1. Pushing Islam, World Peace, and Jihadi War on Prophecy Headline News


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    Pushing Islam, World Peace, and Jihadi War on Prophecy Headline News Pushing Islam, World Peace, and Jihadi War on Prophecy Headline News will meet the current headlines straight on. As 50 of the world leaders, including Netanyahu and Abbas; gathered in central Paris to honor the 17 victims of Islamic terrorism; a call of unity went forth from France. Although in that parade of peace loving leaders, it would have been preferred not to have Netanyahu participate in it. The push for world peace and a united front against terrorism as it is named now by world leaders are careful not to classify all Muslims with the label as terrorists, in fact it was worried in Paris that threats against Mosques and Muslims would increase and turn to violence. Even in America since our country voted in the Islam leaning and so called former Muslim Pres. Barack Obama to our country’s highest office as President, we have also pushed the Islamic veil over this country. Pushing Islam, World Peace, and Jihadi War on Prophecy Headline News The world has cozied up to the idea that the problem is not Muslim’s or their doctrine; in this case ‘Salifist’s’, but terror in general committed by radicals. Okay, so now they will look to stop Christian terrorist’s as well or classify Christians; especially those who stick to hardline faith that Jesus Christ is the only way, truth, and life as the enemy. Well, so far they have not done so. But that will come sooner rather than later. For now the enemy on the world stage is terror and that terror whether the world leaders have the guts to say so; are Muslims who follow their Koran and writings to the ‘inth’ degree! The problem with many Western leaders and nations, they have allowed an influx of Muslim’s into their countries. It is that, with many of them becoming hardline and extremist that makes the leaders careful with their words. There is no way out of this for them. Even for France who has it’s own numbers of Muslims, Mosques; ‘including the Grand Mosque’ just built, which makes it hard to define the truth of terror.

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    • Virginia War Memorial promo


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      One visitor's afternoon captured in this short video.

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      • The War on Terrorism, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties (Video)


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        On Saturday, February 16, 2013, The Future of Freedom Foundation hosted a breakout session at the International Students for Liberty Conference. The panel, entitled "Civil Liberties, the War on Terrorism, and the Constitution," featured Bruce Fein and Sheldon Richman with Jacob Hornberger moderating. For more events like these, please visit out website here http://fff.org/freedom-in-motion/videos/.

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        • Arrowhead


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          Every day there's a whole other world operating in the shadows. This is a look at one evening for one of the players who straddles the line between the life we live, and the blurry lines of a mission and a life we don't necessarily want to know about. "Arrowhead" Directed, Edited, Produced, and Filmed by Paul Antico Written by Paul Antico with George Young and Maurice Zendejas Cast: Ed Enokian - CIA Operator George White - Capt. Green Ava Sidelinger - Daughter Paul Antico - Voice of Chopper Pilot Filmed on the Canon Cinema EOS C300. See film for full credits. ------ When you only have a few hours and a very minimal set of gear to shoot with, and you've been shooting for 10+ hours already on another job, who would want to run out and make something else for fun? That's precisely what a group of us did one late September day in Washington DC. It's gorilla filmmaking gone wild - not wanting to leave a city with great views without telling a story before we did. So with the work day done, we ran out to create "Arrowhead". Armed only with a C300, a 24-105 F4 (!) IS Lens, a Manfrotto Video Monopod, a Sony UWP microphone and an iPhone for a light, we fleshed out and completed Paul's script in 30 minutes, then filmed around the city for 2 hours in the ultimate run n gun scenario and a super challenging low light situation for the camera as night fell quick. The next night the control center segment was completed, and a week later the house segment filmed in Boston. Every single shot in this piece, and every sound is carefully considered. There were some compromises made (hello Red Giant Denoiser II!) but in the end I think it works. There are multiple layers of meaning that have been applied here, sometimes within the same shot. This includes the sound over the credits, which actually tells a little more of the story you just saw at that point. So much so that the making of this piece and those meanings will be discussed on a future episode of the NeedCreative Podcast. (Find us on iTunes).

