1. tiptop audio - circadian rhythms: exploring basic function


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    tiptop audio - circadian rhythms: exploring basic function

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    • BLAWAN - MEG


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      www.tiptoprec.com www.facebook.com/tiptoprec Artist: BLAWAN Title: MEG Title Album: Tiptop Audio Various Artists 001 Release Date: 27.04.2015 Label: Tiptop Audio Records CAT NR.: TTAR001 Genre: Techno Production: Rotefabrik film, Pavonificio Ghinazzi Cast: Maggie Nielsen, Luca Niccolai Director/Editor: Luana Visciglia Producer: Roberto Carta Cinematographer: Giuseppe Pagano Production Designer: Sara Ballestriero, Egi Costume Designer: Simona Visciglia Make-up Artist: Sandro Baio Director Assistant: Fabio Donatini Camera operator: Edoardo Podo Gaffer: Adriano Grilli Videoassist, still Photographer: Stefano Stefani Set Decorator: Fabiano Gilli Location Manager: Vanni Scolozzi Thanks to: il Taroz, l’Ale, Pier, Jam, Pasquale e Diana.

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      • DJ & Modular


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        Max_M- Exceeding Brightness Xhin- Blade Moth + Modular Improvisation

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        • Celula Mitosis - Cicatricure


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          Anunciante: Genomma Lab. Producto: Cicatricure

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          • DCN - LIVE @ ZUKUNFT, ZURICH


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            Live improvisation jam at club ZUKUNFT, Zurich, CH

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            • SURGEON - TECHNO BLUSH


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              www.tiptioprec.com www.facebook.com/tiptoprec Artist: SURGEON Title: TECHNO BLUSH Title Album: Tiptop Audio Various Artists 001 Directed by: Jacopo Cosmelli, Luca Ruggeri, Lorenzo Pantani Release Date: 27.04.2015 Label: Tiptop Audio Records CAT NR.: TTAR001 Genre: Techno

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              • CR Hex Mutant Patch


