1. After Effects Compilation


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    This is a compilation of all my After Effects Exercises from Term 1. I have also added sound effects/sound tracks where I feel appropriate in this compilation to make it more interesting.

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    • 30 Second Animation On - Noor Inayat Khan


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      So I think I have finally finished my animation on the 'spy princess' Noor Inayat Khan. Over the past few days I have been talking to my tutor and editing where seen fit. I had to change the concentration camp scene and also Noor's arrest. I found this project quite difficult at times, but when told to edit or change scenes it became easier as I could navigate around my files and work through the issues. I think that the arrest scene now makes more sense as you see Noor with her hands up in the air and then they move behind her back - in my original edit I just showed a re-enactment of her being interrogated. However after talking it over, it was suggested that I try and make a puppet instead but this time using a different body rather than the uniform I had been trying to manipulate. This change I feel helps the narrative better and also makes my concentration camp scene have more movement in it, as I have moved the interrogation and her escape re-enactment videos. This I feel was a much needed change and I am happier for it. Finally I put the video into Premier editing suit and added sound effects, wartime music and film effects. I wanted to make these edits so that the animation would look closer to a wartime documentary. To do this I added 'scratch and dust', 'visual noise' and 'grey scale' effects. I applied these to all but the final scene which is a video and photograph of the statue near her home town. I have also edited the sound so that I could have the music playing as a constant in the background but at a lower sound, as well as editing the sound so that it has a gradual coming and going without it seeming forced it at times. Although I have gone over the 30 second briefing, it was discussed that you could go 10% over (roughly 3 seconds) so that we could include a title or credits. I have chosen to use this extra few seconds to increase my opening title.

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      • Noor Running out the Window - With Camera Movements


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        Well this scene certainly gave me a run around to create. First of all I couldn't exactly get the puppet to run. So I found an old photograph of a WAFF female soldier posing in a photo with her knee bent at the skirt. I then cut this image out in photoshop so I could use it to create my puppet - I then created joints for the puppet (and anchored them correctly this time) and made her 'run' Terry Gillian style. I used my stage design knowledge to make the photograph of Noor's place of captivity into a 3D stage that she could then run across. I then used the camera functions (this was the hard part!) to make the camera zoom up from the set to the balcony - where Noor was running - and then have it pan across the screen to follow her direction. This was extremely challenging as every time I got the camera to either zoom in or pan across you could either see the layers of my set or see the edges of my set. This then meant that I had to re size my set - and therefore my character - which created a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. Finally after an hour and a half (and some many minutes more) I think I've cracked the technique... well at least for this scene I guess.

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        • Squeak!


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          A sleeping cat is awoken by her playful puppy pal, and seeks revenge for her disrupted nap. 2nd Year Animation short film, UCA Farnham.

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          • Noor Inayat Khan Medals WW2


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            I animated this scene for much longer than I had originally anticipated. I wanted to end the animation on either an image of Noor's memorial statue in Gordon Square - near where she used to live - or end on a photo of Noor with her family - but these where all of her as a young child rather than her in her late 20s. I also wanted to include the two medals she was awarded - the George Cross for her extraordinary bravery, and France honoured her with the Croix de Guerre. I felt that it was important to end the animation this way, rather than animating her execution. I decided that I would also combine this scene with scene 7 (the one before this) where I mention that her last words before she died was "Liberté". By combining these two scenes together I feel that I have been able to do more with the timeframe and this has allowed me to manipulate the images and text where as if this was only 4 seconds I could not animate this scene comfortably because the audience would literally blink and miss the text or image.

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            • Start of Noor project first 12 seconds


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              Here is the compilation of my first 12 seconds (of 30seconds) Noor Inayat Khan project. The beginning combines my initial idea of a typewriter title and a photograph cut out puppet of Noor saluting. I thought it would be better to combine the two together so that I would save on time as both sections took 4 seconds to animate. So by moving the text slightly to the side and adding my photo puppet I could combine the two saving myself 4 seconds - as I could see I will easily overrun if I am not careful and don't stick to the briefing of 30 seconds. I then added the flying sequence where Noor is transported and parachute dropped into France to be come a radio spy. This sequence is a little bit fuzzier than I anticipated as I had not realized that my original file was not in 1920x1080 so when I scaled it up the background became more blurred. But I do not actually mind this as such as I intended this animation to take on a grainy effect like the documentaries I have researched about wartime experience. Finally (for now anyway) the animation ends on her listening to radio messages and reporting back via Morse code. However a shadow looms over her, suggesting she is being spied on.

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              • Final Wave Cycles


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                Here is a compilations of all my final flag wave cycles. The first was created in Adobe Flash, but I soon realized that the flag became to cartoon like and I could not shade it to the way I wanted. I then took the process into TVPaint. I like the silky effect I could achieve in this program a lot. I finally decided to see how well I could hand draw this process. I used coloured pastels to show shading and highlights in the material.

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                • morsecode with shadow (final)


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                  I have now edited this scene so that there is a shadow that looms across Noor's work space - this is to hint that she will soon be betrayed by someone in her team. I created the shadow by making a shape in after effects and then playing about with the settings so that it would have a low opacity. I have also edited the files in photoshop so that Noor's sleeve now doesn't disappear half way through and I have also edited the backgrounds by burning or highlighting certain areas so that the puppet body parts stand out better against the background.

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                  • Finished Animatic - Lazy Days


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                    This is week 4 of animatic sessions in TVPaint. Today I have been editing my work and I believe that I have now finished it. I discovered that the reason for the snore soundtrack not uploading last week (and this week when i tried) was because the file was too big. So i found another snore sound lasting a little over 6 seconds to use instead. I also worked more on shading and adapted scene 3 where it shows a shot of my room - now the thought bubble of the cleaner has a moving hoover in it to help give the scene some life. This weeks lesson was hard however as the graphics tablets did not work on the room we where in so the movement that i was creating for the cleaner had to be done as a stamp and made to replicate a boil to create movement instead of hand drawing it each time.

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                    • Brian Character Walk Test 1


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                      So for this project we have to create a characterized walk. We needed to create a character, the environment they would be in and animate them getting up off a chair and walking out of the room. That was it, the rest was up to us. Well after several days of research and character designs I decided to do a late teenager/young adult getting up off of a beanbag. I watched many hilarious Youtube videos of people of all ages trying to get themselves out of a beanbag. The usual result was several attempts to get up, then give up and sort of half roll off the bag and get up in the same process...something extreamly ambitious to animate but none the less I wouldn't know if I could unless I try, right? Again I am using TVPaint as I could then animate over the background and swap layers about if needs be. I enjoyed creating the background for my character Brian's room.

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