1. EarthCube Governance Webinar, 04-04-2012, morning


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    A recording of the EarthCube Governance Working Group Steering Committee meeting in Denver, Colorado, April 4-5, 2012. Meeting includes: Initial discussion of concepts concerning the EarthCube governance roadmap to be submitted in June 2012; planning of virtual plenary sessions held April 11th and 17th. Video Contents: * Introduction * Initial literature review of Fall 2011 NSF EarthCube governance white papers and governance-relevant materials * Discussion

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    • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - January 24, 2012


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      This is from the January 24, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut! 00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks 00:00:55 Shadowing – is there a way to give a specific size to a shadow other than using the slider bar as that doesn’t always get size desired (Short answer no but Bryan explains why and gives a possible workaround to get better shadowing) 00:12:30 Using the Tiler Feature to create Wall Art (Advanced ? Tiler (general information) also discussion on specifically using it with a Cricut and its cutting limitations on size (i.e. can’t use full 12x12 mat) 00:31:23 Does MTC work with any of the following cutters: PCUT CT0630, CS630/CSI1200, SC 631 with optical eye (short answer not supported cutters thus no specific plug-ins for these machines but may work with one of the plug-ins for another cutter – user would need to try and see.) 00:45:40 Chipboard – general discussion of chipboard density, what is chipboard and cutting it on different machines 00:49:40 MTC for the MAC (Note: it is presently being beta tested with the Zing machine and is still working on using with the KNK Maxx – needs some tweeking. Send Andy an email at MTC support if you have a Zing and want to Beta test. 00:51:10 Should Zing users update to the latest MTC version 4.1.0 and the latest Zing plugin (Yes, added new features and fixed some minor bugs) 00:52:45 Importing a picture of a face from a photo; 2 ways to do, multiple layers for dimension - see paperkutz and his tutorials and information on doing this (http://paperkutzstudio.wordpress.com/) Bryan demonstrates here how to do a single layer/color portrait 01:22:45 How to use “symbols” from a font, from dingbats, or wingbats if you don’t know the proper key assigned to type it in the text box 01:32:10 Problem with MTC crashing when attempting to set blade origin and trying to move with the arrows – (user has a Zing and had a recent upgrade to windows OS). (Note: some people have a problem when trying to move up with the up arrow and trying to move up more than 1”). User to try to reproduce and send info. To Bryan via email 01:36:25 Zing Detail Blade (new fine red detail blade) leaving small tiny slits in some cuts. User wants to know how to fix or minimize problem (quick answer – check offset settings and adjust, test cut with a star object (anything with inside and outside corners.) Contact Bryan if cannot get fixed. 01:40:20 Fonts – Why Does Bryan have some Fonts on his MTC pull-down list but I don’t have them? (Note: Fonts are reliant upon what you have installed on your computer. Everyone’s list will be different. Also note, too many fonts added to your system can bog down your computer. MTC can use Fonts without having them installed to your Windows Font Folder.) 01:45:50 Trying to separate image into different layers and/or pages 01:55:50 Trouble connecting to cut with a Cricut previously connecting and working 02:01:05 Opening an SVG in MTC and adding color (NOTE: You must “IMPORT” an SVG File)

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      • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - August 23, 2011


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        This is from the August 23, 2011 Q&A webinar for Make The Cut! Subject of major questions: Registration marks for layered vinyl: 00:56 Pixel Trace methods: 12:15 Nodes: 01:00:45 New Notes features: 01:06:58 Alpha Pixel Trace: 01:16:37 Metric measurements: 01:27:07 Cutting flaps/doors on front of cards: 01:31:17 Size differences in AI from svg exported by MTC: 01:50:17 Wishlist items, Miscellaneous, and wrap-up: 01:58:00

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        • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - December 20, 2011


