1. Danger Bostleg Tournament - Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout) 1986


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    movie : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091339/ music : 4h30 - Danger's EP (09/17 2007)

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    • TOP 10 Package


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      Get motion graphics and Ae project : http://bit.ly/13lJ7TQ Get sound track used : http://bit.ly/12Xoiho Please find here an usefull bundle for making a top 10 list. This package contains : - 1 Bumper transition - 10 ranking graphics and their lower thirds - 1 ranking list You will be able to add a fresh and nice touch to your sport programs or anything who requires a rank. All elements are rendered with alpha channel in 1920x1080 in color theme present in the preview (Quick Time PNG) The original project (CS4, no plugins required) is included in case if you need to make some modifications like colors, position or anything you want. You'll do it very quickly with the custom presets. Every motion graphics is loopable (Except bumper of course)and with the lower thirds you can make some cool transitions. Video tutorial included.

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      • Sneak Peek of CHARACTERIZED Tour 2013


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        As Cut&Paste’s first custom design tournament series of 2013, the CHARACTERIZED Tour sets out to serve as a design lab of sorts. While lightly competitive, each tour event will be formatted to blend a unique perspective on the design of characters with a visceral exposure to each designer’s technique and instincts. In addition to observing their creative choices, each competition will be based on a team format featuring the mashup dynamic of artists coming together to create original characters. Music "I Go to Seoul" by French Horn Rebellion http://frenchhornrebellion.com Produced by Cut&Paste http://cutandpaste.com Presented by HP http://hp.com CHARACTERIZED http://characterized.cutandpaste.com facebook.com/cutandpasteme twitter.com/cutandpasteme

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        • Cinturon de Oro Ø Promo


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          Cinturón de Oro is the most important Boxing Tournament in Mexico, this is the 17th issue and 9 World Champions had emerged since then. The main concept of the tournament is to provide the opportunity for amateur boxers to turn into professional boxing, and give them the necessary follow-up to develop their career.

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          • Yuya Yamaguchi - C&P Tokyo 2012 Motion/Animation CHAMPION


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            Yuya Yamaguchi competed in the the Motion/Animation competition at Cut&Paste Tokyo 2012 on September 2. This is the 15 second video that he showed based on the theme "Practical Joke."

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            • Yuya Yamaguchi - C&P Global Champs 2012 Motion/Animation Competitor - Tokyo


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              Yuya Yamaguchi competed in the the Motion/Animation competition at Cut&Paste Global Champs 2012 on November 16. This is the 15 second video that he showed based on the theme "Inspired By My City." Designers were to choose any experience, activity, or stimulation to include in their video that inspires the designer in their city. Yuya Yamaguchi: http://bit.ly/cp_yuyay http://moguo.org/ Cut&Paste: www.cutandpaste.com cutandpaste.com/globalchamps2012 facebook.com/cutandpasteme | @cutandpasteme

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              • Run It Back: The Road to SoCal Regionals EPISODE 3(FINAL)


