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    A surfing trip to the bottom of the world and to one of the heaviest waves on the planet. 2 surfers, a photographer and videographer catch wind of a massive swell brewing out off the indian ocean, for the surfers its just another day at the office but for fashion photographer Tim, its a trip he will never forget.

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    • Brad Hughes Bodyboarding on the News


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      www.slicksanddecks.com and www.HBbodyboards.com present team rider Brad Hughes channel 10 News in Perth on 26/10/11. Brad is interviewed by Lachy Reid and talks about surfing 'the Right'. Also showing on this clip is Jake Stone, Chad Jackson from www.grandflavour.com and Mitch Rawlins from www.foundboards.com Please check out these awesome sites. You can also check out our page at www.facebook.com/slicksanddecks hit the 'like' button and you can keep up to date with all the latest action. PS The dude at the end in the mask randomly ran in whilst channel 10 were filming, made some noise then sped off in a waiting get away car!

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      • RIGHTEOUS - The Right 16th Oct 2011


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        Another incredible swell event headed to the South West of Western Australia at a deadly spot about one k off the coast. It's really one of the worlds great waves. One of the great slab waves of the southern hemisphere. I went down with Australia's elite big wave specialists which included Richie Vass, Ryan Hipwood, Laurie Towner & Mark Mathews. For a spot that can easily deliver not what we are wanting, like not BIG SLABBING barrels, this time the Right delivered. Check out the vision & be shocked by the outcome.

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        • Brad Hughes 2 Wave Hold Down at The Right


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          www.slicksanddecks.com are happy to show that team rider Brad Hughes walked away (on a jetski) from a brutal 2 wave hold down at The Right on Oct 16. Whilst being held under for just over 30 seconds Brad frightfully revealed that he had given up and thought it was all over. The raw power of the wave held Brads Hot Buttered bodyboard under the water which prevented him from surfacing. Usually in big waves you can climb up your leash as your board is normally above you, but in this rare instance the leash was preventing Brad from surfacing. While he struggled to remove his leash Brad used excessive energy, and when the second wave hit he had given up hope. More pics and videos will soon be available on www.facebook.com/slicksanddecks

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          • Damian King Interview CMD


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            Damian King Interview Peru Central Deportiva CMD Mayo 2011

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            • Rules for Radical Conservatives - David Kahane aka Michael Walsh


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              The "How-To" manual to take America back from the Left. Michael Walsh, aka David Kahane, discussed his hot new book, RULES FOR RADICAL CONSERVATIVES: BEATING THE LEFT AT ITS OWN GAME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA THE TEN RULES THAT EVERY RADICAL CONSERVATIVE MUST KNOW RULE 1: Know Your Enemy, His Intentions, and His Weapons—and Use Them Against Him Why bring a knife to a gunfight when you can bring a bazooka? Just because we always demand that you pre-emptively disarm yourselves before engaging us doesn’t mean you have to listen. RULE 2: Become What You Behold—How to Talk Like a Liberal You gotta know the lingo, so if you can’t beat us… join us! At least temporarily. RULE 3: The Culture is the Message—So Seize It Stop complaining about pop culture and do something about it. Why let us have all the fun? RULE 4: Get on Offense and Stay on Offense—and Take No Prisoners Get off your high horse: It’s long past time to learn to fight like we do: down and very, very dirty. RULE 5: Let the Dismantling Begin You want “fundamental change” in the mess we’ve made of your country? Then do what we do: tear the whole thing down and start over. RULE 6: At All Times Think Constitutionally Because everything you need to know – everything you used to know – is right here in one handy little guide. Which is why we hope you never read it. RULE 7: Adapt the Time-Honored Conservative Message for a New Kind of America and a New Kind of American Practice what you preach and think principles, not policies. RULE 8: Get Better Officers Because your guys have been awful. Time for General Patton, not General Pussyfoot. RULE 9: Never Stop Fighting Until the Fight is Over Turn your plowshares into swords -- remember: we do this for a living RULE 10: The Fight is Never Over Get used to it: you’re in for the long haul.

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              • City of Durango, Colorado - National League of Cities Final


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                Do the right things!

