1. The Civil War in Four Minutes: Battlefield Death


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    Historian Pete Carmichael describes the process of finding, burying, and reburying the dead after battles. He also discusses the significance of having a "decent burial," and efforts to lay soldiers to rest in military cemeteries in the years after the war. This video is part of the Civil War Trust's In4 video series, which presents short videos on basic Civil War topics.

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    • Helibacon


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      Hunters from Canada and North Dakota traveled to Bay City, Texas, a rural town outside of Houston, to hunt wild hogs from a helicopter. The company, Helibacon, uses high-powered rifles to kill wild hogs that have damaged farming properties. Video produced by Sydney Stavinoha/News21

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      • 4 Legged Enemies - The Management Advantage #27


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        The feral hog problem in the south is not only detrimental to property, but the hunting as well. A feral hog's ability to reproduce in large numbers at a young age makes for difficulty controlling the population. Jager Pro is an innovator in the hog control industry. Their technology and expertise in the field leads to high success. From night-time thermal imaging hunts to trapping, they are at the forefront of the war on hogs. The amount of knowledge Jager Pro has gained through their experiences is second to none. This week, they'll share some of their hog trapping techniques. The most important aspect to successful hog trapping is the location. A landowner must locate where the hogs want to be before moving forward. Once the location has been determined, a bait site must be setup. Now that the location and bait site has been established, the trap can be constructed. Constructing enclosures for successful hog trapping takes careful planning and a reinforced enclosure. These enclosures must be disguised just as a coyote trapper would hide his set. To further their success, Jager Pro utilizes trail camera technology. They are able to identify every pig in the sounder. With their technology, the effectiveness of a land owner greatly improves. The gates used on their enclosures feature remote capability. Couple this remote capability with the use of cellular scouting cameras and a land owner can identify when the entire sounder is in the trap and remotely close the gate without ever having to leave his or her home. There's no need to drive to your property to check the trap because you know what's there or what isn't. This not only saves the landowner time and money, but also help improve his property from the removal of destructive wild hogs.

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        • 4 Legged Enemies Part 2 - The Management Advantage 28


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          Last week we showed the process that Rod Pinkston and Jager Pro use to select a location and build a hog trap. This week, it's time for the trapping. Jager Pro prides themselves on 100% success in trapping the entire sounder through the use of their M.I.N.E Trapping System. This system utilizes custom made panels, a remote control device, and a push button door. Users can either activate the door with the use of an electronic trip wire, handheld remote, cell phone, or streaming video. Our video this week showcases the M.I.N.E Trapping System remotely activated from home. Sows and piglets were targeted, but one sow was reluctant to enter the enclosure. Through the use of live view trail cameras, Jager Pro was able to identify when the weary sow finally entered the trap. Once she did, the door was remotely activated and the entire sounder was trapped. Had the lone sow not been trapped, the area could have seen more pigs in just under 4 months due to the short gestation period of pigs. Time and money were saved through this technology by cutting out the need to constantly be checking the trap and filling feeders. Rod was able to keep close tabs on the sounder and the trap from his home with the use of cellular trail cameras.

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          • Mississippi Gator On the Attack


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            In this film I wanted to document what it looked like for a mature Mississippi Gator to go for an aggressive attack. Mission accomplished.

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            • Roots - The Management Advantage #11


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              It's finally time to visit the place where The Management Advantage got it's start. This week we are in south Alabama on Chuck's family farm that he grew up hunting. To start the week, we're planting Pennington food plots using the Firminator in a slightly unconventional manner. These plots are being seeded in a freshly baled hay field. This allows us to provide food for deer and also for the cattle on the farm. Instead of taking an aggressive pass disturbing the soil, we are simply skimming the top enough to get the seed incorporated, but not destroying the grasses for hay production. The end results will be the best of both worlds. Over the years, trees along the edge of the food plots have started to hang over the edges. We're excited to try out the Limbinator mounted on our tractor to cut back these over hanging branches. The Limbinator allows us to reach otherwise untouchable limbs unless we were to cut the entire tree down. This opens our edges back up allowing sunlight to reach the soil and plants to thrive even along the perimeter of our food plots. To finish up the week, we're hunting the opening of the Alabama archery season. Scouting has led us to a few loaded Swamp Chestnut trees. These trees typically drop their mast in early November, but due to weather conditions this year they're dropping early. All the sign is there to make us think it'll be an awesome deer hunt, but the first on the scene is a mature wild hog and she didn't get away. Chuck was able to take out a breeding sow. Not the end result we had planned on, but a great outcome nonetheless.

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              • CA Hog Hunt with a Union Ironworker


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                Jessica Reagor of Ironworkers Local 395 shot her first .22 at age five and took up deer hunting a few years ago. Her hunting pursuits were put on hold when she and her husband adopted a special needs baby boy, as much of their time has been devoted to guiding him through the obstacles he’s faced in his short life. Now this hardworking ironworker and devoted mother makes quite a comeback on this roller coaster of a ride California hog hunt.

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                • Wild boar close-up


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                  Wild boar very close excavates right in front of my feet

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                    A PICKUP LOAD OF PIGS explores the issue of wild pigs as a nuisance species of growing concern. The film discusses the biology, behavior, and distribution of wild pigs, and the damage and threats they present to native wildlife, agriculture, forestry, and public health in the United States. It also provides landowners with instruction of legal methods for controlling wild pig populations and damage on their property. Finally, the film demonstrates to policy makers and the general public that feral swine are in fact a nuisance species that cause considerable ecological and economic damage (current estimates = $1.2 Billion annually). A PICKUP LOAD OF PIGS was produced and directed by Rex Allan Jones and funded by the National Institute for Food & Agriculture, the Berryman Institute, and Mississippi State University Extension Service.

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                    • Boar hunt with Recurve Bow


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