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    We searched NYC for a variety of subway musicians to unite for a live experiment. We stationed them at 9 different subway stops with wifi and had them simultaneously connect to composer Ljova. He led them in a performance of "Signal Strength," an original piece he wrote for them. composed and conducted by LJOVA: http://ljova.com directed by CHRIS SHIMOJIMA: http://chrisshimojima.com produced by ANITA ANTHONJ director of photography (Bryant Park) JOHN SEARS: http://johnsearsmedia.com Listen to the studio recording here: https://soundcloud.com/ljova/signal-strength Check out our Youtube: http://youtu.be/X6PhsrcO80g accordion ALBERT BEHAR http://albertbehar.com bass IAN BAGGETTE http://ianjesse.com beatbox ADAM MATTA http://adammatta.tumblr.com cello LEAH COLOFF http://leahcoloff.com djembe & shekere JEREMIAH MCFARLANE CARL JACOB (I & I DRUMLINK) iriemiah@yahoo.com guitar AMIT PELED saw NATALIA 'SAW LADY' PARUZ http://sawlady.com theremin LLAMANO http://llaminov.wordpress.com trumpet JORDAN HIRSCH viola ALLYSON CLARE *** tech producers JESSE BELLER RICH SHURTLIFF production coordinator HOLLY HURSLEY editor CHRIS SHIMOJIMA sound editor and mixer MICHAEL FEUSER instrumental sound editor and mixer CASEY FOUBERT compositor ERIC HALASAN titles CHRISTOPHER RALEIGH team assistants SAM BAUMEL RICH BOYCE ADRIANA BUSTAMANTE REBECCA CARTON CHOPIN CHATIBURUS BRAXTON CLARK GUYEN FAM MATT HELLAND DESTINY JACKSON VIVEK KHANNA KATIE KELLEHER JESSICA KRUEGER NICK LJUBICICH EMILIE MARTEL GAELAN MULLINS ARMAN SHEIKH RICHARD SHU DEVIN TANCHUM MARÍA VILLASEÑOR NABIL VINAS NICK WILLIAMS

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    • Build: Mini-Theremin @ warp speed


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      Assembly of the Gakken Mini-Theremin kit @ warp-speed - complete with error correction!

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      • Neon Indian Plays The UO Music Shop


        from Urban Outfitters / Added

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        Neon Indian plays electronic instruments from the UO Music Shop, Fall 2011. Read more at blog.urbanoutfitters.com.

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        • Beep-it


          from Michael Una / Added

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          A demonstration of Michael Una's Beep-it optical theremin synthesizer, which outputs a square wave whose pitch is variable in relation to the amount of light striking a photocell mounted within the device. These fine musical instruments are available for purchase here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17195375

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          • Therenect - Kinect Theremin


            from Martin Kaltenbrunner / Added

            The Therenect is a virtual Theremin for the Kinect controller. It defines two virtual antenna points, which allow controlling the pitch and volume of a simple oscillator. The distance to these points can be controlled by freely moving the hand in three dimensions or by reshaping the hand, which should allow gestures that are quite similar to playing an actual Theremin. Update: The Therenect is now available and provides many improved features. The source code and a Mac OS binary has been released on Google code: https://code.google.com/p/therenect/ This musical instrument demo has been developed by Martin Kaltenbrunner at the Interface Culture Lab at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria. The software has been developed using the Open Frameworks and OpenKinect libraries.

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            • Open Field


              from Craig Fahner / Added

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              This installation is an investigation into the interactive potential of electromagnetic fields. Theremins - musical instruments played by placing one's body within the electric field surrounding an antenna -are used here to create a week long indeterminate sound recording. Three theremins are placed in an equilateral triangle inscribed in a circular drum. The tones emitted by the theremins are determined by the presence of visitors in the space, changes in electromagnetic activity, and other environmental factors such as temperature. Without human interaction the tones of each instrument drift slowly, sympathetically. The three theremins, initially tuned to the same note, will configure themselves into various consonances and dissonances throughout the run of the exhibition. The sounds created are visualized through an object prepared by Neal Moignard - a tom drum, whose skin is sealed to hold a small amount of water. A speaker is placed below the drum, and the wave patterns that are emitted through the speaker are visualized on the pool of water on top of the drum. The skin is tuned to resonate with certain frequencies, and at these points the skin vibrates the water forming circular shapes that expand and contract in relation to pitch. Viewers are invited to interact with the sculpture, as their gestures will affect the soundscape and visualizations produced.

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              • Sunnan Synth / ikea hack


                from Jan van Nuenen / Added

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                Sunnan Synth. The solar powered strobe-opto-theremin-synth-thing. Made with an ikea sunnan solar lamp, photoresistors, pots and a cmos 556 ic. More info: http://www.janvannuenen.com/index.php?page=sunnan

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                • Maker Channel 103 – Smoke Rings, Theremin Orchestra, Pulse-Jet, Beer on CSPAN


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                  MAKE: television, Maker Channel - Theremin Orchestra - Masami Takeuchi’s instrumental ensemble looks amazing and sounds even better. - Smoke Ring Machine - Ali Momeni shows off his programmable smoke ring generator. - Pulse-Jet Bike - Robert Maddox pulse-jet engine-powered bike makes tracks. - [Trouble Maker] Drink Beer on CSPAN – Bill Barminski demonstrates a simple video hack.

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                  • Lev and Thumpbot play "Crazy"


                    from ranjit / Added

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                    LEV the thereminbot and his newly-built pal thumpbot play "Crazy" with help from a 20-year-old MT32 synthesizer. Sure, he's kind of out of tune, but hey, ROBOTS.

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                    • Tine Organ Created by Matthew Steinke 2014


                      from Total Certainty / Added

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                      The tine organ is a MIDI controlled portable acoustic organ with the dimensions of 4”x13”x14”.  Although it sounds like a pipe organ in a cathedral, its sound producing mechanisms are very different. Instead of pipes and a wind chest, it uses electromagnets and steel tines to produce 20 chromatic notes starting at middle C with full polyphony. Each tine is coupled with an electromagnet that outputs PWM at its fundamental pitch. The pull and release of the tine by the magnet causes a sustaining effect. The soundboard under the bridge is mahogany and the body is made of bubinga. Inside it houses a small Arduino micro-controller that accepts MIDI input that controls 20 polyphonic software oscillators (like 20 function generators) which are stepped up to 30 volt pulses though 3 ULN 2803 Darlington drivers to the magnets.

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