1. Project REV 2012 Kickoff // Business Video


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    I know I am in a room full of entrepreneurs because I am the only one with a tie on. Our passion fuels our business. We haven't slept in two days, we're very excited to be here. Project Rev is a small business marketing lab. Deluxe adopts 10 small businesses for a year and helps them find marketing that works for them. You want people thinking of you when it’s time to buy. What we have seen here today at the kick-off at Project Rev is 10, brilliant, energetic, articulate small business owners Our name fifty back is derived from the fact that we donate fifty percent of our companies profit back to five charities that support our troops and veterans Who are absolute experts in what they do They’re not experts in marketing Up until about six to eight months ago we had done little to no marketing at all I really don’t have a budget for marketing. just mentioning marketing or networking or business development and engineers tend to oooh! I don’t know how to promote myself Marketing scares me The reason your apart of the Rev Project is because they make some really good tools that help with e-mail marketing better site design mobile site design Who felt that they had a great mobile presents when they came into the room I’ve look at a few of your sites And I wont tell you who's are in no way designed for a…experience Why do I say this to you Because its inexpensive to fix and the tools are already in this room Everybody knows that small business growth will be the engine of the economic growth for the country So many of the small business owners need basic sales and marketing tools in order to grow their businesses We’re giving them fifteen-thousand dollars in marketing products and services I think with Project Rev it’s going to turn my company around Our Partner in this is Score Score is handpicking advisers to work with each of the Project Revers Project Rev is really going to help a lot of small businesses success and take their company to the next level I believe in the power of marketing and that’s a big reason why I’m so excited about being here What I want people to know about Deluxe is that we’re passionate about helping small business I’m not going to have to go around announcing who I am because with the help of Project Rev and Deluxe Corp their already going to know who I am because the marketing plan we’ve built In late 2011, Project REV participants gathered for a kick-off event in Kansas City where they met their Deluxe marketing mentors and advisors. At the event, each participant conducted a strategic analysis of their business and identified key challenges to tackle during Project REV 2012. Participants left the event armed with a preliminary marketing plan using the $15K they are receiving from Deluxe.

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    • Blueline Security Services - Project Rev 2012 Participant // Brand video


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      Myself and my three partners are all active duty police officers in the Washington metropolitan area when we were about five years from retirement decided what are we gonna do when this fun ride is over Security was kinda a natural fit being in law informant I feel confident that the service I’m providing them is a step above a notch above my competitions What I don’t know is how I effectively grow a business and manage all the moving parts Up until about six-right months ago we have done little to no marketing at all Obviously I believe in the power of marketing because I … the little bit we’ve done in six months I’ve seen how much its made our business explode and that’s a big reason why I’m so excited about being here Shawn Scarlata | Prince George's County, MD 
After 15 years as a police officer, Shawn and his three partners started Blueline Security Services, a private security firm that provides armed and unarmed security guards and executive protection personnel to corporate clients. They also offer professional training to those in the field as well as personal security training for employees of large companies in the Washington, D.C., area.

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      • West Metal Works - Project REV Participant // Brand Video


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        I went to school for engineering so I know technical but I don't know any advertising sales we have no marketing department no marketing people on staff I’m general manager And we're a custom steel fabrication company Our main clients are the department of energy Department of defense Our biggest barrier is getting our company out into the public eye I don’t like sales It’s not something that’s just natural for me to just walk up to people to start talking Yeah so we really need some help there Right now we have a website and a very basic brochure So that’s all we have Just glad to be here Jamie Stermer | Buffalo, NY
Jamie built up his steel fabrication chops by working at a small welding shop all through high school. After earning an engineering degree, he joined West Metal Works, Inc., a leader in precision metal fabrication. Today, as general manager, he believes that West Metal Works could benefit enormously from professional marketing direction.

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        • Kodiak Coffe - Project REV 2012 Participant // Brand Video


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          Kari Olson | Forest Lake, MN
Kari prides herself on being a coffee aficionado, so converting her passion into a business venture was an easy decision. As co-owner of Kodiak Coffee, she enjoys connecting with her customers, brewing delicious handcrafted drinks and offering a creative menu. Competing with giant coffee chains isn't easy, but Kari is ready for the challenge.

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          • Paisano Sausage Company - Project REV 2012 Participant // Brand Video


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            I was supposed to be an aerospace engineer and I ended up making sausage I don't know how to delegate enough and I would like to learn how to do that I would like to free myself up because I am very hands on so that I can perhaps go make more business trips and sales calls Marketing scares me I’m not computer savvy I don’t know how to do the internet marketing There’s just not been a lot of money to spread around especially for marketing so this is just a huge boom to my company I so need a marketing mentor because I would have no idea where to spend that money and where would be most effective When project Rev when I learned about it and I learned that Deluxe checks was sponsoring it then I felt more comfortable to enter the contest because of the name behind it Trusted Deluxe In one year I want to be telling that I’ll be shipping sausage nation wide I think with Project Rev it’s going to turn my company around It’s gonna be around another thirty-eight years Katherine Laurienti | Denver, CO 
Known as the "Sausage Queen," Katherine has been working at Paisano Sausage Company for more than 30 years. This family business takes pride in making the finest Italian sausages the old-fashioned way. Kathy's focus has shifted to creating new recipes and products while still maintaining the day-to-day operations. Successfully running the family company in today's tough economy means everything to her.