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                Patch experiment using the Tiptop Circadian Rhythm in group looping mode. I first went in and programed 8 different patterns for each of the 8 groups. Each one was setup at 4 x 16 sequence. So for this patch I had 64 patterns playing top to bottom. I improvised different mutes on the fly, and used the fill function on various channels to repeat pulses/gates at different times. The master tempo was set to 154 then dropped and shifted down to 120 towards the end of the video. First output from CR channel one was the kick drum from the Hex Inverter Mutant Drum. With CV controls to the "Decay, and Pitch" control via the Modcan Quad LFO running in slow stepped random output with the master setting in "Red" Quad. This caused the slight opening in the kick drum decay. Second output from the CR sent to a intellijel hub multiplier. From there it was sent to the Hex Inverter Mutant Clap. The second LFO from the Modcan Quad LFO controlled the "REV EC CV" input and the "Pitch CV" control was altered by the LFO-3 output from the Modcan. I also mixed in some external noise from the SSF Quantum Rainbow "Blue" output and mixed in to give more hiss/like texture. Third output from the CR was running into the Hex Inverter Mutant Hi-hats, Open side. The first LFO output from the Modcan Quad LFO controlling the "Decay CV" control. This output was then taken through a E580 Resampling Mini Delay for tight Karplus delay feedback effect. The 4 output from CR was sent to the trigger input on a Noise Engineering "Basimilus Iteritas" module. The "Pitch" and "Harm CV" controls slightly altered by the zigzag and triangle outputs from a slow rate Dixie in LFO mode. The fifth output from the CR was sent to the "Trig" input on the Hex Inverter Mutant HiHats "Clsd" side. The Filter switch was set to on, and the Fade switch set down. Output 6 from CR was sent to the Tiptop RS808 module. The output was then sent to a Audio Damage "ADM05" Aeverb module. With the decay control by another Intellijel Dixie running in LFO mode (Sine output). Channel 7 from CR was sent to an intellijel Muti. This clock was sent to three different places. First multi output to the bottom "excite" input on the MakeNoise Mysteron. Second Multi output was sent to the Synthesis Technology E102 Quad Temporal Shifter "Clock" input. The 3rd Mult output was sent to a 4ms RCD. Output 8 was sent to a Mutable Instruments "Braids" running in "META" mode, triggered input with envelope setting set to "PIK". From the 4ms RCD I took the divide by 1 output and sent it to the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor. From here the 4 QCD outputs went to other modules. First output was sent to the CV control 3 of the intellijel HexVCA. There was a Modcan FMVDO oscillator running out the 90 degree output. CV control over random pitch from the channel 1 output from the E102 non quantize SH mode. The Ratio and Wave CV controls being controlled by a third intellijel Dixie in slow LFO mode (sine output). The output was then taken to the left side Mutable Instruments Clouds Module (Green) Freeze LED. Running custom firmware, in granular cut mode. From the 7th division output was the Intellijel Shapeshifter doing random spurts of static noise, with custom preset. The output from here was sent to the right side Mutable Instruments Clouds Module (RED) Freeze LED. Running custom "Trash Bitz" firmware never released. Processing extreme granular pitch delay sounds from the Shapeshifter. The second output from the 4ms QCD sent to the 2nd Braids oscillator running in "META" mode but limited FM range to cymbal percussion sounds. This output was sent to the QuBit RT-60 which was being effect changed by 3rd output from the 4ms QCD. Changing the effect every 4 counts for randomized reverb throws and delays. 4th output from the QCD sent to the Mungo p0 percussion module, running with a macro machines storage strip being gate triggered by 5th divided out from the 4ms RCD. Bassline created using a MakeNoise Brains and Pressure Points. 3 notes selected and clocked at 8 division output from the 4ms RCD. MakeNoise STO oscillator Sub out into Mutable Ripples filter 4-pole. The drones and pads came from the QuBit Nebulae running 4 minute modular recorded drone piece created with two Modcan FMVDO's running through the Tiptop Z-DSP Halls of Valhalla card, then imported back for slow rate play back. For the half time slow down that starts at 2:26 I took all the percussion sound inputs from the intellijel Mutagen mixer and ran them into a Eventide Pitch Pedal, which was running the H910/H949 program, which added the weird slushy delay effect at this part. I set the mix at zero no effect at first then slowly with my left hand (not in camera view because the pedal was underneath my camera tripod) mixed in the effect from 2:30 on to the end where the BPM slows to 120. Tiptop Audio: http://www.tiptopaudio.com/cr.php Hex Inverter Mutant Drums: http://shop.hexinverter.net/category.php?id_category=20

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                • Circadian Rhythms


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                  http://www.tiptopaudio.com http://www.angleproject.net Video shot & edited by: Angle Soundtrack written and produced by: Angle Thanks to: Samuel Scapigliati, Tenax (Florence) The Circadian Rhythms is moving modular synthesizer technology another step forward by gluing all the pieces of a system together. Each module or voice can now be programmed to play straight from an intelligent, eight-channel, 512-step master trigger sequencer made for composers looking to make music on the modular. Building on the sequencing concept of step programing multi-channel patterns of musical phrases can be repeated, looped, chained, muted and manipulated on the fly in real-time, and most importantly, all of this is done through a simple, clearly labeled interface. Using an array of multicolor illuminated buttons and innovative grid views provides a highly functional live performance sequencer with a beautiful glowing appearance of the programmed music that will look amazing on stage for both performer and crowd. As a master controller, the heart of the modular synthesizer, Circadian Rhythms generates high precision clock and reset signals for all the other sequencers and devices in the system to align with and can also act as a high precision bridge for DAW synchronization.

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                  • Wool Lovin' BTS


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                    I’ve been on a lookout for the perfect oversized wool jacket. Of course I found some amazing pieces but I knew I could find something a little more affordable and still super cute. Then one night on my way home I stopped by Forever 21 to “just look around”… Then I spotted it! The ultimate black wool coat! Instantly fell in love. This is the perfect jacket to dress up and throw over a dress on a cold night or dress down and throw over a band tee and ripped jeans. -Grace Ahn What I’m rocking: Jacket: Forever 21 Top: Topshop Jeans: Zara Shoes: Calvin Klein

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                    • TipTop Timelapse


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