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    It is the first day of spring. Has the nuclear winter passed? Google celebrates with a warning doodle. Russian strategic bombers go to fail safe point. NATO intercepts 11 Russian jets. NATO prepares for Baltic drill massing on Russian border. Russia threatens to nuke Denmark. UK and U.S. start training mission in The Ukraine. Commander of Strategic Communications Wing fired. Was it over a nuclear weapon deployment? U.S. and Israeli advisers arrested in Iraq facilitating ISIS. McCain lauds ISIS leader. Mysterious FLASH in Russia. Russian secret satellite deployed. Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act proffered. CSIS risk assessment. France contemplates thought crimes. Comedian convicted of terror crime over Facebook post. The African bombing manifesto. Border deal authorizes armed police across the frontier. Will the NDAA be enforced in Canada? Lawyer for Bin Laden doctor murdered. Was the DNA evidence the issue? Tunisia's blood sacrifice. The terrorist was known. The terror laws were before parliament fortunately. ISIS holiday photos openly posted. Brit elite sex crimes covered up. Pressure to end Madeleine McCann investigation. The Archangel of Death' fighting Islamic State. Large Hadron Collider to start. Serbian war crimes arrests. Riots in Frankfurt. Greece has a case. Microsoft to kill password and use facial recognition and fingerprints to aid the police state. Cameron and Clegg pose for Armageddon shot deep underground. The Southern Lights. Face Off on Conspiracy Cafe

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    • THE SONG OF A SOLDIER ON WATCH ( WW3 Lili Marlene ) La Comédie de Reims, France


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      Branko Milisković a toujours été intéressé par le contact direct avec le public, jouant de sa présence charismatique pour tenter de « fusionner » avec lui. Afin d’entrer ainsi en relation avec son auditoire, que ce soit directement ou de manière plus subtile, il utilise son corps et son identité comme médium principal. Branko Milisković proposera à Reims une performance inédite, inspirée du célèbre opéra Erwartung d’Arnold Schönberg. Intitulée One Man Opera, il s’agit d’une variation sur la souffrance de milliers de familles pendant et après la première guerre mondiale, dans l’attente du retour de leurs proches partis au front. — In Reims, Branko Milisković proposes a novel performance, inspired by Arnold Schönberg’s famous opera Erwartung. Involved here is a variation on the suffering of thousands of families during and after the First World War, awaiting the return of their loved ones from the front. The origins of this performance lie, moreover, in a work created earlier by the artist, titled The Song of a Soldier on Watch, and inspired by one of the most popular German songs of recent decades, as well as one of the most controversial, Lili Marlene, regarded as one of the first songs encouraging fraternization between enemy soldiers. Bio Branko Milisković has always been interested in direct contact with the public, playing with his charismatic presence to try and blend with the audience and take it under his wing. In order to thus relate with people, be it directly or more subtly, he uses his body and his identity as his main medium. Playing characters who echo his own origins, he sees his work as “a progressing linear system of situations pinpointed and controlled, through which he evolves, trying to leave a trace by summoning his own norms.” In his recent works, he is concerned with “social and individual choreography”, and their relations within a specific political context. Lastly, his main intention is to make his body an independent territory, with its own rules and its own gravitation. www.scenesdeurope.eu

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      • Illuminati Papal Court Jews serve the JESUIT controlled Vatican


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        #JESUITS #JESUIT #AE911 #NWO #WW3 #WorldWar3

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        • Hauptsache wach in der Kolonie Teil 4 - Der Staat


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          Kulturkritische Betrachtungen zur Europapolitik. „Freiheit bedeutet Verantwortlichkeit. Das ist der Grund, weshalb die meisten Menschen sich vor ihr fürchten.“ Zuwanderung erleichtern: Merkel will Hegel und Nietzsche verbieten Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten | Veröffentlicht: 14.05.13, 17:34 Uhr | 318 Kommentare Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel glaubt: Zuwanderer aus anderen Ländern kommen nicht nach Deutschland, weil sie die Deutschen als zu verschlossen und trübsinnig erleben. Das Verbot der deutschen, pessimistischen Philosophen könnte die Attraktivität Deutschlands nachhaltig erhöhen. http://deutsche-wirtschafts......

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          • WWIII - The Calm Before The Storm


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            Our leaders are taking us into oblivion, if we allow them to. Only the populations rising against the corporate puppets in government will stop this madness. We have to realise that our true enemy are the elite controllers and their lackeys who give us the phony 'choice' of political party.

