1. X-ray Body in Motion - Yoga


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    A visual study/exploration of the body in motion with a focus on yoga poses. Our goal for this piece was to create a realistic representation of radiological (x-ray) imaging. Instead of just creating a still image, however, we wanted to combine the beautiful moves of yoga with this new visual approach to bring the full human skeleton to life. Technical challenges included aspects such as achieving proper bone densities and representing actual bone marrow inside each individual bone. Quick note: This is 3D animation (no use of mocap). No one was harmed, exposed to radiation, or grew a third arm.

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    • Hominid


      from Brian Andrews / Added

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      Hominid is an animated teaser based on the Hominid series of photo composites by Brian Andrews. The series has been exhibited internationally, including at SIGGRAPH, in the Hong Kong Exhibition Center, and at numerous galleries. This animated teaser was produced at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. Be on the lookout for future Hominid animations. You can find out more information on the project at http://hominidanimation.net/. Written and Directed by Brian Andrews Animation Supervisor Joe Daniels Lead Character Technical Director Rodney Brett Character Technical Director Omar Garcia Rob Garcia Andrew Manuel Story Artist Janine Labar Animation Jason Alas Brittany Barnes Denice Dehelean Andrew Manuel John Treleaven Tim Xenakis Shading Vincent Jaramillo Matthew Picasso Modeling Pedro Ferreira Dakota Fulmer Sam Hedberg Abraham Rodriguez Joshua Roth Darrell White Compositing Kyle Greenberg Nate Rodriguez Dynamic Effects Tyler Giusti Sound Design Bryan Atarama David Claudio Composer Jordan Suhr Title Design Adrian Amler Patches Angela Yu Thanks to Andrew Dayton Adrian Miller John Scanlon Andrew Schlussel Josh Qualtieri Produced at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts www.hominidanimation.net Copyright 2011 Brian Andrews

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      • Moosejaw X-Ray App


        from CrowdRise / Added

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        The Moosejaw X-Ray App is an augmented reality experience designed to work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog (Available Now). GO TO bit.ly/MJXRAY for more info. --- X-RAY SCANNER: Experience the latest Moosejaw Outdoor Gear and Apparel Catalog in a whole new way. Once the X-Ray App is installed and opened, simply aim your device’s camera at pages in the catalog to activate the X-Ray scanner. Through the app you’ll see what our models are wearing underneath the best stuff from The North Face, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Moosejaw and more. --- USE THE APP IN MANY PLACES: Don’t have a print version of the catalog? The Moosejaw X-Ray App is designed to work with digital versions of the catalog that can be found on MOOSEJAWCATALOGS.COM or the Moosejaw Catalogs App for iPad. Or, swing by any Moosejaw Shop and use the app on our store signage. --- I think that covers it, now please stop looking at this page. Love the madness, Moosejaw

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        • Lights Over Lapland Photo Expedition video of CME impact on 1-24-2012


          from Lights Over Lapland / Added

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          A powerful geomagnetic storm creates extreme auroras in the skies above Abisko National Park in Sweden. This video was shot in three hours by Lights Over Lapland photographer Chad Blakley, and shows 8 photographers participating in Lights Over Lapland's aurora borealis photo expedition. We had a fantastic night!! Please visit www.lightsoverlapland.com and "like" our Facebook page for more information.

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          • X-ray video of lapping in a dog


            from AW Crompton / Added

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            Contrary to published accounts, dogs do not simply scoop liquids into their mouths with the spoon-shaped cavity that forms in the ventral surface of their backwardly directed tongue tip. As in cats, an aliquot of liquid adheres to the dorsal surface of the tongue tip and is transported into the oral cavity as the tongue is rapidly withdrawn. Video-fluoroscopy recordings indicate that at least three lapping cycles are needed to transport liquid to and through the oral cavity.

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            • Stimulant: XRay


              from Stimulant / Added

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              XRay is a mashup of Microsoft Surface and the iPhone. Stimulant created a Surface application that reveals photographs, but by laying an iPhone on Surface, more layers of imagery are revealed, synced in real time with the upper image layers shown on Surface. The only limit to how many iPhones can be used at once is, well, how many iPhones you have handy. For more information, visit http://stimulant.io/wp/index.php/blog/2009/01/from-the-labs-xray-integrates-apple-iphone-and-microsoft-surface/

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              • Clark Kent's Close Call


                from 5-Second Films / Added

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                At the Daily Planet's white elephant Christmas party, Clark wound up getting the gag gift: A pair of dorky, oversized, Stay-On glasses and a custom shirt with the words Definitely Not Superman puff-painted on. "Very funny, everyone," he chuckled a little too loudly. "Very funny indeed."

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                • Overtone singing with X-ray (extract of INLAND)


                  from momentum_prod / Added

                  Performer Christian Zehnder expose his singing to X-Rays. Image made with the Dept. of Radiology at the CHUV Lausanne. Extract from the material of INLAND, a film by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud with Stimmhorn (2002). Production: SF / SSR idée Suisse, momentum production. DVD available on www.artfilm.ch/inland.php

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                  • The Holy Grail to X-ray crystal structure of human protein phosphatase


                    from FoSheng Hsu / Added

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                    Using x-ray crystallography to solve protein structure is the focus in our lab. The dance interprets the difficult and time consuming process of obtaining a 3-dimensional protein structure, which is crucial for not just understanding the cellular function but also provides a fundamental step to drug design. As a structural biologist, I hope to take the viewers on a journey into the world of x-ray crystallography through several key stages. Different outfits and music divide each stage. Rather than employing multiple dancers, I intentionally limited the performance down to one actor to show more clearly the continuity from one stage to the next. 1. Production of protein: the most common method to produce large quantities of protein is through the use of a bacterium called Escherichia coli (me). This bacterium is equipped with several flagella (my arms and legs), enabling it to be an excellent swimmer. The flapping movement and ripple effects propel the bacterium towards a chemical. Once the bacterium consumes it, production of proteins begins! 2. Affinity purification: the bacterium is killed via sonication indicated by the trembling movement of gradual collapse, and proteins are released as indicated by the variety of color balls. Next stage is an intimate process, much like a relationship between the child and mother. Only “blue” proteins (child) show affection to the affinity beads (mother, me). 3. Crystallization setup: the scientist (me) takes “blue” protein and tries to find the best crystallization condition. Only certain spatial protein rearrangements and packing result in a small box resembling “unit cell”, which is the basic unit of a crystal. 4. X-ray diffraction: high-energy x-ray beam is shot through the unit cell to produce a diffraction pattern on a screen (me)! 5. Building a 3-dimensional protein structure: the diffraction pattern contains all the information about the protein structure, but requires a combination of mathematical algorithms and computer software to solve it. A final model contains 4 helical structures (my arms and legs). As reflected in the locking/robotic dance steps, the helical structures are rigid but can be rearranged spatially to form a 3-dimensional structure.

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                    • Making a X-Ray (preparations)


                      from Johannes Eckert / Added

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                      this is about making a x-ray of an electronic device in photoshop and all the preparative photos i had to shoot for this project. this video illustrates the process for a tutorial i am woking on. and yeah, its in HD!

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