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    Footage: Grant Yansura Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt Music: The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron NB: What was the filming process for COSMIC VOMIT like? I remember trying to buy that video multiple times on the Internet and everyone was always out…I loved that video. JS: The filming process for that was super slow. I was in a weird place and not skating as much as I should have been. Ha, I don't really like my part in that at all. I'm really stoked on everything Grant and I have for the upcoming one; CV2! NB: What’s the biggest difference between Florida and Southern California? JS: It's way different. There's always something to skate out here and always someone to skate with. I love Florida, but a lot of times i feel like spots become pretty scarce. NB: How did the whole HABITAT thing come about? That has to be a dream-come-true type of scenario for a fellow from the East Coast… JS: Yeah, it is for sure the biggest dream come true ever. It was always was one of my favorite companies. The way it came about was pretty random. I've known Austyn Gillette for years just through Tampa contests and stuff, but he moved to LA at the beginning of the year with Daryl Angel and we started hanging out and skating a bunch. He saw my footage and liked it I guess and sent it to the TM. He liked it and i got super lucky, ha. Thanks boostin! NB: YELLOW BRAND…who, what, when, where, how? JS: That was the first sponsor other than a shop I ever had. It was cool. i liked it a lot, but everything doesn't always work like we would like. R.I.P. NB: Who’s the most underrated skateboarder from Florida? JS: Cody Lucas. Hands down. NB: So what now? New projects? New hobbies? COSMIC VOMIT 2? JS: Cosmic vomit 2; blood, sweat and tears for this fucker. December 20th...I hope people are stoked on it. Grant and I have been working really hard for this one. Everyone in the video has. NB: What’s the worst and what’s the best part about being on the road? I entertain the notion that I’ll never return to the place in which I’m visiting…so in my twisted logic I find it acceptable to set fire to the night! JS: The worst part is a dude who's on the trip who just sucks...a complete munson. The best part is being in the van with the boys and skating new spots, getting amazing stories out of people you don't know all that well yet. NB: What’s up with the deathly hallows tattoo? I read the first few books and was always super pumped on all of the movies…Hagrid is my favorite. JS: I've just always been obsessed with the books, ever since I was young. I was on a trip when the seventh book came out and my mom told me she got it for me...I flew home that day and read the entire thing in one day. NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn / Winter line right now? JS: The David pant, definitely. NB: Have you ever spent the night at The Berrics? I would imagine there are ghosts haunting that park at night… JS: Um, no I haven't and I don't think I'd like to, ha. I've been in there late at night and yeah, it's super creepy. But then again, I am pretty afraid of the dark...

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    • Shimano Ultegra 11v


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      Un nuevo montaje para los chicos de arueda.com, esta vez el nuevo grupo Shimano ultegra de 11v

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        COMUNE snowboarding team manager Luke MacMaster interviews Tyler Ashbee. LM: what’s it like being Canadian? TA: It's good, it seems like we have some good stuff here; back bacon, poutine, health care, strong beer, etc. But we’re lacking on other things like guns, cheap beer, cheap phone/internet plans, cheap food (cheap everything) and the US gets double downs; hot dog stuffed crust pizza and other "limited time" food years before Canada sees them. LM: In Canadian strip clubs is it acceptable to "make it rain" with loonies and toonies? TA: Only to the bad ones, it’s more like stoning them, but they make a profit. LM: Other than snowboarding? TA; Skateboarding, Fishing, Camping… LM: In 5 words or less describe a normal day in the life of Tyler Ashbee. TA: Eat, Film, Beers, Hottub, Beers… LM: Music on a session? Or no music on the session? If so what? TA: On hill yes, at a spot no…usually for park laps my playlist is a mix between Gang Starr to Black Angels…lots of indie stuff, grunge rock and hip hop, depending on my mood. LM: What did you think about "the art of flight" film by Travis Rice and Redbull? TA: Money…and if it was necessary to have a helicopter film another helicopter while filming a jump for most of the shots. LM: Would you ever ride for MONSTER? TA: how many 0's are in the paycheck? Everyone can be bought. LM: Have you ever drank a MONSTER? If so, how did it make you feel? TA: Yeah, with vodka…kind of a non-drowsy drunk. I'm not too into them, just too much chemicals which just fakes your body into being alert, then you crash. LM: Top 3 snowboarders no one has ever heard of? TA: Craig Gouweloos (http://vimeo.com/26499499), Adam Franks (http://vimeo.com/51890952), Cameron Veenstra (http://vimeo.com/50272995) LM: favorite piece in the COMUNE line? TA: Lindon Premium Denim LM: Last major slam? TA: The other week at the Empire Backyard Jam…tried to go from the close out to the end of the DFD…got caught under the rail and slid straight into my hamstring…couldn't walk for a few days but it’s all good now…worst charlie horse I've ever had. LM: What do you think about that small stance trend? TA: Mines kind of small itself, but not the kind you notice and just feel like the person is standing straight up. If the person can do tricks with it and it makes them look good, I’m down. LM: Being Canadian, what’s your view of ‘MERICA? TA: Some of the best places I have visited are in the States, plus I'm half American so it's not too bad. I do need to get my citizenship sorted out for it though. LM: Anything else? TA: Lost Boys, watch our movie “Halfway to Hell” when its out…hopefully next week, here’s a teaser: (http://vimeo.com/37328351)

