1. America Is Awesome


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    When our national discourse is reduced to the vocabulary of a 12-year-old, it's awfully convenient that we have a national anthem to match.

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    • The Martyr (Official Trailer)


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      MI5 Agent Laura Kent explains her actions to an internal inquiry in the aftermath of a major terrorism incident. Find out more at facebook.com/themartyrshortfilm ALT ANGLE FILMS Presents A SUM OF ITS PARTS Film THE MARTYR Starring MIA VORE, AATIF ATI ZAFAR, NICK PEARSE, LEE THOMAS, MARK HILL, & CHRISTINA GERSHON. Written, Edited and Directed by DARREN LANGLANDS
 Directors of Photography NEIL BRUCE & ADAM SHELDON
 Post Production Sound NOISE FOUR STUDIOS
 Music by ARUN GHOSH
 Sound Design MARTYN ELLIS
 Visual Effects DARREN LANGLANDS SCREENINGS 2015 Petaluma International Film Festival, California, USA 2015 Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, USA 2015 Diamond in the Rough Film Festival, San Jose, USA 2015 Reading Fringe Film Festival, Reading, UK 2015 We Are Many screening, Manchester, UK 2015 Didsbury Arts Festival, Manchester, UK 2015 IndieFlicks International Film Event, Manchester, UK 2015 Kino Cafe Shorts, Oswestry, UK 2015 Manana Productions Film Event, Manchester, UK 2015 Grace Film festival, San Francisco, USA 2015 Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester, UK 2015 Kino Shorts, Manchester, UK 2015 Comfortable Shorts, Melbourne, Australia

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      • Midwest Rangers 0 CI-SIS 35! Watch a clip of this amazing BLOWOUT!


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        The Midwest Rangers were defeated by Virginia's CISIS in a devastating blow to the head! Don't miss out on this clip of defensive linebacker Noboydy taking it from the back on CISIS' every play!

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        • Imran Khan on Haqqani Network and Jihad


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          Imran Khan on Haqqani Network and Jihad

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          • Half-Life of War - Ft Carson Global War on Terrorism Fallen Soldiers Memorial, CO


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            Extra footage from Kyle Henry's Half-Life of War, a short documentary about forgotten war memorials. More info about the Global War on Terrorism Fallen Soldiers Memorial outside Ft Carson in Colorado Springs can be found here http://www.carson.army.mil/services/DPTM/GWOT/

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            • Without Shepherds


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              Six bold people navigate the dangerous waters of Pakistan’s current crisis to discover a new tomorrow: a cricket star starts a progressive political party, a female journalist goes behind Taliban lines, an ex-mujahid seeks redemption, a trucker crosses dangerous territory to feed his family, a supermodel pushes feminism through fashion, and a subversive Sufi rocker uses music to heal. Filmed by a team of Americans and Pakistanis over two years, Without Shepherds cuts through alarmist media depictions of the country to celebrate the bravery of its people. Are you outside of the US? Go Here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/withoutshepherdsfilm Starring: Imran Khan, Venneza Ahmad, Arieb Azhar, Abdullah Khan, Laiba Yousafzai “Without Shepherds is one of the most visually impressive and insightful docs in recent memory.” HAMMER TO NAIL: WHAT TO WATCH

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              • WHERE are the Oklahoma City Bombing Victims? Disappeared?


