1. Performer vs. Buffeater


    from Konkreet Labs Added 6,484 60 3

    Konkreet Performer controlling Twisted Tool's Buffeater Lite using external audio http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/konkreet-performer/id417418467?mt=8 http://twistedtools.com/shop/reaktor/freebies/buffeater-lite/

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    • XBox 360 Ableton Live device parameter controller


      from AntonAudio Added 3,957 14 6

      This patch started as an OSC game controller that I decided to port to Max for Live to take advantage of the device parameter control API. It was a pretty painless port, most of the work was trying to fit everything into the narrow UI space and attempting to execute a clever way to tab through the 5 pages of control options. I think it turned out pretty nice, its still got some bugs but is a lot of fun to experiment with. As in my OSC patch, I’ve made each message range scalable for fine tuning control possibilities. There are 5 nodes for each joystick plus XY values which gave me 7 possible control parameters for each joystick! I also implemented an adjustable sustained noteout message when pushing the sticks down so I could trigger pads and arpeggiators with the same controller. I again pretty much randomly assigned a bunch of controls to an arpeggiator, percussive synth, drum machine parameters, ambient synth, effects, effects and more effects:) Check the vid if you’re interested to hear some results. Sound starts at 00:18 seconds.

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      • SILK ROAD - short demonstration video


        from Eric Samothrakis Added 3,532 49 0

        Silk Road is a tangible interface combined with original musical content, suited to concert performance or interactive installation. The interface uses minimal hardware – a single contact microphone – to turn an everyday surface such as a table top into a responsive and user-discoverable performance device. Two principal gestures, RUB and TAP, are derived by feature recognition on the FFT decomposition of the microphone signal. More complex control gestures arise from combinations of the basic pair (Quick rub followed closely by one tap: maximize sustain of sound. Quick tap followed closely by rub: start loop recording (rub to stop & play). Etc). Silk Road began its life as an acousmatic composition, based on instrumental material with overt melody, rhythm, and harmony. The acousmatic work is imbedded in the software realisation (Max, Ableton Live, and Reaktor), and in the choices of gesture mapping, such that the user/player is able to deconstruct and reinvent the musical material. User gestures act as control for the triggering and parametric control of playback and sound transformation on a library of sound clusters derived from the original composition; but this control passes through a stochastic layer so that the system also creates its own variety and a resulting stimulus to the user. Silk Road has been tested with a number of users and has been found to be rewarding both to extended free-form play and to the creation of performances shaped through time. The system has also be tested successfully with different musical source material. Original sound source: https://soundcloud.com/erlc/silk-road

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        • Twisted Tools - Analogue Microcosm- Sample Library-Preview


          from Richard Devine Added 2,910 25 2

          TWISTED TOOLS have released a brand new sample pack entitled Analogue Microcosm, by legendary sound designer Richard Devine. The sound pack features an intricate arsenal of unique analogue sounds, coupled with sampler presets for most major sample formats. To top it off, the package comes with a new Twisted Tools sampler, MP16, for all versions of Native Instruments Reaktor 5. Richard Devine’s Analog Microcosm Features: • 570 handcrafted analogue sounds from Richard Devine’s fantastic hardware collection • 40 kits in Kontakt, Battery, EXS24MKII, Ableton, NNXT, Reaktor and Maschine formats • Intuitive sample mapping • A brand new Twisted Tools utility sampler, MP16 Twisted Tools MP16 Sampler Features: • 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler • Pad style layout • Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice • Grain delay effect per voice • Note repeat effect • Two LFOs per voice • Kore and Maschine Template Price: $39.00 Availability: December 21st, 2010 Web: www.twistedtools.com MP16 sampler updated to v1.1. New Gui & various improvements. Free 4 registered users of Analogue Microcosm. Note: All sounds are completely analogue in this demo (only sources are from the sound library), no plug-ins or processing were used. motion-graphics by: http://www.axiom-crux.net/​

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          • Leap Motion - Air Pad [Max MSP / Ableton / Reaktor S-Layer]


            from Eric Samothrakis Added 2,705 21 0

            MaxMSP - use of Masayuki Akamatsu aka.leapmotion object (http://akamatsu.org/aka/max/objects/)

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            • XBox 360 OSC Controller


              from AntonAudio Added 2,155 16 1

              I have wanted to do something creative with a game controller ever since I first discovered the [human interface] object in Max. And as soon as the new Nodes object was released I thought a great implementation would be to use it with some sort of joystick. I’m using MaxMSP to receive all the control data from an XBox 360 controller and converting it to OSC messages to be used with any program that accepts OSC, in this case Reaktor. I’ve made each message range scalable as well, for fine tuning control possibilities. I added 9 nodes for each joystick which gave me 11 control parameters (including XY) for each joystick! It was a little unpredictable to know what kinds of results that would achieve but that was the fun part :) I pretty much randomly assigned all the controls to this ring modulating synth and buffer effect Buffeater (http://twistedtools.com/shop/reaktor/buffeater/) Fun times. Max for Live version in progress as well which will use Abletons device parameter control API. Will post when I have time to finish it.

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              • DTI project - a Drawing Tangible Interface


                from Eric Samothrakis Added 1,152 18 0

                3 groups of instruments divided by pitch: 1st group plays tonic G (across spectrum) - 2nd group Bb - 3rd group D. Instruments: strings (dbass - cello - violas - violins), brass (french horn) & wind (english horn) with some variation in playing techniques (trem/pizz/trills...). Rub surface with palm of hand -> Simultaneous trigger & control volume of 24 instrument samples (8 per pitch group). Samples are randomly picked from a sample pool (130 samples). Also randomly set are: Volume min/max - envelope attack - Panning [+LFO]. Tapping -> will also randomise all above parameter but only 1 pitch group at a time. Finally, a random harmonic progression can also be activated. Every time randomness is activated (via Rub or Tap), one pitch group will either move up or down the scale 1/2 tone (to a maximum of 1 tone), or stay put. For example, the reference chord is Gm (G/Bb/D). If the first group (tonic) was to be randomise, that could become Gb/Bb/D or G#/Bb/D.

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                • Kero Bits + Beats w/ mlrV 2.2 + monome 40h


                  from Stephen Surlin Added 651 4 2

                  Jamming on the monome 40h using mlrV 2.2 with some samples from the new samplepack "Kero's Bits & Beats" from Twisted Tools (http://twistedtools.com/shop/samplepacks/free/kero/). “Here is a collection of loops/samples taken from my Logic tracks that I have been working on for the past year. All samples made with Kyma Pacarana, Machinedrum, Virus TI, Monomachine, Nord3 and Monome. I hope you can make something interesting with them, Enjoy. ” Kero [http://www.facebook.com/djkero] [http://www.detroitunderground.net/] [http://www.djkero.com] http://stephensurlin.com

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                  • pnortnaomi - The zVAVP Gate


                    from pnortnaomi Added

                    I started this out experimenting with Twisted Tools outstanding Buffeater and logic's environment and I got carried away. I have since abandoned and dissected this track and I'm using various parts in other projects, So I thought i would post the original. Individual tracks are being fed independently into buffeater and I'm controlling the bus sends via NI's Maschine.

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                    • First Matter No.1


                      from VoltageCtrlR Added 313 3 0

                      This is my 1st sound session messing around with my 12u Eurorack Modular Synthesizer and Twisted Tools Buffeater Reaktor 5 app. This is a live improvised Jurassic technological dub session from the mysterious Akashic Mountain Studio. First Matter in alchemy refers to the first manifestation of the godhead, perceived as a fusion spirit and matter.

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