1. Dharmashop.com Travels | Kathmandu Nepal-HD


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    Travel with Dharmashop founder Sander Cohen to Kathmandu Nepal and see how we source our products directly from artists in the valley. Since 1999 we have been creating world markets for Himalayan handmade goods. We never buy from factories and always buy directly from the artists themselves assuring that we pay fair wages for all of our goods.

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    • Tibetan Buddhist Debate


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      • Chögyal Namkhai Norbu about Khaita, joyful Dance


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        Since 2011 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has devoted himself to the research and promotion of Tibetan songs, up until now Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche has personally transcribed 180 Tibetan songs, which are now being widely embraced by his students around the world. Transcription of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu's words: Milarepa said "any movement you do is Yantra", just like you are doing Yantra Yoga or doing meditation, some exercise. Milarepa said "there is no difference" because depend you, what you do everything, dealing with. Even if you are only jumping, but if you are jumping with presence, relaxed, then it become useful. If you are interested of teachings Sutra, teachings Tantra, teachings Dzogchen, Anuyoga, everything is coming from Tibet. When I was in Tenerife last year, then I am listening some of this Tibetan music, songs, etc... and I discovered how they are singing, they are communicating happiness, a sort of feeling, and situation, which kind of difficulties they have they are bringing in the melody, this is how we do in Dzogchen Teaching. We try to understand which is the real situation, we do our best, for that reason I am thinking ...oh, it is necessary, we should learn songs and listening well Tibetan songs. What do you need to do when you are dancing?...when you are dancing...coordinate, must being present. That means you are being present, otherwise you couldn't dance, but if you are present when you are dancing you relax also, even jumping, not necessary charging ..no, you jump relaxed, then it become also good for you, no? It helps. Dancing, relaxing, being present, knowing that...this is practice, no? This is practice. No? How is it? Chogyal Namkhai Norbu talks about the importance of singing and dancing: Kunsangar North, june 2014 Transcription by Katia Kuzmitskaya You are moving, dancing, but I am dancing inside. I know how we should move with melody. So then I’m looking and I’m singing. If it doesn't correspond I’m thinking ‘Oh this does not correspond, this does not correspond’. Sometimes then I say ‘Oh, we repeat.’ Maybe then it corresponds more. But in any case many people are learning, particularly when we are starting to do the Gordro group. When we were starting this Gordro in the second group at the beginning even we were dancing Gordro most people were not moving with the melody. But now most people everywhere know how we should follow all Gordros. Why? Because we did it many times everywhere. So this is very good. Because this is also part of the practice. Many people think ‘Oh this is only dance, not practice’. This is really practice. Because we are Dzogchen practitioners. If we are practitioners of Sutra for example, we are following teaching of Sutra, then we receive vows, we have also rules, we should do everything perfect. Also if you are dancing maybe it is said to be contrary, this is not good. But principle of the Dzogchen teaching - we have body, speech and mind, all these three aspects should integrate in the sense of the teaching. If we are being always in the state of Guru Yoga, state of contemplation then it is ok, everything, there is no problem. But when we don't know how we should integrate, of many things more important, more easy to integrate mental concepts. So mental concepts we need to lead with our presence. This is why in Dzogchen teaching it is said, 'After Guru yoga which is most important? Being present.' We are dancing with physical body, then we are singing with voice, and also mind is then dealing with that. This is practice. Also this is the best relaxation. Otherwise we are always judging and thinking about our works, problems, all these things we are always continually thinking. When we are dancing that moment we are not thinking what we should do, which is my problem. So it is very good also for relaxing. It is important you know it's part of the practice, dancing is not only worldly situation. Then dancing also is becoming very important. When you know then how we are dancing, it is dealing with songs, melodies, what it is saying with melody, also if we know these meanings, then there is double benefit. Even if we don’t know meaning, but only melody, then we follow it. Sometimes when you are singing some of these sounds, even if you don’t know meaning you are singing one time, two times, three times then in your mind this melody is returning. We are not necessarily thinking and judging that. That is connected with the energy. Energy is movement. So that way we are relaxed. This is the reason also I’m always starting with you with singing and being present. That is all.