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                • Lou Barlow - The Right


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                  Official music video for "The Right" by Lou Barlow, the first single taken from the album Goodnight Unknown (Merge Records USA/Domino Records UK). Featuring Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Folk Implosion), Dale Crover (Melvins, Nirvana) and Imaad Wasif (Folk Implosion, Alaska!, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Filmed, edited and directed by Adam Harding © 2009 http://www.adamharding.com http://www.loobiecore.com http://www.mergerecords.com

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                  • The Right - WA June 09 'For all - the RIGHT reasons'


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                    Shot by Tim Bonython June 2009. Location: WA / Australia. Featured Surfers: Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood, Richie Vaculik, Alfie Cater, Paul Morgan, Mark Visser... For all the RIGHT reasons…By Tim Bonython. After get just getting back & recuperating from epic filming trip at Choppes in Tahiti. I glazed onto the LOLA swell map that shows a storm that has a spread as big as half the planet. Not so much a monster super storm but a storm that grew from below South Africa that continued to mutate across the Indian Ocean that went from Pakistan all the way to New Zealand. And right in the middle of its path was my new favorite new spot on the globe, the Right – right in the middle of its path! So as per usual I was hot on the phone to all the usual suspects & all of them were all eying off the potential. Great minds think alike! So after a late night booking to Perth we were all on morning flights to WA. Cars & skis were picked up and we were on our way. After a 10-hour drive we arrive to our destination & tuck in semi early so we could be ready at first light. Up at 5 am, its dark & cold – there is still a bit of rain about but there are plenty of clear spots. Skis are loaded up, tanks were full & we are on our way. The crew consisted of Mark Mathews the admiral, Ryan Hipwood the captain and Richie the ultimate warrior plus myself & great surf photographer Andrew Buckley as acting as press, set out though a mind field of bombora’s to our ultimate destination. On our way out eyes are searching for rouge waves that seem to lift & feather out of nowhere – but all seems ok especially with rainbows & the whale that cruised past us as we got closer. The winds are from the right direction – the sun is out & the ocean is well and truly alive. We pull up & there is Paul Patterson and Alfie Cater in the line up with body board ledge Mitch Rawlins. Then Mark Visser & Brazilian Pato Teixeira. IT’S ON! Richie drops into some bombs & he doesn’t take long to adjust although the wave at one time did have its own way without mercy & let him know who is boss. Paul Patterson & Alfie get a couple. Antman got a sick one. Hippo who has never surfed the wave gets his turn. Finding the challenging wave incredibly fast & so was his quad finned board. He was working on his speed, wanting to get deeper. In the line up there was some crazy jet ski/wake boarder – drops into a big one & almost collects Mitch as he gets towed into a monster. That was pretty heavy as he & his ski was so close to going over it reminding me of the Riamana Teahupo’o jet incident. God knows how he would end up if that had happen. Although it would have made some crazy vision! Mark was as always waiting for the optimum moment after he spent the first hour & a half towing in Richie & Hippo the wind had actually turned into a semi strong West north west which made it a choppy side shore. But as soon as Mark took the rope a bomb came through that sucked any lump off the face. He makes it look so good, perfect big wave style. If it’s the bomb of the day he will make look so. The two negatives were the wind that blew spray into my lens & the inconsistency. There such big gaps between ridable sets due to the fact the swell came from a long distance away. By lunchtime photographer Russel Ord & couple of the tow teams headed back. We too were thinking of it but I am glad we didn’t cause the bombs were bigger in the arvo. In that time Mark picked up two of the best bombs one was massive, thick as the size of it. Like I recon a 25-foot face. It had XXL all over it! Richie also got a couple. By 4 pm a big black front appeared in the west with plenty of rain attached so we decided to pack everything up and end the session. It was truly a memorable day & one for the records. Classic to think that this place is just starting to get documented. Day two we started early but the ocean was in between two new swells. The boys decided to go to a different spot a place that can be filmed from the beach. In transit driving to the spot I got well and truly bogged. Stuck out in the sticks for hours. The two things I had going for me (5 kilometers away from civilization) , was I got a mobile phone signal & the second thing was the local sea rescue bloke Alec had a big new tractor that could put me out. By the time I got out I missed the best part of the day. And worst thing of all was I missed some serious action. That kind of stuff kills me. Day three it was perfect off shore but too small for the right but there were a couple of rouge bombs at the left early but it wasn’t enough for the boys so we packed up & headed back to Perth. FOR the RIGHT reasons – WE’LL BE BACK! Tim Bonython/ASMF 09.

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                    • The Joker 2 - The Right


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                      Final session in the joker 2.

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