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          Footage: Josh "Peacock" Henderson Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt Music: King Diamond - A Mansion In Darkness NB: What's up with HESHERS ON THE RUN? Was most of that in Milwaukee? AP: H.O.R was an eight minute promo I made for Creature back in 1995. It was for the Creauture Fiend Club...you'd send $10 and get a video, a Fiend Club Tee and some stickers. Most of the spots in my part were Milwaukee and Chicago. NB: How did ILLENIUM come about? There was a mystique with that company that was kind of interesting…I remember all of the cloaked figures in the ads being very weird for me when I was younger… AP: Illenium was the company I started in the spring of 1999. We didn't have a full team when it started so the hoods or "cloaked dudes" represented the nameless and faceless heads that are real skateboarding. Eventually we built a team that incorporated all aspects of skateboarding. It was a good run and a great experience. NB: Has the filming process for CSFU differed from the previous CREATURE videos? AP: CSFU will be the first video that I have actually "filmed" for. In the past I would just go on the trips, skate hard and see what came out at the premiere. That's good too, but it's harder now since everyone on the team is so good. I wanna push myself at my own pace and for the right reasons. The format for CSFU is going to be more like BORN DEAD so we'll all have individual parts in this one. NB: It seems as if you're constantly on the road with a roadtrip here or a project there…physically it's grueling, but does it ever take a mental toll? AP: I love the road, it's where i do most of my skating. Off the road I'm catching up, hanging with my friends and my amazing wife. It's a balance, I go hard on the road and recover and decompress at home. I'm the luckiest man alive, without both I would go mental. NB: Who's the most underrated skateboarder of all time? AP: Most underrated skater, hmmmmm? There are a lot of dudes and they're the best because too much hype is a curse. I have always been a fan of Mike Peterson, he is such an all around good guy and total ripper. Oh, and this guy Joe Fro from Colorado, he's a humble cat that builds parks and rips insane! NB: What's in the works now? New projects? New hobbies? AP: Filming for CSFU has been the main focus. Being in Portland during the Summer has been nice too; skating, riding my bike, hitting the lakes and rivers, Djing and enjoying the summer. Once the video is done and I have more free time I would like to make some new art and re-hype the STRAIGHT TRIPPIN' project Chet and I started a while back. NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn/Winter line right now? AP: I'm feeling the classic style and attention to detail with the LINDON. NB: Why Portland? AP: I've always been hyped on Portland. It has a bit of everything I like: progressive ideas, sick parks, good people, good food and coffee. It's not too blown out, has culture and is close to nature. I feel like it's a good quality of life for me, my lady and our cat.

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            COMUNE Skate team manager Noel Sinclair Boyt interviewing skate contributor Josh Murphy - @joshmerfie Footage: Tony Mellick Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt & Jordan Minardi Music: SH NB: Why is Colorado so good for skateboarding? Is it the elevation? Is it the water? Is it Denver Park? JM: Colorado is good for skating because of the spots, the parks, and the people. People are traveling from long distances just to skate all the new parks, which are some of the most original and fun parks I've ever seen. NB: Couch surfing can be a harsh reality if you're trying to travel a lot and skate…is it taking a toll yet? I used to go a little coo-coo for coco puffs when I used to bounce around… JM: Couch surfing in California has been mellow, I think the key is finding good friends to stay with and to contribute as much as you can to the harmony of the household. Clean, keep your space small and neat, do dishes, take out trash, and just show that you appreciate the help you are being given. NB: What's up with moving to California? It seemed kind of spontaneous considering you're, for the most part, a premeditated fellow… JM: I'm moving to California because I finished school and didn't feel ready to accept job offers in my major. I knew that if I took a job teaching I'd really regret not giving 100% of myself to skateboarding, so I decided to do that instead. I'm not sure how it will all work out, but I'm enjoying it so far. NB: What's it like shooting with Ty Bush? I see his photos everywhere but never see him with a camera… JM: It's cool shooting with Ty. He actually skates, so he doesn't call out ridiculous tricks for you to try or take to you to the gnarliest spots expecting something amazing. He's generally just down for the session and is motivated to shoot photos, and that's good enough for me. NB: Why do you love those fizzy cola gummies so much? JM: I'm kinda off candy and soda and all that, for financial and health reasons. But they are pretty delicious. NB: What's in the works now? New projects? New hobbies? JM: Well, I'm not sure when this little questionnaire will actually come out. As of right now (mid-August 2012), I've just finished my video check-out for Transworld and I'm currently trying to get as much footage as possible for a Thunder commercial. I guess in general I'm just trying to skate a lot, film and shoot photos, all that jazz. Outside of skating, I keep telling myself that I should ride my bike more and practice piano more, but I don't seem to actually do either enough. NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn/Winter line right now? JM: The Raul Pant. Fits just right and stretches well for skating. NB: Do you remember the first skate magazine you ever saw? JM: It was a Transworld, Danny Way jumping out of the helicopter into that DC ramp. My aunt bought it for me before I even skated. I had ear surgery and she gave it to me as reading material during recovery. NB: Worst case scenario? Best case scenario? JM: Worst case scenario would be any situation where I'm not happy with my life. The best case scenario would be just the opposite of that. Stay tuned for more COMUNE skateboarding contributor TIME FRAME clips... Josh Murphy // thecomune.com/team/skate/contributors/josh-murphy/ thecomune.com