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                The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary Special One of the most notorious mass murders of all time, is now clearly as a manufactured, faked event. Did the bomber Timothy McVeigh clear out the entire Murrah building BEFORE he set of his truck bomb... or was the whole thing staged by the Federal government? Those apepar to be the only two options left, after witnessing the documented facts presented in this film. Once one is aware of the truth, the Oklahoma City bombing fits very neatly into the continuing PATCON plan, hatched under the Clinton administration, in an attempt to frame patriot groups using faked terrorist events. This was the REAL nature of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" that Bill Clinton babbled about - it was an entity fabricated entirely by Clinton's minions, and under his direction. Eric Holder was U.S. Attorney 1993 and became Deputy Attorney General in 1997. Eric Holder played a key role in covering up the torture-murder death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue. A fifteen-year investigation by Jesse Trentadue (Kenneth's brother) revealed that Eric Holder had covered up the murder of his brother in order to prevent congressional investigators linking the death, and eventually the Clinton Administration itself, to the Oklahoma City bombing. http://www.westernjournalism.com/eric-holder-exposed-the-trentadue-torture-murder-cover-up/ Similar to Obama elevating Richard Serino in 2008 to reward him for his Boston Marathon Bombing plan, some suspect that Eric Holder's interest in the Oklahoma City bombing and ultimate motive for the coverup of Trentadue's murder - and Clinton's reward to Holder of a higher post - lie in Holder's deep involvement in PATCON and the bombing. Certainly Obama put PATCON back into full swing with seemingly endless faked and false-flag attacks, along with his appointment of Eric Holder to Attorney General on December 1, 2008. This pushes the known horizon of the Fake Death Industry years ahead of 9/11, clearly to 1995, in unbroken extension to the faked Stockton Schoolyard 'massacre'. ===================================== More on control through staged violence: https://archive.org/details/AmericanTerrorManufacturedByTheFBI https://archive.org/details/ColumbiaMallshootingNowAProvenFake-PerpetratorsRevealed https://archive.org/details/ArapahoeFAKEVictimClaireDavisALIVE https://archive.org/details/GiffordsFAKEIII https://archive.org/details/HowTheyFakeTerrorism https://archive.org/details/TSADocs eric holder, scandal, anniversary, gun walking, gun running, DHS, FEMA, fast and furious, hearings, BJA, fusion centers, Gunderson, Obama, news, information, facts, terrorism, war on terror, oklahoma city bombing, World Trade Center Bombing, 9/11, 9-11, September 11, conspiracy fact, FBI, CIA, terror, Al Qida, bojinka, bin laden, bush, clinton, obama, politics, law, law enforcement, sting, murder, false flag, NWO, rogue networks, corruption, legislation, FEMA, coverup, whistleblower, defense, alex jones, tarpley, webster tarpley, MIHOP, LIHOP, fertilizer, axle, rental truck, video, federal building, trial, coverup, scrubbed, supression of evidence, nwo, news, news story, execution, indonesia, gold, secret, fireman, fire department, forensic, investigation, chuck harder, cash, shadow government, indonesia, afghanistan, asia, brzezinski, taliban, dictatorship, society, schools, education, history, 2012, elections, voting, tea party, congress, senate, presidency, current, WTC, history, elite, elitism, gun control, second amendment, staged, fake, fake death, mass murder, Boston Marathon, Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Aurora, James Holmes, Bill Clinton, statistics, investigation, truth movement, hoax, bomb hoax, shooting hoax, white house, Giffords, Safeway shooting, navy, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Christian Williams, police, death records, charity, public relations, PR, government sponsored, ihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, Littleton, Arapahoe, Virginia Tech, Sikh Temple, SPLC, ADL, PATCON

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                • Afghanistan, 9 Years on (A War for Imperialism)


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                  British troops went to Afghanistan in November 2001 as part of US-led invasion in the wake of 9/11 attacks. The goal was to topple the Taliban who had given safe haven to the Al-Qaeda. That goal was quickly achieved and in the following years, the aims of the British machine broadened. Why are the British armed forces continuing to fight in Afghanistan, the world’s second poorest country? After nine years of war, causality figures have just been escalated. As the war in Afghanistan enters its nine years, thousands of people are demonstrating in London to protest against what they say, “the futile and unwinnable conflict.” They believe that this is the war for imperialist aims; a war for oil, power and prestige and not for helping ordinary people. PRESS TV Documentaries

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                  • Extended Trailer: GHOSTS OF JOHNSTON COUNTY


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                    Ghosts of Johnston County is a documentary film that explores the links between a rural county in North Carolina and the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" program, a program through which detainees from the "war on terror" were disappeared, held indefinitely, and tortured. The film traces the story of a handful of persistent activists who lead an ongoing struggle to expose their community’s ties to this program and to shed light on the compelling stories of its victims. Ghosts of Johnston County unveils an “on the ground” account of this struggle, ending with a personal dialogue between activists and a European survivor of the "torture taxi” flights. Learn more about the film at: www.ghostsofjohnstoncounty.com www.facebook.com/GhostsofJohnstonCounty

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