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        • Kickstarter: Khampha Nomads & The Sacred Yak


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          The promotional footage for my latest Kickstarter campaign. http://kck.st/1yLiJ7j

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          • Sofia Stril-Rever et Phaykyab Rinponché : Mantras bouddhistes


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            Phakyab Rinpoché est le 8e détenteur d’une lignée de maîtres spirituels tibetains enseignant le powa ou transfert de conscience au moment de la mort. Il participe à des protocoles de recherche internationaux sur les bienfaits thérapeutiques de la méditation et a fondé Menla Thödol Ling, « Le Jardin du Bouddha de médecine », centre Sofia Stril-Rever, indianiste, écrivain, est la biographe française du Dalaï-lama dont elle a recueilli l’Appel au monde (Seuil, 2011) et l’Autobiographie spirituelle (Presses de la Renaissance, 2009) traduite en une vingtaine de langues. Elle enseigne aujourd’hui la méditation et la Mantrathérapie, version médicinale du Mantra Yoga, et a chanté pour le Dalaï-lama, la sainte indienne Amma et le sage hindou Shri Tathata. Phakyab Rinpoché et Sofia Stril-Rever vous invitent à partager l’expérience des mantras, voie d’Eveil dédiée au bonheur de toutes les existences et à chanter avec eux. Ils interprèteront les mantras de la Compassion inconditionnelle, de la Guérison ultime ainsi que les chants des Dakinis, les déesses mères de sagesse, accompagnés du musicien Alain Griet.

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            • 2011-Agosto Tibet Parte 6


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              6ª Parte del Viaje a Nepal y El Tíbet como guía con la agencia de viajes Añosluz. En este capítulo continuamos la visita de Lahsa la capital del Tíbet. Con el Palacio del Potala, el Templo Jo Khang, nos damos un paseo por el barrio del Barkhor y entramos a un salón de masaje de pies.

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              • Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Lama Choedak Rinppche Speaks about Karma and the Killings


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                • Downhill skating in Aba, Tibet - Day 1: Under the Snow


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                  First day around Siguniang Shan, rollerskating & longboarding downhill. Highest road we've skate starts at 4480m! Two slopes, both 30km long. Snowing. Aba, Tibet. Spent the night at some local Tibetan farmer place. Thanks to Chendu THAT Longboard shop for their help! It was on March 28th, 2015. Pictures will come a bit later... 长板者和轮滑者 / Skaters:Luca, Max, Eric 拍摄: Luca, Max, Eric 摄影机 / Camera: GoPro 音乐/ Music: Jimi Hendrix - Earth Blues 在四姑娘山第一天(2015年03月28日)玩轮滑和长板速降。公路到了海拔4480米。玩了两个下坡,没一条路有30多公里的下坡。雪山。藏区。今晚住在本地人家里菜太好吃。感谢那个长板店为他们的帮助! 照片晚一点发布。。。

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                  • 2011-Agosto Tibet Parte 5


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                    5ª Parte del Viaje a Nepal y El Tíbet como guía con la agencia de viajes Añosluz. En este capítulo continuamos la visita del monasterio de Tashilumpo luego el glaciar de Karo La, el lago turquesa de Yamdrok Tso y entramos en Lahsa la capital del Tíbet.

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                    • The Heights


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                      Watch in HD! Trekking in the Himalayas Langtang Valley, Nepal - 2014 If you like this video, check out my blog! milesofhappiness.com And Follow Me! FACEBOOK - facebook.com/Milesofhappines INSTAGRAM - Instagram.com/Milesofhappines TWITTER - twitter.com/Milesofhappines Recorded with GoPro Hero 2 Film & Edit: Miles of Happiness Music: "Blister in the Sun" - Nouvelle Vague

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