1. El Viaje


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    Sinopsis: La excéntrica Dra. Francis está emocionada con su gran invento: la máquina del tiempo. Solo le falta una última prueba... Este cortometraje es el trabajo final de un curso de realización, grabado con los más minimos recursos pero con el mayor sentido del humor. English Synopsis: The eccentric Dr Francis is very excited with her greatest invention: a time machine. There is just one last test to run... This short movie is the final project of a filmmaking course. It was filmed with almost no resources but with a ton of sense of humor.

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    • Isabellas Airman - trailer


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      Love time travel romance? Check out this series by Sofia Grey. Book trailer for Isabella's Airman (Out of Time series) by Sofia Grey. Published June 2015 by Hartwood Publishing, and available from Amazon. ~ Time travel student Isabella Gillman is about to embark on her most challenging assignment--leaping back to 1941 to observe World War II. The rules are simple: don’t get emotionally involved, and don’t interfere. She breaks the first rule when she falls in love with rear-gunner Davy Porteous. The second is on its way out as well, when she realizes history says he won’t survive the war. Torn between the fundamental laws of her society, and the man she loves, Isabella faces a harsh reality: does she risk both their lives for a future that may not happen? She can’t predict the results if she corrupts the timelines, but without her actions, Davy is out of time.

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      • "App To The Future" Concept


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        Final Year University Piece for Audio Video Production Module Project by Dave Bennett, Dave Ward, Eric Warr & Myself Filming, Editing & Directing by Me

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        • The DVD


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          A University of Winnipeg student receives a mysterious DVD that has a strange video on it... This was my first film for the University of Winnipeg Filmmaking 1 class. I was the director and screen writer of this film. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/0justarandomguy0 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/0justarandomguy0 Tumblr: http://0justarandomguy0.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sharing-random-shit-because-I-can/281434598656870 Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Captain_Jac The Sleep Studios: http://www.thesleepstudios.com/

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          • Har - 2063 (OFFICIAL TEASER VIDEO 1)


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            The first official music video teaser for "2063", the upcoming new solo multi-part musical "series" by Har, scheduled to begin in Summer 2015. An atmospheric/progressive hard-rock concept release, "2063" is the story of Wells, a project engineer trying to deal with his own mortality issues. When he takes advantage of an unexpected opportunity to confront them head-on, the results threaten not only his sanity but the very fabric of time itself. "Part 1: Wish", is scheduled for completion and release in summer 2015. Music and sound design by Har. Videography, motion graphics, compositing and editing by Har. Music, sounds & imagery: © 2015 Har. All rights reserved. If you enjoyed this, please consider purchasing some of my recorded releases I also have available on Bandcamp at http://ambientguitarist.bandcamp.com, and/or feel free to hit the Tip Jar below - thanks! For more info on Har's music, please visit: http://www.ambientguitarist.com http://www.ambientguitarist.bandcamp.com http://www.har-2063.com

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            • Divine Activations with Mayan Timeline * Jill Renee Feeler's Special Offer Intro