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          This is from the December 20, 2011 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut! Start to 5:30 User ? regarding Silhouette Cameo & SD – how to get the default setting to be WYSIWYG instead of Print and Cut. (User isn’t doing PnCs so wants the default to be for WYSIWYG instead) 5:50 – 15:20 Explanation of X/Y (settings on MTC Toolbar used for Alignments of objects on mat. X – refers to the left to right of the mat; y from the top to the bottom of the mat. 15:21 - 42:00 ? regarding Zing PnC when want to “print” an image on a “box” but then not cut the printed image but cut out the box instead (so printed image is on the box) a. 26:30 Adding image to screen and then having Print Registration marks shown. b. 33:46 Way to see Registration Marks on “page” on mat on screen 42:00 – 44:25 ? – Is 3 point registration possible with Gazelle and current plugin (short answer No – written for Gazelle before motherboard update and new firmware release – would need updated machine to work on). 44:25 – 46:14 Follow-up ? regarding Registration Marks showing on Mat – they won’t print just there for visual reference (must select option to print) 46:15 – 48:35 ? on printing from another program and then using MTC to “cut” (Bryan referenced seeing Webinar from 2 weeks prior he showed example of using pre-printed material and scanner to use MTC to then cut. Webinar 3 weeks prior to Dec. 20th he demonstrated similar concept using the “pen and cut” (using pen in your cutter to “draw” and then cut. 48:36 Lettering Delight – PNG Image (but actually user was having problem with getting registration code to register MTC as official copy) 50:23 – 57:50 Lettering Delights - pixel tracing – Bryan recommends using Manual, Chapters 3-8 is strictly about using MTC in general; Chapter 8 is importing Raster Files for Pixel Tracing. How to find the manual. 55:08 – 57:50 Can download manual rather than use interactively – 2 ways to do so. 58:00 – 1:01:49 Eileen S.’s problem with Gazelle (not recognizing it as cutting. Eileen has microphone issues. Trying to resolve. Come back to. (See below). 1:01:50 – 01:14:20 2nd Eileen – How to mount picture onto chipboard and then use MTC’s puzzle generator and cut a puzzle with the Zing 01:14:24 – 01:16:50 Blade Offset ? – Bryan referred users to Webinar from 2/3 weeks prior; at beginning of that Webinar he gave visual of Blade Offsets, What it is, Why it is important and Why it is necessary to change for different blades and materials being used. Key is all settings are just “guidelines” for users to have a place to start. Yours will be different, can be higher/lower depends on a number of variables. 01:17:08 – 01:29:20 Back to Eileen S.’s question regarding problem with Gazelle and its drivers. Problem is Gazelle has very buggy drivers, and when plugging unplugging it often causes multiple drivers to be loaded. Cannot have multiple drivers. MUST delete them and reload. 01:30:20 – 01:34:10 Kearning ? 1:34:45 Mac Version Ready – Almost – Andy going to demonstrate working on Regal Font letter using his MAC version. Hopes to have installer out soon but wants to have a video, etc. to put out with it. 1:35:30 Andy takes over to show how he fixed the “Z” in the Regal Font to take it from a “printable” to a “cuttable” object.

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            Grabación del seminario gratuito de Junio 29 de 2010, organizado por la ACIQ-CV Asociación Colombiana de Ingeniería Química. Este evento fué dado desde la perspectiva del empleado y no del empleador. El conferencista tiene una amplísima experiencia en distintos cargos y en distintas compañías por más de 15 años. Ha sido contratado y ha contratado muchas veces. Ha sido estudioso asiduo del tema del empleo, ha sido entrenado en procesos de Outplacement y ha realizado diplomados en Competencias Laborales. En este seminario usted podrá: - Conocer como buscan las empresas cuando necesitan llenar las vacantes. - Identificar porque la búsqueda de empleo que hacen la mayoría de personas NO funciona. - Aprender es la verdadera función de la hoja de vida. Como hacer una hoja de vida adecuada. - Manejar los aspectos mínimos frente a una entrevista y evitar los errores más frecuentes. - Manejar las referencias laborales.

