and the Arab-Israeli conflict, although slow to get its boots on, can be used as an effective defense by those who are knowledgeable in it. International law is usually considered only when it can be played against Israel and is generally ignored when it is in fact in Israel’s favor or would condemn the Palestinians. We have been dealing with the progressive institutionalization of a double standard. J.J. Surbeck gave examples of the problem and where it is leading the world community if not addressed in time. In advance of the coming September meeting of the UN General Assembly, where opponents of Israel plan to seek a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state with non-negotiated borders, Rick Richman analyzed the legality and the political implications of such an attempt. PANELISTS: Professor Avi Bell holds multiple degrees from Harvard and the University of Chicago, clerked for the Supreme Court of Israel, and has taught courses on the laws of war and the legal aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is a professor at Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law as well as the University of San Diego Law School. J.J. Surbeck is a Swiss-educated attorney who worked for 16 years for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which many have called the “Guardian of the Geneva Conventions.” He has lectured and taught widely on the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, also called International Humanitarian Law. He is currently Executive Director of T.E.A.M. (Training and Education About the Middle East), a non-profit organization, and is based in San Diego. Rick Richman is a graduate of Harvard College and NYU Law School. His articles have appeared in American Thinker, Commentary, the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Press, Pajamas Media, and the New York Sun. He blogs at Contentions and edits Jewish Current Issues.

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                ABOUT IQ2US Rethink your point of view with Intelligence Squared US, Oxford-style debates live in New York City. Launched in 2006, IQ2US can be heard on over 200 NPR stations across the country, and seen on the Bloomberg Television network. From global warming and the financial crisis, to Afghanistan/Pakistan and the death of mainstream media, IQ2US brings together the world’s leading authorities on the day’s most provocative issues. Witness an exciting battle of ideas, wit, and persuasion as the experts on both sides challenge your convictions. Best of all, your vote decides who has carried the day. America Cannot and Will Not Succeed in Afghanistan/Pakistan: Live Debate held October 6, 2009 The Obama Administration has implemented a significant change in policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan, which they view as a single challenge, AfPak. More troops and a new commander have been sent to Afghanistan, and the US has increased its level of support and aid to Pakistan. To many, this means we are becoming further entrenched in an open-ended quagmire where any military solution will ultimately fail. Others question whether we should care if Afghanistan has a strong central government or a democratic one. While most agree it should not become a terrorist haven, opinions differ on how this should be accomplished: more troops, covert operations, diplomacy? And what to make of Pakistan? We cannot allow its nuclear arsenal to fall into the hands of radicals, but President Obama has ruled out putting US troops on the ground. The task of rooting out al Qaeda and Taliban militants falls to Pakistan’s army, which has, until recently, supported these groups as a hedge against future conflict with India. How much tolerance does America have for the long road ahead with AfPak? Can we ever “win,” and how would we even define a win in this region?

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                • Missile Crisis Briefing 2009


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                  UPDATE: Missile Crisis Briefing 2009 From Israel and Washington D.C. The EMP Catastrophe - Proliferating nuclear threats to the U.S., Israel and other allies Panelists: Frank Gaffney, Major General James "Spider" Marks, (Ret.), Avi Schnurr As terrorist regimes acquire nuclear capability, fears of the devastation wrought by a nuclear attack are on the rise. However, a seldom discussed, yet more insidious threat looms on the horizon - the risk of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack - a catastrophe that could instantly transform America from a superpower to a pre-industrial society. Such an attack would destroy the U.S. electrical grid and lead to infrastructure failure that would result in food shortages, starvation, disease, and civil unrest. Of course, Israel, Europe, Japan and other countries are equally vulnerable and could suffer severe disruptions to their economic, healthcare and security systems. The Congressional EMP Commission recently released their final report - verifying both the danger and the fact that Israel and the United States have not taken adequate steps to protect themselves from the effects of a nuclear EMP Strike. Further, both countries are priority targets for destruction. June 29, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA

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                  • Announcement - United Nation Rapporteur to Accept Failure To Protect Complaints Regarding OS-EH-EA


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                    Freedom From Covert Harassment Conference call co-founder, Millicent Black, was able to arrange a meeting with United Nations Rapporteur to plead for the investigation of crimes committed against Targeted Individuals. As a result, she and other members were able to convince UN Rapporteur, Juan Mendez, to look into allegations made by targets. Mendez is only able to investigate claims made against public agencies and individuals associated therewith. Of particular interest to him are charged stemming from a "failure to protect" on the part of enforcement agencies. Mendez is also charged with working against the commission of genocide worldwide. He is able to accept claims from any country.

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                    • A Decade of Fighting Terror with Terror: CCR Reflects on 10 Years After 9/11


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                      In the 10 years since the tragic attacks of 9/11, much has changed in our country. This anniversary is an opportunity to evaluate those changes, to rededicate ourselves to human rights and civil liberties in our democracy, and to correct the reactionary course set by the Bush administration and continued by Obama. On 9/14/2011, attendees and viewers of a live webcast joined CCR to explore these issues and help inspire others to work for a different world 10 years from now. http://ccrjustice.org

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