1. Euroopa ühise varjupaigapoliitika väljakutsed / Challenges of the Common European Asylum System


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    Konverents “Euroopa ühise varjupaigapoliitika väljakutsed” toimus 20. märtsil Tallinnas Eesti Pagulasabi ja Eesti Inimõiguste Keskuse ühisprojekti “Huvikaitse võimendamine varjupaiga- ja pagulaspoliitikas” raames, mida rahastab Avatud Eesti Fondi vahendusel Vabaühenduste Fond. 0:00:00 Kristina Kallas, Eesti Pagulasabi juhatuse liige 0:03:25 Kari Käsper, Eesti Inimõiguste Keskuse juhataja 0:10:00 Cecilia Malmström, Euroopa Komisjoni siseasjade volinik 0:25:30 Michael Diedring, European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) peasekretär 0:43:40 Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Euroopa büroo direktor 1:05:30 Urmas Paet, Eesti välisminister 1:22:40 Paneeldiskussioon (Cecilia Malmström, Michael Diedring, Vincent Cochetel, Urmas Paet, modereerib Kari Käsper) 2:01:20 Vaheaeg 2:28:58 Paneeldiskussion varjupaigataotlejate töötamise õigusest, moderaator Ingi Mihkelsoo 2:36:30 Eero Janson, Eesti Pagulasabi 2:46:58 George Joseph, Rootsi Caritas 2:59:15 Triin Raag, Sotsiaalministeerium 3:01:55 Arutelu: Eero Janson, George Joseph, Triin Raag, modereerib Ingi Mihkelsoo 3:43:40 Paneeldiskussioon varjupaigataotlejate kinnipidamisest, moderaator Anni Säär 3:45:26 André Møkkelgjerd, Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers 4:01:30 Villem Lapimaa, Tallinna Halduskohtu esimees 4:15:15 Liis Valk, Politsei- ja Piirivalveameti välismaalaste talituse juhataja 4:26:15 Ben Lewis, International Detention Coalition 4:42:25 Arutelu: André Møkkelgjerd, Villem Lapimaa, Liis Valk, Ben Lewis, modereerib Anni Säär 5:12:40 Vaheaeg 5:22:10 Poliitikute debatt pagulaspoliitikast: Marko Pomerants (IRL), Olga Sõtnik (KE), Jevgeni Ossinovski (SDE), modereerib ajakirjanik Urve Eslas. Vt lähemalt http://humanrights.ee/2014/03/konverents-euroopa-uhise-varjupaigapoliitika-valjakutsed/ The conference “Challenges of the Common European Asylum System” took place on 20 March in Tallinn it was a a part of the joint project of the Estonian Refugee Council and the Estonian Human Rights Centre, funded from the NGO Fund of EEA Grants which is operated by the Open Estonia Foundation. More information: http://humanrights.ee/en/2014/03/conference-challenges-of-the-common-european-asylum-system/

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    • Children on the Run: An Analysis of First-Hand Accounts from Children Fleeing Central America


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      This Migration Policy Institute event with UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres features findings from UNHCR’s report, "Children on the Run," which examines the increasing numbers of children from Central America and Mexico who head off alone to find refuge in the United States, fleeing violence, insecurity, and abuse in their communities and at home. The panel moderated by Kathleen Newland, Director of the Refugee Protection and Migrants, Migration, and Development Programs at MPI, also includes speakers Javier Sagredo, an advisor in the UN Development Programme's Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, and Leslie E. Vélez, UNHCR Senior Protection Officer. A troubling new trend has emerged among those seeking asylum: the number of children making the treacherous journey alone and unaccompanied from Mexico and the countries of Central America—particularly El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala—has doubled each year since 2010. And the U.S. government estimates 60,000 children will reach U.S. soil this fiscal year in search of safe haven. This discussion surrounding the UNHCR study, which was based on interviews that a team of researchers did with more than 400 unaccompanied children, analyzes the reasons behind the growing migration of this vulnerable population and makes recommendations for a way forward. The UNHCR report is available online here: http://www.unhcrwashington.org/sites/default/files/UAC_UNHCR_Children%20on%20the%20Run_Full%20Report.pdf

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      • Social Media as a Tool for Humanitarian Protection (Live Seminar 44)