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            • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - October 25, 2011


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              This is from the October 25, 2011 Q&A webinar for Make The Cut!

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              • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - September 6, 2011


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                This is from the September 6, 2011 Q&A webinar for Make The Cut!

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                • 2014-03-06 13.31 Hoe bereik ik 10.000 potentiële klanten op Facebook in 48 uur


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                  Hoe bereik ik 10.000 potentiële klanten op Facebook in 48 uur.

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                  • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - March 20, 2012


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                    This is from the March 20, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut! 00:00:00 Welcoming Remarks 00:01:00 How to take a design from istockpack.com (boxes mostly) and turn it into a cutting file 00:02:00 Downloading the file from the site (files are various formats) IMPORT Vector PDF, EPS, PS, & AI Files 00:04:00 Importing Strokes & Fills, Strokes Only or Fill Only 00:06:40 Score Line Options – brief review and creating a dashed line 00:45:30 Bridal Shower Invitation using imported digital wedding dress filled with words and doing “print and cut” 00:53:00 Using “Duplicate” (rather than copy and paste in place) to create 2nd copy of each item retaining their separate layers 01:31:00 Showing “pages” of the file through to other pages (when file contains multiple pages and you want to see the images on other pages (usually for lining things up) (right click on page and go down and check the “visible” command) 01:32:00 Rounded corners – different methods to create 01:41:20 creating a shape with words in it (word art) – examples – wedding dress filled with words, birthday cake filled with words) (see also worle.net and tagxedo.com). Also see later discussion @ 02:05:55 using blackout and weld 01:54:35 Is there a program to show “pics” or “thumbnail images” of a MTC and/or SVG file images. (Short answer is no – discussion as to why) 02:03:05 User asked why some MTC files would not show in the “Open” dialog box – Bryan said they all should work unless 1st page is blank or objects are off the mat. Send Bryan file where you have this problem. Email in his profile on forum. 02:05:55 Another option to “crop” a texture so that it fills the inside of a shape (see also discussion @ 01:41:20)

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                    • Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - February 28, 2012


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                      This is from the February 28, 2012 Q&A Webinar for Make The Cut! 00:00:00 Opening Remarks 00:01:07 Review of Bezier Warp Tool’s Different Features (Edit-Shape Magic-Bezier Warp – (Used primarily before the “Conical Wrap Tool was added) 00:14:45 Demo of “Wrap Object to Path” – compared to Bezier Warp Tool (with Wrap to Path – letters are not “warped” as with the Bezier Warp Tool) 00:18:00 Examples of using the Conical Wrap versus the Bezier Warp (Conical Wrap only does “cone” not circular or other shape) 00:27:45 Creating a Cupcake Wrapper using Conical Wrap with text Happy Birthday 00:33:00 Adding a “tab” and “slot” to the ends of the cupcake wrapper 00:40:50 Decorative edge added to the cupcake wrapper 00:43:58 How to upload a picture to the MTC forum (no difference between Mac and PC computers) 00:49:00 User’s specific problem with the Zing – Bryan can’t recreate – will work with offline 00:53:50 “Print and Cut” with Cutter without using 3 point registration or the optical eye registration – use the “hinge” method 01:17:00 Flipping Text to read upright left to right on bottom of circle path 01:24:24 Using the Shadow function to thicken up lines (sometimes too thick, how to get thinner or smaller) 01:42:00 Cutting appliqué patterns from Fabric (Bryan addresses cutting lines that are dotted lines then Julie addresses rest of questions.) (Note: also see 3/6/12 Webinar for fabric cutting and written tutorial by Julie at MTC_Tuts Yahoo Group). 01:59:30 Loading Fabric onto the Mat & into the Machine 02:03:20 Printing Templates onto the Fabric (not sure they understand ?) 02:05:30 Using Fabric Pens and Pencils in Pen Holders 02:06:00 Cut Lines that are dotted lines 02:06:39 Alignment of printing pass and then cutting pass

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