1. Marine's Memorial Wedding Video intro and tea ceremony HD


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    Marine's Memorial Wedding Video intro and tea ceremony HD shot in San Francisco by Bay Area wedding videographer Axiom Videography Cheers, Robert Valdes ================================================================ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com http://www.axiomvideography.com http://www.yourbridalplanner.com http://www.winecountryweddingphotographer.com http://www.yourweddingalways.com http://www.digitaldesigndirect.com http://www.axiommediacorp.com http://www.weddingwebsitemarketing.com http://www.yourbridalplanner.com/sfbayareanorthern.html http://www.axiomvideography.com/wedding-videographer http://contact-google.blogspot.com http://youtube.com/user/robertvaldesphoto http://youtube.com/user/axiomvideography http://youtube.com/user/rocksinger4hire http://robertvaldesphotography.blogspot.com http://axiomvideography.blogspot.com http://axiommediacorp.com/corporate-video-production/ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com/indian-wedding-photographer/ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com/city-hall-wedding-photographer/ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com/chinese-wedding-photographer-san-francisco/ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com/san-jose-wedding-photographer/ http://www.robertvaldesphotography.com/san-francisco-engagement-photographer/ http://www.robertvaldes.com

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    • BeaconBull Digital: Wedding & Event Videography for the 99%-revised 11.13.11


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      This is a revised version of our video reel.

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      • Marcia E. Roberts Photography - BET feature


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        Wyndham Weddings by Marcia E. Roberts Kingston, Jamaica www.wyndham.com/hotels/KINWH www.jamaicanphotography.com 877-999-3223

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        • Sergiu&Cosmina Love Story


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          Cateva zile de toamna, putina agitatie si cateva plimbari pe plaja am avut nevoie pentru a filma aceasta poveste de dragoste intre Sergiu si Cosmina ...clipe frumoase si distractie . Sa le uram tot ce isi doresc sa se indeplineasca !

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          • Khairul & Syimah-11.11.11 at PWTC


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            Another wedding cinematography exclusively by Pixelworks Studios pixelworks.com.my for more info, call us at 012-384 7184. or visit our studio at: 22-1B, Jalan Pahat H 15/H, Dataran Otomobil Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor.

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            • Musync - Exp #3 2005


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              Musync was a part of my MA Thesis Project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy (IDII) Completed in 2005. Extract from Experiement # 3 I wanted to know if I could do a similar thing as in Experiment # 2, but instead of using somewhat random sounds, I would use music to lead my drivers the way. I had 8 people driving a car, 4 of them where fluent English speaking designers and 4 none designers Italians with little to none experience with the English language. I had the participants drive a around a specific route in Ivrea, not known prior to them. The route took about 12 minutes to complete and we had a discussion afterwards. I would be sitting in the back seat of the car, controlling the music from a laptop, trying to lead them the way by raising the volume and shifting the balance of the car speakers, left or right. In the middle of the route I would have them park the car, but the signal for that I would raise the volume, followed by shifting the balance of the speakers from left to right a few times. I used four songs along the way, all with different musical qualities, slow, fast and full off beat, vocal and none vocal. I learnt from a previous run, using the same system that it was quite important to raise the volume before introducing an action like turning or parking. In the previous run with different users, some of the drivers would realize the shifting in the music too late, creating confusion. Extract Analysis Experiment # 3 Having been in the car my elf, trying to control the music and watch the road at the same time, I can safely say that the mistakes were on my account. As I was trying to control the music from a lab top connected to the car stereo, but I had made the controlling buttons very small so they weren’t that easy to control in time while paying attention to the road at the same time. When looking back on the video footage from the camera facing the drivers I could clearly see that when the mistakes where made, the subjects knew about it. The video footage shows the subjects smiling and their eyes moving rapidly back and forth, like a kid that just done something wrong. What I think was quite interesting was that out of the 8 people driving, only 3 made small mistakes. Not to mention that none of them had driven the car before so they had to get used to that at the same tie. Another interesting thing was that I thought I spent about 2 minutes explaining how the system worked, but looking back at the video footage I could see that I spent an average of 25 seconds explaining how the system worked prior to the driving. Another important factor was that many of the subjects driving the car didn’t know the music I was playing for them and I wonder what or any effect it would have had on their driving if they would have been listening to music they really liked or where familiar with. Gathering information from our talk after each run, the subjects that didn’t know the music had to concentrate more on listening to the music than the ones who knew the music prior. The users who knew the music prior to the drive didn’t have to concentrate on the music listening and could focus more easily on the driving. Another factor I found surprising was that I was using a simple car audio/cassette player with a set of 10 euro speakers, connected to a laptop with low quality sound output. I wonder what or if a higher quality car radio and speakers would have brought to the equation. Being a designer or a foreigner English or Italian spoken didn’t seem to be of any consequence to the language developed.