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          • The Dictator Review by Keith Kelly


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            http://www.innovativecommunications.tv “The Dictator” is no “Borat”-but is that good or bad? I’m Keith Kelly, and my thoughts on this film are coming up right now. Sacha Baron Cohen has a talent for being outrageous. I never saw the Ali G Show, but first came to know Cohen’s talents in the crazy adventures of his character Borat. Yes “Borat” was gross, crass and way out there, but it was also a very funny film, if you were in the mood for that sort of low-brow comedy. The best part of that movie was the pseudo-documentary method in which it was filmed. Borat, a stranger in a strange land, interacted with real-life Americans, and the movie captured their shocked reactions to his antics. It also slyly exposed other people’s prejudices and fears. Borat was funny because we were in on the joke. In “The Dictator” director Larry Charles steps out from the formula of his Borat and Bruno films, and instead crafts a more mainstream, “R” rated comedy. It’s still gross, outrageous and offensive, but it’s not as funny without the real-life responses. It’s like “Punk’D” but without the hidden cameras. The Dictator character himself is also a little harder to love. The style of this film reminded me of the “Scary Movie” parodies of a few years back. Maybe it’s because of the casting of Anna Faris as the female lead and love interest, but the acting, tone and style of this film was much the same. I never paid to see any of the Scary Movie films in the theatre, but chuckled along to them at home on my movie channel. I almost wished I had stayed home for “The Dictator”-almost. One thing Sacha Baron Cohen has going for him is he is fearless in his comedy, and get’s 100% invested in his characters. In his latest film, he plays the bizarre dictator of an oil-rich country. His character takes on all of the bad traits of the world’s worst dictators, and roles them into one-but for comedic purposes. What the Dictator and Cohen’s other broad characters share in common is their little boy qualities. Haffaz Alladeen is nothing more than a big, bearded 7 year old, running his country the way any totally spoiled, pampered rich kid would. In his world, the word “no” doesn’t exist. This is the basis for the comedy in this film-and most of its funniest moments. I guess for me the big difference between his Borat and Dictator characters is innocence vs. clueless. Borat was sexist, racist and an idiot-but at heart he was an innocent looking for love. In “The Dictator” Haffaz Alladeen is so self-centered he is nearly unlikeable. Outrageous yes, but almost totally unredeemable because he is not an innocent at heart, but more of a mean, clueless jerk. That’s not to say that clueless jerks can’t be funny-but the jokes become more situational instead of coming from true characters. The laughs in this film derive mostly from their shock value instead of any clever writing and will wear thin on repeat viewers. If you’re a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, there is plenty here for you to enjoy, but otherwise the film’s general mean-spiritness, and uneven gag-based pacing might make you wish you waited for the DVD. I give “The Dictator”, directed by Larry Charles, a grade of “B-”. I’m Keith Kelly. Connect to your audience, grow sales, motivate your employees and more with Story Films by Innovative Communications. Contact us to get started on YOUR Story. http://www.innovativecommunications.tv

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            • Finding Frye, Part II


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              September 2004: A month after Mike Frye's disappearance, Jake and Steve have become unhappy with the Replacement Mike Frye. Join them as they begin to unravel the dark secrets of Mike Frye's hidden past and learn to accept the consequences of their own actions. ADVISORY WARNING: Please be aware that this film includes some potentially controversial social commentary regarding the War on Terrorism, as well as the violent death of a small child. Neither of these topics reflect the opinions or actions of the filmmakers, but, rather, irresponsible and ill-informed high school students.

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                Founder and Head of, Pakistan Peoples Party Baghi Group, Anjum Naseem Pawar delivered Polcy Speech at a public meeting at death anniversary of Shahrrd Benazir Bhutto. Pawar said that Pakistan Peoples Party Baghi Group is created to remain forever,and not a forum for bargaining with Zardari.Pawar in clear cut terms refused to accept the chairmanship of Zardari and Bilawal and declared to continue under Chairpersonship of, Shaheed Chairperson Muhtrima Benazir Bhutto as the Martyrs remain alive and never die. Pawar in his policy speech declared to contest the next General Elections as Independent Candidate for the National Assembly NA-82 Faisalabad and to launch election campaign in favor of Independent candidates from all the Provincial and National constituencies of Pakistan on Braintransmission,which is a God blessed information technology with live and worldwide range.

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                • Vice President Dick Cheney: The War on Terrorism (September 14, 2007)


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                  Vice President Dick Cheney, chose Grand Rapids and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum as the site to deliver the Bush Administration's War on Terrorism policy speech.

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                  • CITY


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                    A Muslim Taxi Driver and Wall Street businessman discuss the changing landscape of American Identity post 9/11; making explicit what is implicit in New York City.

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                    • In Memory of Srgt. Chris Hrbek - mini-documentary (2010)


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                      Chris Hrbek was a volunteer fireman, a brother, and a soldier. He left his home town of Westwood, New Jersey to serve his country in the War on Terrorism and was killed by a road-side bomb in Afghanistan. This mini-documentary captures some of the sights and sounds, and memories and tears of his funeral procession, his final return to Westwood.

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