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    1er travail sur l'interactivité dans la danse contemporaine Dispositif utilisé : wiimote (nintendo) + Usine Hollyhock I Bilal Alami Badissi : Danse, Chorégraphie Baptiste Lagrave : Composition, Programmation Usine, Post-Production

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    • Instruments of Harmony: Swing


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      Part of a suite of accelerometer-based instruments. Any motion can create any sound. More on this project at http://www.mattpearsonworkshop.com/instruments-of-harmony Emma Jaster is the girl in the video who does the good swing jump http://www.emmajaster.com/

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      • Natural Hand Control of 3D Models Using a Wiimote | Hack the Anvil 2015


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        The final video for our project at Hack the Anvil 2015. Uses a wiimote and infrared LEDs to use motion tracking to interface with a computer. Created incorporating software by Johnny Chung Lee. Sam Albert | Mark Gee | Randy Pitcher II

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        • Messing with horses, 2015


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          Hello, we are HighTechRupestre and we just wanted to mess around with wiimotes and stick horses. We made a pocket in the horse head to insert a wiimote. The wiimote is connected to a Processing sketch making the horse move in the horse race. to make it work you just must gallop as you would any stick horse, with style. The faster you move, the faster they run. Want to play?

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          • Metroid Prime: Rewired


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            Prototype of Samus Aran's Power Suit with a rewired Wii Remote and Nunchuk being used to play Metroid Prime: Corruption. I rewired a Wiimote and Nunchuk and added them to a prototype I created of Samus Aran's Power Suit. There are four different parts to the suit: 1) The Arm Cannon - contains the Wiimote and three buttons to fire the beam, fire missiles and lock-on; 2) The Helmet - contains two buttons to activate the map and the scan visor; 3) The Glove - contains an analog stick to move and an accelerometer to use the grapple lasso; 4) The Boot - contains one normally-closed button for jumping. For the final version of the suit, I plan on using capacitive sensors instead of buttons. You can learn more about capacitive sensors below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj31qloMX54 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC9o_qnI33k Intro Scene: 0:00 Suit Parts: 0:17 Playing Game: 0:37 Talking About Suit: 2:00 Capacitive Sensor: 3:11 Hours to make. Seconds to like and comment. Thanks for watching! :)

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            • Guillermos Class


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              rough prototype in action with grad students in Guillermo Galindo's class, "Sound, Music, & Technology" at California College of the Arts 28 January 2015

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              • Shamanism


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                "Shamanism" was composed for the final project in the Computer Music and Multimedia class under Dr. Charles Nichols at Virginia Tech. Inspired by the Shaman class in World of Warcraft, this piece consists of five movements. The first four represent the four elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Lightning respectively. The final movement symbolizes the harmony and balance that shamans in that world strive to maintain. Composed in MIDI and manipulated in Max/MSP, each element has its own melody, waveform, and effect. Within each movement, its corresponding element becomes increasingly chaotic. The performer, acting as a shaman, strives to bring them each back to order using the WiiMote. In a performance, each movement would use a different quadrant of the room, representing the totem placement for each element. The fifth movement would use all of those speakers and have the performer in the middle of the room. Performer - Eli VanZandt

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                • Ball+Cone MIDI demo


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                  2 wii controllers inside simple foam shapes. Accelerometer data transmits via bluetooth. OSCulator receives data and sends it to Logic Pro 9. MIDI data controls notes and parameters within the ES2 synth (3 oscillators) This is a rough prototype, with limited mapping ability. Next step is to route the accel. data from the Wii-motes into Max, to send to Ableton via Max4Live for greater translation power between gesture and sound. @CCA Grad Design studios 1/29/15

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                  • To-gather together. L'Apprendista Stregone


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                    Installazione interattiva ispirata all’opera del Maestro Daniele Lombardi che consente di comporre visualmente musica secondo l'alfabeto inventato dal maestro disponendo i simboli sulla proiezione o lo schermo per mezzo del controller Wiimote. Augenmusik – musica per occhi titolava una mostra di opere visuali del maestro. Musicista fiorentino, compositore, performer, storico e critico della musica contemporanea, da oltre vent’anni ha sviluppato azioni specifiche di visualizzazione del gesto, del segno, del colore ed anche della scrittura musicale. Musicista e pittore, usa l’acquerello in opere anche di grandissime dimensioni. Grande esperto di cultura futurista. Tecnologie: Processing, software per postproduzione audio e video Autori: Cosimo Cappagli, Daniele Grosso

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                    • Capturing Wiimote input to control LEDs via Arduino


                      from Alan Sien Wei Hshieh / Added

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