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              • Musync - Exp #2 2005


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                Musync was a part of my MA Thesis Project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy (IDII) Completed in 2005. Extract Experiment # 2 The second large experiment I conducted included a game as well. I invited 6 people to participate, dividing them in 3 teams of two people that would compete against each other, finding an object within a room using a sound language developed on the spot. Again the subjects searching were blindfolded like in experiment 1, to minimize the visual impact and focus on the auditory acuteness. I gave the 3 teams 5 minutes to go find an object within the building that they would have to use to make sound. Ironically all the teams selected plastic objects that sounded similarly. The seeing team member would have to make a sound with the object they selected to try to guide the blindfolded team member to an object hidden in the room. The first time around there was no defined language between the team members and the hidden object was never found. I gave the teams another 5 minutes to develop a language between them that they would have to use in order to guide their blindfolded team member to the hidden object. A completely different story, the teams found the hidden object almost immediately through use of their language they developed on the fly. As the game continued they got even better at it, even though I went around the room pretending to placing decoys, in between plays. Extract Analysis Experiment # 2 My hypothesis was that people would develop the language in a longer time, so I was quite amazed to see how fast people understood and developed a sound language they could use. Despite the fact that all the teams had chosen a similarly sounding object, seem to make no difference at all. In psychology this phenomena is referred to as the Cocktail party effect. It is a phenomenon where a person can focus their hearing on a specific sound even though the room around them is full of other noise. Some of the people playing the game knew each other well, others not, but that didn’t seem to make any difference. What really surprised me was how fast a usable sound language could be developed and it gave me the idea of Experiment 3, where I used music instead of sound. (See video Experiment # 3) It was also really interesting to see how the participants would try to use their hearing to spatially orientate where I would place the hidden object. For that reason I started to pretend to place decoys around the room to make it more engaging. We played the game 20 times and towards the final rounds, finding the object was really becoming too easy for the participants to find, despite the fact of the decoying. It was interesting to see that as the game went on, that the team members really started to trust each other. I realized while analyzing the video footage that the language developed on the fly didn’t have any signal for stopping, as the users walked into walls on more than one occasion.

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                • Musync - Exp #1 2005


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                  Musync was a part of my MA Thesis Project at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy (IDII) Completed in 2005. Extract Experiment #1 The main objective of Experiment # 1 was to get started with exploring the phenomena of motivating sound experiences. I started by inviting 5 people to take part in a short game that I designed. It had a similar structure as the musical chair game but instead of the chairs there where 4 sounding objects placed around a room and 5 people trying to find them. Each of the 5 players where blindfolded to minimize the visual impact and try to force them to rely on their auditory acuteness. Each object would emit a sound when pressed. The first object pressed would produce the tone A the following object pressed would produce B the third would produce C and the last one would produce D followed by a sound indicating that all objects where found. The 4 sounding objects where connected to a hacked keyboard, so when they where pressed they would be programmed to produce sounds A to D. (see video Experiment 1) I scattered the 4 objects around a room and the participants had to search for them. To make it more engaging, I placed plenty of decoys around the room as well, so as to make more challenging for the participants to find the real sounding objects. On top of that, between each play I would move the objects around the room so the participants wouldn’t be able to rely on spatial memory so much. These were the established rules to this game: 1 Play fair 2 Find a sounding object press it and guard it until last one is found. 3 Use any technique that you think would help you find it without taking the blinds off, throwing your fellow participants away or pulling on the main cords. My hypothesis was that all the players would understand the rules immediately and as soon as the game would start and that all the participants would really start listening to how many objects where found, motivating the other participants to start looking for the remaining objects schematically and more efficiently appose to wondering around looking for them in the dark. In many ways, my hypotheses were right but the experience wasn’t successful in terms of a game. The participants did start developing more efficient ways to find the sounding objects. They performed actions like crawling down on their hands and knees because of a more sensitive feeling in the hands and they would do things like follow a cord of an object from it’s origin, but to my surprise they weren’t really listening to the sound of how many objects where found until the last few times we played the game. We played the game 20 times. Observing and analyzing the video footage made at the scene, it was obvious that there was too much delay between finding the objects making the players not noticing how many objects being found and forgetting if it was an A, B or a C that where found already. As the game progressed the players would get better at it and they would develop some tricks to have people keep looking. Some players would find a sounding object and not press it, fooling the other players to think that they had found a decoy etc… Extract Analysis Experiment # 1 After conducting Experiment # 1 I realized that the game had a lot of design flaws and couldn’t be measured to it’s worth because of external factors and if I wanted to continue experimenting I would have to design it more efficiently. Things like the tools themselves were rough and not very intuitive to start with. The programming of the objects could have been much better and more responsive. The A B C D sounds themselves where low quality and the location chosen for the game wasn’t optimal either. The sounds could have come from the objects themselves, as opposed to coming from speakers on location, making difficult for the players to determine where in the room an object was pressed. I noticed that the players where pretty occupied with tactility probably due to the blind folds. On top of all that, the participants where tired because it was late at night so they could have been a little more energized to start with, but as the game progressed they seem to enjoy the game more and got more motivated.

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                  • Teresa + Chris Wedding Short Film


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                    It's very great shooting experience. Teresa and Chris are both very fun people because they always make others laugh. We had chances to capture some aspects of busy San Francisco by doing time-lapse. This wedding is a combination between elegant and fun...Hope you guys enjoy it. Location: Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco Bay Area. Edited and shot by MartinVo Studios Using Canon 5d mark II and a lot of lenses . MartinVo Studios & Production, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Granite Bay, Roseville and El Dorado Hill.

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                    • Regine & Kouiki Wedding Video


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                      Congrats To Regine and Kouiki On Their Very Special Day! Timeless Photography and Video Productions wishes you many years of happiness! This video was filmed, edited, produced and published by Timeless Photography and Video Productions. For more information contact Chief Blackhawk or Trixee Trotter.

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