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            • Tercera Guerra Mundial | La Calma antes de la Tormenta


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              En términos históricos que estos son los últimos segundos de la hora 11, y el tiempo corre. Fuente: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/world-war-iii-the-calm-before-the-storm Subtitulado por Melvecs | La Verdad Nos Espera

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              • Branko Miliskovic - The Song of a Soldier on Watch ( WW3 Lili Marlene ) G12 HUB, Belgrade,Serbia


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                THE SONG OF A SOLDIER ON WATCH ( WW3 LILI MARLENE ) In the piece “The Song of Soldier on Watch ( WW3 Lili Marlene)” he seems to incarnate both, the figure of the mythical heroine from the song as well as the figure of the soldier who wrote it. In 1915 Hans Leip, a German poet and playwright called to join the army and fight on Eastern front during World War I, wrote lyrics for the song than entitled “The Girl Under the Lantern” which later on, especially during the World War II, became extremely popular by the name Lili Marlene. During the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia in 1941, Radio Belgrade became Soldatensender Belgrad and broadcasted programs to entertain the German armed forces. This song was played frequently and was also very popular on both sides of the front line. “Lili Marlene’’ was presumably one of the first songs of which one thought it could lead to an individual and collective resistance of the soldiers on the front. Part of a text written by Dobrila Denegri for an exhibition Theatre of Life, CSW/CoCA, Torun, Poland 2012. p. 89 Concept & performance by Branko Milisković Performed on the 02nd of December 2014 , 19:00 – 21:00 / Duration : 2 hours Song: “Lili Marlene”(Lili Marleen), written by Hans Leip (1915), set to the music by Norbert Schultze (1938), firstly recorded by Lale Andersen (1938). Instrumental composed by Anton Karas. www.g12hub.com www.brankomiliskovic.wordpress.com

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                  Putin bugs out of the G20, Shirtfront diplomacy a deception, Putin didn't start it, Kissinger says West is making a fatal MISTAKE, The MH17 file, Russian takes roll, Putin won't allow a rebel defeat, Ethnic cleansing in the Ukraine, The real G20 asset seizure and financial collapse, Cameron warns economy on the verge, Japan's recession is it a depression? Russia will not be dollar dominated. Deutsche Bank flees derivatives, Riots in Athens on coup anniversary, Feeding the homeless a crime more signs of creeping fascism, STRATFOR gets maximum term, Petrobras bribery scandal, Nigerian Emir ARM YOURSELVES AGAINST BOKO HAREM, Jihadi John wounded in bombing, British establishment and the pedophiles, The key witness, Some cancer drugs cause cancer, GMO causes cancer, Charities a top business, the great fireball in Russia, British parliament to debate money creation after 170 years, Is it the end times of fiat currency? On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Competition Bureau.

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                    The corporate state vassals assemble at Brisbane for the G20. Vladimir Putin receives a cold welcome and positions a fleet off shore. He understands the principles of operating on hostile shores and will not be held hostage. The Australian press highlight a G Two Oh video that is very prophetic with Revelations frogs and a nuclear Armageddon. PM Abbott's shirtfront threat. Russia prepares long range bombing runs to Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Close encounters of the end of the world kind. Russian funeral convoy leaves Ukraine.Seventh Global Summit in UAE. Putin's defence of mother Russia. Is Putin playing the global game? Strange gas envelopes Moscow. Ruble floats. Twilight language in exchange rates. Russia's MH17 photos fake? Comet sings as manifestation of Horus and Isis land upon it. Obama's secret treaty Japan's master plan. The left right paradigm ensures the perfect storm. America's march on WE THE PEOPLE! ISIS threat on Queen a false front to expand the police state. The nuclear missile trial from the London Olympics. White Widow killed in Ukraine by Russian sniper. Why was terrorist fighting for the Ukraine? NYC drill bit shatters subway platform. Did it foil the DRILL? Hardcore hacker gets long prison sentence in Romania. He said nuclear explosion Chicago in 2015. Mexican state murders 43 students. That's not BIG MEDIA news. ISIS to mint coins of the realm. 1857 shipwreck the greatest proven gold haul. Ebola settlement with Duncan's family. They said bio-weapon. Skybox satellite surveillance system bought by Comrade Google. Sheriffs to mass in D.C. over immigration. On Conspiracy Cafe the G20 is a REVELATION.

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                    • ISIS Hoax Predictive Programming - South Park Episode


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                      Predictive programming of the ISIS hoax years before it was brought on the media

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