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            • 50 Back Brewing Company - Project REV 2012 Participant // Brand Video


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              My dad used to brew beer in the basement when I was a child so I got to taste all his recipes. after it stopped tasting like wallpaper paste it actually did taste good we donate fifty percent of our proceeds to charities that support the troops and veterans so that’s why we call ourselves 50 back My own father was in the army and then after he retired he was a police officer So he served his whole life and I wanted to do something to give back for his service. One of the biggest things we don’t know is why we’re so excited to be at Project Rev is marketing that pertains to the alcohol industry We’re learning its baby steps but it’s not anything that we really knew well before we got into this We’re only in a few states we’d like to be nation wide How to do that We don’t really come from a marketing background so we need all the guidance we can get from that really We’re excited and grateful Kimberly Rogers and Paige Haley | Pepperell, MA 
In addition to making a great beer, Paige and Kimberly had a powerful mission in mind: to give back to our troops and veterans. 50 Back Brewing Company donates 50 percent of its proceeds to charities supporting our armed forces and their families. Their beer gives consumers a chance to say "Thank You" to our heroes, and the knowledge that it helps improve the lives of our troops and veterans.

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              • Big River Running Company - Project Rev 2012 Participant // Brand Video


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                We’re really competitive Especially with each other We’re all runners We’re all pretty competitive runners The staff that we have is really top notch We’re all really close nit group a good friend of mine and I we were teammates in college, we always kinda of joked about how we felt St. Louis needed another a good place for people to buy their running shoes Got three stores now and almost twenty employees And our sales are double what we thought they’d be so We’re living the dream and we’re doing what we love and I couldn’t ask for a better job Marketing is the life blood of our business You’re essentially the face of the store I really don’t have a budget for marketing We just kind of spend money where we feel like we need to spend money and our business basically started from scraps so you know There always that little thing in the back of your mind like there’s probably an easier way to do this I hoping the Deluxers come in and really help us add some discipline and some organization to what we’re doing right now Kyle Cameron and Matt Helbig | St. Louis, MO 
This business venture grew out of a lifelong passion for running and fitness. Big River Running Company is a specialty running store that goes the distance to make running more enjoyable for both recreational and competitive athletes in the St. Louis, Mo., area. Besides the best in gear, they offer running support services including personal coaching and race management.

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                • Small Business Relationships: Building Social Media Relationships // Marketing Video


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                  Chris Brogan offers advice for how to build relationships using social media. Bottom Line: "Be where the conversations are happening."

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                  • Two Fats Guys Gourmet Sauces - Project REV Participant // Brand Video


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                    It started as a hobby with my husband and his friend, years ago Like 30 years ago when they roasted pigs We had a lot of costumers ask if it was glutton free It was an easy fix it wasn’t a big ingredient change or anything so we thought why not It tastes great We don’t use a business plan and I suppose we should now but we don’t I hope Score can help me with the business side of it Marketing is a little bit of the unknown to me I don’t know what’s successful I mean we kind of guess sometimes but we don’t know for sure I’m most excited to get a marketing claim going Now we just do things and I wanna know why we’re doing things and hopefully in a year from now I’ll be more organized that way We feel like we’re solid We know where we’ve been what we’ve done where we’re going I’m so glad this was available to us It’s like wow I’m really It’s exciting Julie Thomas | McHenry, IL Bob Packard and Kent Thomas started Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces with a secret recipe they came up with right in their backyard. Julie is married to Kent, and she joined the business to help entice BBQ lovers everywhere to try their special sauce. They produce unique, all-natural BBQ sauces that are free of gluten and high-fructose corn syrup.

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                    • Trigon Associates - Project REV 2012 Participant // Brand Video


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                      We're a New Orleans-based engineering company I’m an expert in managing large capital construction programs We our well known in the engineering community In the New Orleans area but associated with a different company Now that we've started our own brand, our own company, that's been the challenge is to I guess rebrand ourselves with Trigon. Marketing's typically out of my comfort zone and just mentioning marketing or networking or business development and engineers tend to oooh We don't tend to be outgoing people people people I’m hoping to learn from my Score mentor about business inefficiencies our operation What we can do better to improve are delivery our bottom line Lisa Cookmeyer | New Orleans, LA Lisa is one of four partners of Trigon Associates, a full-service consulting engineering firm specializing in planning, design, construction, program and project management. Lisa finds business development fun yet challenging. With Project REV, she wants to gain a marketing perspective that she can use to build her business.

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