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                Finally. After a month long list of delays and technical hiccups, it's here. I've worked on this thing every single day for the last month till 5am in the morning. I have rarely gotten a break, or a chance to breathe. And now it's finished. There are still a few technical hiccups here and there(punctuation on some of the subs, and one of the clips isn't full screened. Just one. Right before the montage there's a short audio pop before it goes into full swing.), but they don't seem that big. I hope not. =P This episode is the last. We finally head to SoCal Regionals to see how James, Brett, and Jorge fair. At the same time, we have interviews from Daigo, Seth Killian, Mike Watson, Tokido, and a whole slew of other people on the magic of the old days, and the beauty of arcades. I hope you guys enjoy this. I'm looking over it constantly, and finding little nitpicks here and there which are driving me crazy, but for the most part the few people who have seen it while I've been struggling to get this uploaded have said they enjoyed it. I hope their right. I really worked hard on this. Didn't want to let you all down. If you would like an explanation on the delay(I feel you are owed one) you can scroll down further to where it says "WHAT HAPPENED?" and I'll give you one. I also wanted to say thank you. Thank you guys for supporting my film, and the work that's gone into these. You may not think it much, but every time I get a message on XBL, or on twitter or anywhere else and people say "Hey, good job on Evo," or "I love Run It Back"... all of the frustration and stress of this whole thing takes a backseat, and I keep on working. Maybe it's because I take other peoples opinion way more into account at times, but I never want to compromise. I'm really glad you guys enjoy these, and I hope this last part lived up to your expectations. The arcade's are beautiful meccas of radiance and culture, and irreplaceable monuments of an age where peoples passion and love for these games dictated their drive-- and they stand in places like Southern California, criminally under-appreciated at times. I said this last time, but it is so important that you go out and experience them. Street Fighter IV is not the only game there to play, there's so much more to these places other than just games. You go OUTSIDE. You meet PEOPLE. and after you're done, a majority of the time you go do something OTHER, than sit back at your house and play on XBL. You go hang out with friends, you get into trouble, you experience life FAR MORE than you would EVER on any internet connection. It's preachy, but it's true. I thank you all for the support you have given me through this, and I hope to see you again soon with new projects and new ideas. =) Enjoy. -Zaid Tabani AKA RedrappeR P.S. I get to work on my rap album now(and my AE rap!) =D WHAT HAPPENED?(Minor Spoilers): After the first delay, I started ratcheting up my standards to an obscene, and sometimes unnecessary degree. Finally, I finished the episode about a week or so ago. It got to the point where I would look over 15 frames(NOTE: Film is run at 24/frames a second, so that's 2/3rds of a second) for over an hour and a half, and try to make sure EVERY SINGLE FRAME was perfect. It was insanity. SO I finish the episode. I breathe a sigh of unmitigated relief, and close Adobe Premiere. The program takes 8 hours to render about 50 minutes of footage. So I head out to the arcade to relax and celebrate, play some AE, and plan to render the thing when I get home, and have it finish when I sleep. I get home at around 1:30am. I turn on my computer and get this message: "Windows has failed to start." It gives me the option to start a recovery program or something, or try again. I try again. Windows Freezes at the boot screen. I restart, and once again... Windows fails to start. I take a deep breath and start recovery. It freezes after about an hour(which I stay up for.) I restart the CPU again... and low and behold: "Disk Read Error. Press CTRL ALT DELETE TO RESTART" Which effectively means... my hard drive is dead. Or dieing. Shit. I shut off the cpu. I'm panicking now. You see, I forgot to back up the data right before I left. This isn't the first time this happened while editing, and if you don't know, rendering is REALLY hard drive intensive. I unplug the CPU, unplug the hard drive, and sleep. I wake up in the morning, ready to face terrible music, and the thought of having to pony up cash to retrieve the data(those who know data recovery know that it is absurdly expensive.), and I turn on the computer. "Windows failed to start." I click try again... low and behold-- it works. I log in, backup the file, and sigh with relief. I turn off the cpu for a bit(as it's working now) and let it rest. I get back on and start to get ready to render. Long story short, it dies AGAIN. I unplug HDD and CPU, and head to microcenter to pick up an extra hard drive. I figure, more disk space, the easier time premiere will have staying alive, as well as the computer. I come back home and hook it up. The computer works again(no windows fail msg this time) and everything is hunky dory. The Hard drive helps a lot, and things are smooth. I start up Adobe Premiere and try to get the project up. Since the week before, it was taking about 11 minutes to start up the project. So I got something to eat from downstairs, came back up and found a message stating "Project is corrupted." Fucking perfect. Apparently, the project with everything in place was fine. But the color correction, lighting levels, and sound levels were back to square one. I take the day and redo ALL OF THEM. This is a HUGE pain in the ass. Anyone who has ever finished something, then had to go back and recreate it can attest to the massive sense of temporary insanity that goes along with it. FINALLY... I finish. I throw in the credits. SAVE. BACK UP. Everything. I sigh with relief. I go downstairs and get a drink of water. I come back up, it's still there. Everything is fine. It's really finished. I smile, I go to ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER-- set things up, and press start cue. I watch as it starts up after 10 minutes, and I see the video on the right start to go frame by frame, and the little bar inaccurately tell me it'll be done in four hours, and I'm happy. Because it's finished and working. I get my jacket, talk to my family for a bit(as they haven't seen me except when I leave my lair of editing for like 2 minutes for food.) Finally I head back to the room to pick up my wallet before I head off to Vid94 and to smile at the inaccurate time and progress of the render. I look at the adobe window, and there's a yellow triangle with an exclamation point placed where the word "Encoding" is supposed to be. The time frozen on the program is 33m:60s. I mouse over the symbol. "Error Compiling Movie. Unknown Error." You're kidding me. I restart the render, and stick around just to make sure. Guess what? It gets to about 10 minutes and freezes up. Shit. I reinstall premiere, change the scratch disks(where the program houses temp data) and reboot the cpu to reset the ram. After 33 minutes again: "Error Compiling movie. Unknown error." It happens every time right after Tokido's "I like to fight with my friends" answer. I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY upset. Pulling my hair out. I look online. It tells me to change codecs. I do. Once again, 33 minutes in, no dice. I change codecs two more times. Still no. I look online for other answers. Maybe it's problem with the preferences? Nope. Still not working. Keep in mind that each render takes at least 33 minutes to fail, 10 minutes to start the program, 10 minutes after the render for adobe premiere to realize I want to use it again, and 10 MORE minutes if it crashes and I have to restart it after the render fails. That's not counting me having to restart the computer to rest RAM. Finally, I decide to check if it's a bad clip...which is the longest possible troubleshooting process. At first, I think it's simple, because a bunch of the Youtube clips I used a different converter for. And they seemed to be not showing up when the render went through. So I use my laptop and old converter, and remake the WMVS, replace them in premiere. It goes faster, and then stops again at 33:60, at the same place it always has. Now comes the hard part.The episode consists of 8 sequences: "Opening" "OP"(the intro credits),"What it Takes", "Proud Bird", "Tournament Day", "Rocky", "After Hours", "Can't Hurry". I have to render each one, till I find a discrepancy, then render little by little till I find where. So I do. They take HOURS. Most of them are fine. "What it Takes" is where it always stopped. However that Renders fine. I finally get to Proud bird, and voila, the problem reveals itself. After rendering little by little I find it: You see my friend Dillon had given me some nice extra footage he'd shot from time to time with his FLIP HD, while I worked the main camera. We'd switch off from time to time. The extra footage really helped. But after narrowing it down, it was pretty obvious that it was corrupt. I went in, and converted all the Dillon Made clips from MP4 to WMV. I couldn't remove them, he'd given me some really great, INTEGRAL stuff. Finally, Proud bird renders on it's own fine. I go back into the full episode sequence, ready to go, and start the render. I take a much needed shower, and come back to find that Guess What?: 33 minutes 60 seconds, it's stopped AGAIN. There are NO Problems with ANY clips, it's just stopped. I finally lose my mind. I'm so frustrated. It's been done for DAYS at this point, and I've missed my deadline, and even my SECOND deadline because of forces beyond my control. Finally, I head to my last resort... which is rendering individual clips of every sequence, and putting them together in a new file. The problem is the quality takes a slight hit, but it's slight. I didn't even want THAT to be a problem. But at this point, It's all I got. I render all of the sequences, and throw them on. Hours later I finally click Render on the whole thing. Guess what?: IT WORKS. The whole thing goes through, only this time it takes 14 hours instead of 8. The episode I render too has a frame rate problem... but that's fixable. I go into Premiere, fix the frame rate, and rerender. 14 hours later, I have the episode done. Yesterday, is when I tried to upload it(right after it finished.) The Vimeo desktop uploader restarted on my 4 times. Meaning it got to 100 percent, and shot back down to 20. 4 times. I was furious. Finally, it worked. And as it converted, I started writing this for you guys. A bumpy ride is an understatement, but hopefully, it's all worth it. If I'm ever interviewed on these, I'll go more in depth than I already have. But yeah, sorry for the delay. -Z (Will post Youtube list soon.)

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                • 7th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships


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                  Highlights from the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships, held in Columbia MO, November 7-8, 2009. Chicago's 'Machine Politics' took home the Jenny Cup. Runners Up were Milwaukee's 'Beaver Boys' & 'Hot Sauce Enema' followed by 4th place Madison.

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                  • Ladies Army Promo


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                    These bad-ass ladies will be among the poloistas killing it at Ladies Army 3, in Austin TX May 7-8, 2011.

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                      Abu Dhabi Pro Trials San Diego Highlight Video. Directed and Edited by Pete Ulatan | ULATAN.COM @peteulatan Camera 2 Footage by: Rey & Sheena Samson Special Thanks: Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Samson Family Jayson Pizarro Calumet Photo V3PC.COM Follow Us On Twitter! - @NAKAMABRAND NAKAMABRAND.COM JITSPLAYER.COM Song: Blitz The Ambassador B-Boy Massacre Inspired by Yak.

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