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    TOM SIMS.... Tom was first of all a great friend, and helped myself and others in so many ways.... i think it was 1990-91 when i first started riding his boards! my time on the team lasted around 10-11 yrs so i got to know him personally. Tom , i feel is the epitome of a snowboarder, freespirited and some what care free.... with his obvious legit position as one of the first pioneers of the sport, if not the first and his brand "Sims" that he was so proud of. As years past we grew close as friends and his many visits to canada were filled with great times.... my girlfriend at the time, Bodil... could attest to this... we would go out at night, great food, awesome friends, and hilarious nights at the clubs.... he would pretty much dance with my girlfriend all night, we just had a blast despite our age difference and relationship through the sims brand. I guess to me Tom was a father figure to the team, good friend and motivator. He really knew how to relate to us. Even after i parted ways with sims as my main sponsor, we stayed in touch and always had a laugh! such an amazing person.... just up untill a month ago we stayed in touch , i'm so glad i did and i am so prevelaged and honored to have been able to be a part of the sims team and get to know him the way i did... he is a true legend and always will be. rest in peace Tom, snowboarding will always treasure the memory of your dedication and life... Tom is snowboarding, he is an endless source of stoke and energy for so many.... we love ya Tom.... and we will never forget what you did for all of us.... thanks for such an amazing ride..... my thoughts, with so many others now lie with his family and close friends, what a life!!. legend 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... al clark.

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    • Andy Hetzel talk about Rails and Powder


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      Not sure what I want to say about urban and rails...I started trying rails back around 93, i skated and could only manage about 3 small stairs on a skate. On a snowboard it was fun and new but powder and steeps were always what it was about for me. Then in the mid to late 90s it seemed like every frickin shot in a snowboard mag was not on snow, it was a handrail or some other bullshit. It was out of hand and kinda depressing to see the sport you loved turned into something else. Thats snowboarding though, one trend after another. Now a days some of the urban and rails is just down right gnarly and I enjoy watching it but it has to have a reason or a natural flow. Getting bungeed into some huge flat drop with a snow kicker onto another man maid landing is just trying way to hard. Xgames urban or street, now thats the worst. Not dissing the riders but for me it has to flow and it has to have consequence. I should probably just keep my mouth shut though since Im just a pussy in the park, hate the rails, fear them and hats off to the kids just hope when its a pow day they know how to ride pow too or at least want to. Guess the rails keep a lot of kids out of the pow so im all for them.

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      • Bob Klein " EL PRESIDENTE"


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        Only one in three Americans took advantage of their freedom and right to exercise that freedom through casting a vote Tuesday. We are a deeply divided country at the moment, and it seems as if we need natural disasters or wars or terror attacks to bring us together as one nation with that burning passion we all claim to have as citizens of the United States of America. Out of those 100 million voters, half voted for one guy and the other half voted for the other guy. One sixth of the population carried the weight in order to decide who will run policy for America in the next four years. This is a pathetic turnout when we have such high stakes and intense passion for the arguments we cling to on either side of an issue. Snowboarding and politics share similarities of illusion. The illusion of how something is marketed contrasted by the stark reality we learn to understand from the experience. We must look to each other, even if we are competitors and adversaries. We must stop long enough to listen to an opposing view with an open mind, ear and heart even if we're predisposed to think the opposing view is ludicrous. We must find ways to work together to build back what we once had: a sense of unity and prosperity. We must be more kind towards each other. No, I'm not talking about politics, I'm talking about the politics of the snowboard industry. And I am just as guilty as the next joker.

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        • Bud Fawcett History of Snowboarding


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          Conform or Not to conform, should that really be an option? My name is Bud Fawcett and I live near Portland, Oregon. I started snowboarding when I was 30 at Lake Tahoe with Bob Klein, Keith Kimmel, Terry Kidwell, Shaun Palmer and other early pioneers. In 1985, if you saw another rider on the mountain, you probably knew their first name. So you might say I¹ve seen it all. My early mentors were ski photographers and they showed me how to respect the mountains. And now its branded into my attitude. I started a facebook group in 2009 called history of snowboarding where the really old schoolers and newschoolers get together to talk about old times. The comments are unedited and fresh opinions ranging from complaints about snowboard print media to to slap-stick comments about Mike Ranquet, Shaun Palmer, or even Craig Kelly. But in the end, it¹s still all about Œrespect¹.. I¹d like to think that the Œwe vs. them¹ thing (skiers vs. snowboarders) is a thing of the past. I often see some attitude about how snowboarding saved the ski industry ­ how they owe us, or how skiers or snowboarders suck. But when it comes down to the facts, we all get to share a really precious place in the mountains accessed by main-made lifts (don¹t have to hike). My opinion is that, more than ever, we need to Œrespect¹ the mountain and everyone¹s Œplace and space¹ on that mountain. Snowboarding definitely changed skiing forever but skiers and Œski areas¹ changed our sport as well..

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          • burn PRESENTS: We Ride - The Story of Snowboarding (Full Movie)


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            A compelling, dramatic and stylish cinematic journey into snowboarding's unique history and the wider cultural forces that shaped it. Featuring interviews and archival footage with Todd Richards, Gigi Rüf, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Stale Sandbech and Craig Kelly. We Ride is A burn Production, filmed and edited by Grain Media. Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and Jon Drever. LIKE burn on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/burn FOLLOW burn on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/burn MORE info on http://www.burn.com MORE info on Grain Media http://grainmedia.co.uk/ #WeRide

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            • Mt. Baker Banked Slalom 2011/2012


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              • Sims Snow Brand Video 2007


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                Creative Director, DP, Effects, Editor.

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                • Taking Care Of Business In Colorado


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                  Harrison Gray, Derek Livingston, and Trevor Niblett shredding Keystone

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                  • The Evolution of Snowboarding


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                    A short documentary on the beginnings of snowboarding, and its role today. Made for English class.

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                    • The Miserable Champion Shaun Palmer's Documentary-Trailer


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                      visb00108 The Miserable Champion Shaun Palmer's Documentary ザ・ミゼラブル・チャンピオン ショーン・パーマー ドキュメンタリー 制作:Chainsaw Productions プロデューサー:Brad Holmes 税込価格:3,990円 リリース内容: エクストリーム・スポーツ史上、最も悪名高いヒーロー、ショーン・パーマー。スノーボーダー、スキーヤー、マウンテンバイク・ライダー、モトクロス・レーサーといった様々なアクションスポーツで、自らのスタイルを貫きながら、全てのカテゴリーで、トップとして君臨をした伝説的なライダーの半生を綴ったドキュメンタリー作品。本人へのインタビューはもちろん、ジェイク・バートン、トム・シムス、スティーブ・キャバレロといったその世界の重鎮や、サム・ヒル、スティーブ・ピートといった現役選手が、激動の人生を語っている。2012年X-DANCEでベスト・バイオグラフィーにもノミネートされ、ヒューマンドキュメンタリーとしての評価も高い作品。 出演: Shaun Palmer, Steve Caballero, Bob Klein, Terry Kidwell, Joel Gomez, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Rob Roskopp, Rocket Reeves, Andy Hetzel, Danny Kass, Ron Semiao, Dave Seoane, Steve Peat and many more.

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