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        This Live Web Seminar examines the key developments, challenges, and critiques surrounding social media’s impact on humanitarian protection. Expert panelists and participants examine the following questions: — How are humanitarian agencies currently using social media? — In what ways can social media facilitate more effective humanitarian protection? — What barriers exist to integrating social media strategies into humanitarian operations? — What are the limitations of what social media can accomplish during humanitarian crises? Moderated by: Claude Bruderlein (Director, HPCR) and Dustin Lewis (Program Associate, HPCR) Panelists: Jason Cone (Director of Communications, Médecins Sans Frontières) Melissa Fleming (Head of Communications, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Claudia Gonzalez (Head of Marketing, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) Daniel Stauffacher (ICT4Peace) For more info, go to: http://hpcrresearch.org/events/live-seminar-44-social-media-tool-humanitarian-protection

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        • A Conversation with the UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees T. Alexander Aleinikoff about the Syrian Crisis, Other Work


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          More than two and a half years of violent conflict in Syria have left between one-quarter and one-third of the Syrian population displaced internally or seeking refuge abroad, with many still departing the country. UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees T. Alexander Aleinikoff joined Kathleen Newland, who directs MPI's refugee protection work, for a discussion on what is now considered one of the biggest humanitarian emergencies in a generation. In addition to discussing the key concerns UNHCR has identified in the Syrian crisis and the regional and international responses, Mr. Aleinikoff and Ms. Newland discussed some of UNHCR’s other priorities and areas of action, such as the Somalian refugee situation and prospects for innovation in UNHCR. Find an in-depth conversation with T. Alexander Aleinikoff, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees on MPI's online journal, the Migration Information Source here: T. Alexander Aleinikoff, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees

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          • Zambian Forge - Refugees of Meheba


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            This documentary is a look into the UNHCR's Meheba Refugee Settlement in Zambia, Africa, the lives of the refugees, and the impact of a group of American college students who go to the settlement to build a library.

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            • Day 1 at SIME 09 Stockholm


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              The transformers – companies going from offline to online with a smile Some traditional companies embrace digital opportunities and make digital part of their DNA while most fail miserably and see new entrants disrupt the old playing field. Keynote by: Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO of Eniro, one of Europe’s most progressive classifieds companies, former CEO of Svenska Spel and author of criminal novels. Panel: Sara Öhrvall, Head of Bonnier R&D (Sweden), Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Eniro (Sweden) and Claudia Gonzalez, United Nations expert on social marketing and the former marketing director of the World Economic forum (US). Marketing is dead long live marketing The art of marketing is rapidly evolving into becoming the science of marketing fuelled by advertising technology, analytics and digital alternatives. But as the users formally know as “consumers” get more empowered, marketing directors and communications professionals face a new paradigm where honesty, relevance, creativity and knowledge will separate the winners from the ones not knowing what hit them. Keynote: Steven Overman, founder of the Realtime Project, communications pioneer including Lowe Worldwide Global Strategy director for IPG Team Nokia as one of the enthusiast behind Wired Magazine as well as in many other innovative teams. Steven was in the room ‘94 when the first banner was created… http://sime.nu/09/stockholm/conference-agenda/conferenceshedule/

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              • MPI Leadership Visions: United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees T. Alexander Aleinikoff


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                During the latest discussion in this MPI speaker’s series, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees T. Alexander Aleinikoff talks about voluntary repatriation, local integration, and resettlement. Panelists include Demetrios Papademetriou, MPI President, and Kathleen Newland, MPI Director of the Migrants, Migration, and Development, and Refugee Policy Programs. More videos on MPI’s Leadership Visions series can be found here: http://www.vimeo.com/album/173361

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                • Lipadusa / Tempio di Adriano, Roma, 22.09.2014


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                  (Scroll down for English translation) Fabrica e l’Alto Commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i Rifugiati (UNHCR) presentano il 22 settembre 2014 presso la Camera di Commercio, Sala Tempio di Adriano a Roma una serata pubblica con letture e immagini su Lampedusa e le sue storie di vita e di mare. Gli attori Cesare Bocci, Fabrizio Parenti, Vincenzo Pirrotta e Massimo Wertmüller, le attrici Sandra Ceccarelli, Silvia Gallerano e Fabrizia Sacchi, il regista e attore nigeriano Alfie Nze e la cantante Lidia Schillaci prestano la loro voce alle testimonianze raccolte dalla giornalista Michela A.G. Iaccarino per il progetto Sciabica. Nel corso della serata viene presentato “Lipadusa”, libro fotografico di Fabrica. Le fotografie di Calogero Cammalleri raccontano lo scorrere della vita di pescatori, bambini, animali di Lampedusa. Fabrica è il centro di ricerca sulla comunicazione di Benetton Group. www.fabrica.it https://www.facebook.com/fabricaresearchcentre?ref=hl @fabrica Fabrica and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) present on 22 September 2014 at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome a public evening with readings and images of Lampedusa and its stories about the people and the sea. The actors Cesare Bocci, Fabrizio Parenti, Vincenzo Pirrotta and Massimo Wertmüller, the actresses Sandra Ceccarelli, Silvia Gallerano and Fabrizia Sacchi, Nigerian director and actor Alfie Nze and the singer Lidia Schillaci lend their voices for stories collected by the journalist Michela A.G. Iaccarino for the Sciabica project. In the course of the evening Lipadusa, photographic book by Fabrica, is also presented. Calogero Cammalleri's photographs tell of the lives of fishermen, children and animals in Lampedusa. Fabrica is the communication research centre of the Benetton Group. www.fabrica.it https://www.facebook.com/fabricaresearchcentre?ref=hl @fabrica

