1. Seeds of Freedom


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    A landmark film narrated by Jeremy Irons. Find out more at www.seedsoffreedom.info The story of seed has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt. It’s been written by those who want to make vast profit from our food system, no matter what the true cost. It’s time to change the story. Produced by The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network, in collaboration with MELCA Ethiopia, Navdanya International and GRAIN. Thanks to all those involved in making this film possible. Produced & Directed by Jess Phillimore Camera - Jess Phillimore, Jason Taylor, Damian Prestidge.

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    • Semillas de Libertad (Seeds of Freedom - Spanish)


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      La historia de la semilla se ha convertido en una de las pérdidas, el control, la dependencia y la deuda. Ha sido escrito por aquellos que quieren obtener beneficios vasto de nuestro sistema alimentario, no importa cuál sea el costo real. Es hora de cambiar la historia. Producido por la Fundación Gaia y la Red de Biodiversidad de África, en colaboración con MELCA Etiopía, Internacional Navdanya y GRAIN. Obtenga más información en seedsoffreedom.info

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      • Seeds of Freedom - Trailer


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        Visit www.seedsoffreedom.info to watch the full film which is narrated by actor Jeremy Irons. Global agriculture has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 10,000. Nowhere is this conflict more poignant than in the story of seed. This is the trailer for the film Seeds of Freedom, to be launched in early 2012. The film explores the history of the corporate takeover of seed, and the impact that this is having on communities across the world. The loss of indigenous seed goes hand in hand with the loss of biodiversity, the loss of cultural traditions and practices, the loss of livelihoods and the loss of independence in agriculture. Please share this trailer far and wide. This film is co-produced by the African Biodiversity Network www.africanbiodiversity.org and The Gaia Foundation www.gaiafoundation.org With thanks to the contributions of Navdanya International www.navdanyainternational.it and the Source Project www.thesourcefilm.org/​ Camera: Jason Taylor, Jess Phillimore and Damian Prestidge Produced by Jess Phillimore

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        • The Farmer, the Architect and the Scientist


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          The Farmer, the Architect and the Scientist tells the story of a seed hero. Dr Debal Deb is a pioneering ecologist committed to working with traditional farmers in eastern India to conserve indigenous seed diversity. Over almost two decades, Debal has managed to save 920 varieties of rice, all of which he stores in community based seed banks in West Bengal and Odisha for farmers. This film follows the construction of a new seed bank premises in Odisha, a venture that provides a potent symbol of Debal’s values. As we saw in Seeds of Freedom, small-scale traditional farmers and their rich diversity of locally adapted seed varieties are being written out of the story of seed. They are the victims of an aggressive global lobbying effort, designed to convince a world terrified about food security that the corporatization of the global food system, involving transgenic seeds, is the only way to feed the world. But there are those who dispute this narrative – seed heroes, men and women, from around the world – who understand that the key to a healthy food system lies in maintaining the immense local and regional bio-cultural diversity of seeds and traditional farming methods. Their work to uphold farmland and community resilience and health has never been more important. A short film by Jason Taylor, The Source Project, for The Gaia Foundation. With huge thanks to Dr Debal Deb, the community and farmers of Odisha, and architect Laurent Fournier.

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          • Wake Up Call


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            Find out more at www.gaiafoundation.org/wakeupcall/ …& join the conversation: #WakeUpCall. Have you ever felt like we're living through a nightmare of consumption? That you wish you could un-hook yourself and reconnect with a life that is somehow more real and vivid? Then perhaps you're ready to heed Earth's Wake Up Call. Today we live in a time when there is little to no understanding of how the goods we consume and take for granted came into being. Without this we lack the knowledge to understand the true costs of our consumption, and the power to take action. As a result we have become disconnected from Earth - the origin of our health, wealth and all of the 'things' we depend on. Wake Up Call takes us on a fast-paced, animated glimpse of the true costs behind some of our most prized possessions - our electronic gadgets. Joining the dots between the stages of extraction, production, consumption and disposal, it reveals that, although our gadgets appear sleek and shiny, their appearance is misleading.

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            • Sementes da Liberdade (Seeds of Freedom - Portuguese)


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              A história da semente se tornou uma das perdas, controle, dependência e dívida. Foi escrita por aqueles que querem fazer lucro enorme do nosso sistema alimentar, não importa o que o verdadeiro custo. É hora de mudar a história. Produzido pela Fundação Gaia e da Rede de Biodiversidade Africano, em colaboração com MELCA Etiópia, Internacional Navdanya e grãos. Saiba mais em seedsoffreedom.info

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              • Seeds of Sovereignty


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                As the world’s agriculture and food systems face a crisis of disappearing seed diversity, a new short film tells the story of how African farming communities and organisations are reviving traditional seed diversity across the continent, and resisting mounting corporate pressure to use industrialised seed and farming methods. This film is the follow up to our landmark 2012 film Seeds of Freedom, narrated by Jeremy Irons. Find out more and watch more films at www.seedsoffreedom.info More about Seeds of Sovereignty: Seeds of Sovereignty shows that farmers around the world have saved and bred an unimaginable wealth of seed diversity to meet their many different challenges, but as corporate seed and chemicals replace farmers’ own ingenuity, this diversity is steadily disappearing. Reviving farmers’ in-depth knowledge of how to save and adapt seed is critical, and the film is aimed to encourage others to do so by setting out the key stages in this process. Through interviews and stunning cinematography from across the continent, the 35-minute film unpacks an approach aligned to the principles of the growing global food sovereignty movement and provides a guide for anyone looking to revive traditional, diversity rich, seed and farming systems around the world. Seeds of Sovereignty is the follow-up to the 2012 film Seeds of Freedom, narrated by British actor Jeremy Irons. Seeds of Freedom challenged the global corporate agenda to control and monopolise the food and farming sector, most particularly through genetically modified seed. It has achieved global success and is used by anti-GM campaigners across the globe. Films produced by The Gaia Foundation, the African Biodiversity Network, MELCA Ethiopia and GRAIN

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                • Reviving Our Culture, Mapping Our Future


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                  The story behind a group of indigenous communities from around the world, who are using new methods to communicate their message to the rest of the world.

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                  • Graines de Liberte (Seeds of Freedom - French)


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                    L'histoire de la graine est devenue celle de la perte, du contrôle, de la dépendance et de la dette. Il a été écrit par ceux qui veulent faire du profit vaste de notre système alimentaire, quel que soit le coût réel. Il est temps de changer l'histoire. Produit par la Fondation Gaia et le Réseau biodiversité africaine, en collaboration avec MELCA Ethiopie, Navdanya international et GRAIN. Pour en savoir plus seedsoffreedom.info

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                    • Sacred Voices


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                      Sacred Voices is a short film which shares the messages of eight traditional Sacred Natural Site Custodians from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. They share an ancient birthright and duty to protect the Sacred Natural Sites found within their territories. In April 2012 a unique meeting brought them together to share their experiences and concerns relating to their Sacred territories and the threats that they face. Together they drafted a “Statement on Common African Customary Laws for the Protection of Sacred Natural Sites” and created this film. The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network supported the making of this film in order that their voices are heard and shared, their opinions listened to and their requests supported. The film is being shown at conferences and film festivals around the world and we ask you to support this by sharing it amongst your own colleagues, peers, friends and family. Thanks to partners The Mupo Foundation, MELCA Ethiopia, the Institute for Culture & Ecology, RIDEP and NAPE for their unending commitment to supporting Sacred Sites Custodians and for helping to bring about this important meeting and film. Find out more at www.gaiafoundation.org and www.africanbiodiversity.org

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