              from Jill Renee Feeler / Added

              Portals of energy that changed humanity. Communities so expanded in their energy that they disconnected from the physical vibrations, seeming to disappear from the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Science and mathematics sourced from beyond the five human senses, living with divine technology that is more advanced than our present historians can explain. And yet it was very real. "Ball fields for the Gods" that beckon our imagination, leaving us in wonder of what happened in those ball courts. These are just some examples of the Mayan civilizations that have us still talking about them today. Our interest in the Mayan culture is far beyond the 2012 hallmark of their calendar. We are connected to them, across timelines. They are our comrades in many ways. Fellow time travelers that experienced an adjacent timeline to ours. I was called to the Mayan culture, to lead a group into and through the energies of the sacred sites. We were called to tune their energies to our latest vibrations and to bring into our timeline the highest vibrations the Maya held. It was a dance between timelines, the Mayan timeline and the Platinum Age timeline being seamed together. To create the best of both worlds. I'm not the same person since the Mayan experience. I feel more empowered, more connected to Conscious Creator energy. I was guided to record the 2 days of workshops which are now available in this special offer at https://goo.gl/cZP27I. We were led by an energetic Mayan Elder, who wanted us to know many things about them, and more importantly, wanted to share things about us and what we are now supporting and setting in motion. They care deeply about their modern day comrades -- us. They are connected to us because they were our predecessors in bringing in this Age. They were misunderstood in many ways and yet the mystery around them is deserved. These recordings offer you: Divine wisdom and knowledge, helping you feel personally connected to the Ascension Energies presently underway. Self Awareness from your Soul self perspective, helping you understand yourself as an inherently valuable, self-assured embodiment of Source Energy. Activations offered from the Mayan timeline, to assist you in making Light real within your humanity, right now. Key ascension codes to empower you in living as your soulful vibrations. We cover an expansive, broad and relevant collection of ascension energies related to where we are right now in our shifting vibrations to enlighten, empower and acclimate you to your soul self vibrations. There is a somewhat sensitive area that is also discussed within the materials — the continuation of the matrix and unconsciousness that extends beyond this physical reality of Earth into the afterlife layers. The Mayan appreciated the role of the underworld. They recognized the positive and negative vibrations available within all aspects of this reality and beyond. It was very fitting that we now bring into consciousness this sensitive material related to the afterlife. I had been hesitant to share this material for years, and yet now is the time. We need to know the importance of claiming our Light, from within our human lives, allowing us to expand the portals of energy that connect the physical and nonphysical layers of energy on Earth. The group seemed relieved and empowered to have this material brought into the open. Some had sensed it but they hadn’t voiced it nor heard it voiced. By bringing our Light with us through these corridors (and living boldly within them while we are human) we allow the ascension energies to all within this reality and beyond. We are mature enough to have this important discussion. The materials in this special offer are in video and audio format, for your convenience. I encourage to experience it in both formats, knowing our energy processes different layers of the energies based on the video and the audio only intake. The energies herein are ideally suited to those ready to go deep within themselves to access the Light of Source Creator God that is within you. The material could be considered advanced, and so are you at a Soul level. I see you as the fellow Master that you Are, inviting you into a firm space of knowing yourself in this way. Claiming your Mastery. We are members of a tribe that is living boldly, courageously and divinely connected to Source energy, from the inside out. For those interested in getting Real, and Deep into their Source energy vibrations, this is a great match for supporting and activating this process. I want you to love this experience. And if you don't, John offers the money back guarantee. You can't lose :-)

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              • "YOUNGER & TIME TRAVEL" - short story


                from Paulette Sandquist / Added

                "Younger & Time Travel" - Actress Paulette Sandquist portrays BOTH roles, the old and the younger woman. STORY: An older woman goes walking with her walker and encounters ''Time Travel'', with her body and health while remaining in the present time - becoming younger, regaining good health and improved eyesight. Story, film, editing, camera special effects, special effects makeup artist ALL by Paulette Sandquist. © Copyright Paulette Sandquist 2015 * * * * Broadway Film Management Talent Agency, Shielia Erickson Management, 1700 S. 740 W. #9, Salt Lake City, UT Phone: 801-557-4782

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                • Edwina Time Traveler: Dichotomous Earth


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                  The year is 1968. Mankind goes to the moon for the first time while simultaneously the Vietnam War rages on earth.

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                  • Now and Then


                    from New Zealand Film Academy / Added

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                    The second film from the February 2015 intake. Amy's life is brought into question when she meets the future version of the man she loves... Starring: Nadine Landauer and Sean O'Connor

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                    • Visual experimentation about time travel


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                      JUST TO LET YOU KNOW : The sound is made with low frequency that can't be heard with normal laptop speaker, please use headphone or boost the bass on your speaker.

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