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              COMUNE Skate team manager: Noel Sinclair Boyt interviewing skate contributor Nial Frederickson - @poppapnug Footage: Sean Frederickson & Bucky O'Connell Edit: Noel Sinclair Boyt & Jordan Minardi Music: Burzum - Jeg Faller NB: What's the biggest misconception about New York City? NF: People here seem to complain about the weather constantly, dreading the heat of summer or cold of winter. Aside from the humidity, the weather is very similar to Colorado. Hot summers and snowy winters are nothing new to me. Bring it on. NB: Was growing up in a heavily forested area a positive or negative thing? I used to go insane in Castle Rock after snow fell back then… NF: Going to middle school and high school in Evergreen was a positive experience for me. We only had one skatepark and about five spots in the whole town to skate, which made for a tight knit skate community for the time I lived there. We worked hard to shovel our driveway when the snow fell. Our parents liked that. When times got tough we played skate on the frozen creek. Growing up in the woods was a welcomed change from city life for me. We had a lot of space to play around in. Check out the Youtube clip “From the Evil Twins early years & Gunsmoke I and II” to see some old Evergreen spots and our first expeditions to downtown Denver. *From the Evil Twins early years & Gunsmoke I and II // http://www.youtube.com/embed/zIpOocqoRps NB: Is it true that back in the day you used to squeeze full tubes of arnica cream into baths and just sit in them for hours? I've heard of people doing some hardcore stuff so they can skate the next day, but that's too rich for my blood…I'd just have to sit that one out. NF: I used arnica for a little while. It was, and still is, too expensive for me. I never bathed in it. I wonder who told you that? I am a fan of the ice bath though, which is definitely a rejuvenating practice. Before the arnica craze we used to throw a couple of Aleve pills into a ziplock and bring them along. I could bruise both heels, pull out the Aleve, pop one or two, and skate the rest of the day. NB: What was living in Hong Kong like? NF: My brother and I were born in Hong Kong. We lived there until 1997, when Britain’s 99 year lease ran up and it was returned to China rule. We were 11 years old and moved to Colorado, where my mom’s parents live. It was a surreal experience. We lived off the mainland on a large island named “Lantau”. It was then a French expatriate community and had plenty of beaches, mountains, trees, sewers, anything you wanted to explore really. I rode a boat and transferred to a bus every day to attend school. During hurricane season they would have to shut down the boats during storms. Catching the last one was lucky but a terrifying ride. NB: What's your routine in New York? I talk to people and either they have a strict routine or they completely fly by the seat of their pants… NF: I hit the skateparks before noon to avoid the crowds mostly. Then I head out street skating with friends after that. I also avoid weekends, free events, and basically all other crowded activities. I visit china town often for food and have been biking to the beach on days off work. I work around the crowds while winging it I guess. NB: So what now? New projects? New hobbies? Mandarin? NF: I have been learning a little bit of Mandarin. It is very challenging but it has been a long-term goal of mine to become bilingual and also revisit the Far East so I’ll keep at it. I would also love to skate all their spots. All that marble looks too fun. NB: What's your favorite piece in the Autumn/Winter line right now? NF: The Maxwell jacket…You can’t go wrong with a wool jacket when it snows. NB: 1086? Who? What? When? NF: 1086 is just a multifaceted gang of all my best buddies from the same house around 2009. But we’re in other groups too. New gangs are fun to start every so often. Stay tuned for more skate contributor TIME FRAME clips... Nial Frederickson // http://thecomune.com/team/skate/contributors/nial-frederickson/ www.thecomune.com

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              • Abril


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                • The Lion Whisperer


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                  A co-production by Time Frame and ESPN for the 2010 FIFA world cup. This short film, directed by Steve Lawrence, highlights Kevin Richardson's efforts in helping abandoned lion cubs, unwanted or injured lions and other endangered animals at The Kingdom in South Africa. Kevin's love for nature and lions in particular have allowed him to get closer to these wild animals than anyone else. Watch more vid's or take a look at the other productions we've been involved in, at www.timeframetv.com

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                  • Tropika - Island of Treasure Season 5


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                    The commercial for a reality TV competition hosted by Tropika and produced by Stimulii, where Time Frame provided crew and gear for the five day shoot in Jamaica. Principal photography for the series begins in November 2012.

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                    • VERTIGO TIME LAPSE


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                      Edited by Prljavi skiper Maro i Ajkule

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