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                  • As it was in the Day of Noah on Prophecy Headline News Pt1


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                    As it was in the Day of Noah on Prophecy Headline News Pt1 [part 2 of this broadcast will on Monday 10th] In the world chaos rules, ISIS beheads and kills, and in many Islamic nations Christians are persecuted worse than ever and we have covered this. But today as it pointed in an article by Shira Sorko-Ram, the “number of Refugees in the world is staggering, some 50 million, with over 6.5 million in Syria alone; then there is Iraq! The World is in a mess; but in America, even after elections we are in the time of delusion and in the end of days. Daily the closeness of oppression and opposition to Christians and their faith grows. Daily, even if you’re not a Christian America has transformed herself into a nation that does not resemble the founding Fathers America. Show Key Tags: Prophecy News, headline news, Middle East news, America news, USA Politics, Kobani war, disaster for Obama, kobane, Days of Noe, world refugees, UNHCR, Iraq, Syria, Paul Rosolie, Eaten alive, corrupt Broadcast TV, Sex Education curriculum, President Obamas Executive Orders on LGBT, Christian businesses, Pakistan, Christian persecution, Muslim, jihad, we need your head The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, and interviews, call in’s. A jam packed show live, at the moment, and with current headlines and biblical prophecy we see the current trends weekly. Go to www.warn-usa.com or www.warn-radio.com or www.wingswatchman.org or www.garden.warn-radio.com for more headlines, top lead stories, Radio shows, and articles.

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                    • ITSM Weekly The Podcast (Episode 69)


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                      Show Notes: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2011/7/29/itsm-weekly-the-podcast-episode-69-using-technology-to-trans.html Show Sponsor: LANDesk Software landesk.com/​products/​service-desk.aspx **News Gator: Updates from Tech** **CIO Headlines Market News, Business Report, SIM** Windows Phone over take blackberry? RIM is a recipe for the rest of your IT career, LEARN from it. Amazon RDS (Database Provisioning) Rodrigo Flores The IT Skeptic wants more information on Dropbox and Configuration Management **Practitioner, Service Desk** Defining the Goals of Service Management by Ken Gonzalez HDI Connect Crowd sourced Topics for Blogging for HDI Switched to Lion, and I have to say, Interface Interface Interface. Our hardware has finally gotten to a great place with computers; it's time for people who want to drive value to consumers to consider your interface. itSMF Fusion 2011 Livescribe **Social Media, Tools and Vendors** Google Plus is all about killing LinkedIn, bidirectional sharing is the future. Hooper Circles Google Plus, Backstabbing faster. Hooper’s Toolbar Friend Chris TODAY! Or don’t and comment Must watch movies to learn about service design and innovation Helvetica & Objectified G2G3 comment on design itSMF UK Show CEO Ben Clacy on ITSM Weekly Podcast Rest of the World Forrester Rocks! GOTW: Can’t return an email but you just tweet away, bite me. Topics: Former head of Transport for London Nobel Peace Prize Angelina Jolie UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency Man-made vs. Natural Disasters Drought in Somali- 1 Million END USERS Life or Death. Migration to Kenya Tunisia Situation The end user in the wrong place at the wrong time Cox Bazar Model Office for a Refugee Camp? Basic Human Needs as a Service WFP WHO Service Catalog that touches Human Life? One Laptop per Child Is there a place for technology in a refugee camp? Luxembourg Refugee Kiosk Just because you are a refugee doesn’t mean you don’t need Facebook. itSMF ITSM Please Donate to UNHCR to support ITSM and save a life! Angelina Jolie The United Nations is Not ALWAYS welcome Infrastructure Engineer killed on duty Twitter for UNHCR Contact Naginder Dhanoa, CIO, United Nations

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