1. Keep Skateistan Rolling - Hanifa's Story (Afghanistan)


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    Meet Hanifa: 14-year-old Hanifa is one of Afghanistan’s most talented skaters. Starting out in Skateistan’s creative arts and skateboarding program, Hanifa began as a student but has quickly become an excellent female role model and an inspiring teacher. Since first joining the Skateistan program in 2010, she has gone from selling tea in a local park to joining Skateistan’s staff in Kabul as a skateboard instructor where she regularly teaches skateboard classes and takes part in weekly staff development training sessions. Hanifa has also enrolled in Skateistan’s Back-to-School program which will help catch up on studies and return to public school with her peers. She believes that by becoming a good skater she’ll make a better future for herself. http://www.skateistan.org/keep-skateistan-rolling http://www.skateistan.org/donate

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    • Skateistan: A Champion of Learning Through Play


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      Skateistan was recently named one of the LEGO Foundation and Ashoka's Champions of Learning Through Play. #play2learn In Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, opportunities for play are few and far between, yet the youth there are incredibly resourceful and innately know that play is valuable. They will step on a skateboard for the first time without hesitation. The controlled risks of skateboarding provide a safe and exciting challenge for young people who have few opportunities for recreation and creative play. Although many people consider playful learning to be a luxury, Skateistan knows that play is an essential part of learning, and that it is integral to limiting stress, empowering youth, and promoting childhood development. To donate: https://www.skateistan.org/donate Produced by LEGO Foundation and M2Film, Denmark. Featuring Youth Leaders and students at Skateistan Cambodia.

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      • How To Build A Studio (and a better world)


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        I'm all about music.  I've been this way for so long it's hard to remember when it started.  Maybe it started in the sweltering heat of summer road trips with my family. With no air conditioning in our cars, our annual trip from California to Colorado was insufferably hot. Attempting to evade heatstroke we would try to cross the desert by night. It was always too hot to sleep.  Somewhere outside Las Vegas - temperatures 100 plus - we'd pass the time singing at the top our lungs and spraying ourselves with ice-water.  I'm not joking about the heat. On one such trip our VW van caught fire outside of Barstow.  A disaster for my parents at the time, the memory brings me nothing but joy as I recall it. . . just me and my family in the desert surviving the odds by being with each other. Those trips are etched somewhere deep in me, the defiant act of song against an insufferable foe.   “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” -Hafiz In a dark night, I want music that lights up the sky.  I want music that you feel instead of hear, music that engages rather than entertains. To me, the desert-music of my childhood is like that. It's not just melodic, it has a heat and taste to it.  The music of those car trips- windows open with ice water drying on our wind-chapped faces - has a smell vaguely like pavement after a summer storm. In my memory it tastes like a car on fire in the desert. I'm writing this note -falafel in hand- from a cafe in the Bethlehem, Palestine. I came here looking for music that lights up the night sky. I'm not too fancy. I'm not a politician with a 5 point plan for peace. I'm no expert. But I am human: gifted with eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart built to respond. I am not alone in this. Thankfully over these last three months I've met people built a bit like me and my family. Stranded in a dark desert night of their own, the engine totally burnt out of their VW bus, they sing. They band together, defiant against an insufferable injustice, and sing. Their homes have been demolished, family members imprisoned without charge, and yet they continue to create. They continue to resist. Dispossessed of their land, their rights, and their freedom they let their voices loose in song. . . they rap. For the past three months I've been working in the West Bank with Musicians without Borders and the Holy Land Trust. My organization, Sunset Youth Services, freed me up for four months to come out here and help build a partner recording studio for youth in the Deheisheh Refugee Camp. It's been amazing. One day, mid way through this project, I began working on a song with two brilliant young musicians: Hisham Al-laham and Mohammad Azmi. We were writing a song to Jerusalem. In the song, Jerusalem took on the role of an ill-fated lover. . . a Juliet to the Romeo being played by these two refugees. As we worked on the song these guys were amped. They began rapping verses like sonnets, poets pining after the beauty of a lost lover. Verses about her beauty and the very sound of her breath--inhaling and exhaling through stone streets of bustling markets -you get the idea. Then all of the sudden, in his excitement, Mohammad stopped me, "Joel, Joel, Joel. . . do you have any pictures of Jerusalem!?! I want to see them so I can get some ideas of what to write. . . you've been there right?" "Uh, yeah, I have pictures. . ." I'm thinking, 'it's only 7 miles away from your house . . . why do you need to see my pictures?' "Wait," I ask, comprehension beginning to dawn on me, "have you been there?" "Not really, no, I have a green (palestinian) ID." He follows quickly with "I did get to see it once from afar. I was little and had to go to the hospital on the mount of olives. . .I could see it from there." Shock. Utter Shock. "Oh, let me find my pictures." Moments later we began sifting through the evidence of my privilege, I have literally hundreds of photos from recent day trips to Jerusalem. We sort through them together, searching for inspiration. It's embarrassing. I am no better, safer, kinder, or gentler than my friend. . . I just happened to be born in America. Ever since that day, it's hard to see the 400 mile long separation wall and not imagine the label "Made In The USA" etched across its face. My tax dollars pay to keep my friend in this cage, while I can pop over for a latte any time I like. It makes me angry. Part of the vision behind the studio we built is that it will be a place where young leaders can provide younger children with workshops in drumming, hip hop, and nonviolence. A couple of weeks ago, when we were talking about these plans, Mohammad turns to me and says. "This place is going to be amazing! It's a new beginning. . . a new big bang! From this place we will do big things. From this place I will to send my message to the world." "What message is that?" I ask. "Stop making factories that produce bombs. . . make studios that produce music." Truly music that lights up the sky.

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        • Ignoring the Noise: Chris Bashinelli Interview


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          In a recent interview with Dr. Goodall, Chris Bashinelli, executive producer and host of the video series Bridge the Gap TV asked why its so important for young people to achieve their dreams and ignore the noise of the world. Watch the video to hear Dr. Goodall's response.

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          • How to Develop a Healthy Culture in Your Youth Ministry


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            Jabin Chavez shares with a group of leaders the 10 things he looks for in his team members. In this full video session Jabin elaborates on what it takes to develop a healthy culture in your youth ministry. It doesn't matter how great your vision is, if it doesn't have a the right culture to live in it's going to die. What do you do to create a healthy culture amongst your team? To get even more leadership principles and wisdom, visit: www.TheLeadershipCollective.org Connect with us: Like: facebook.com/leadershipcollective Follow: twitter.com/LdrshpCollectv Follow: instagram.com/leadershipcollective

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            • IA HOBY 2015


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              In June 2015, 200 Iowa high school sophomores gathered in Pella, Iowa at Central College to embark on a life changing experience. This is a short film chronicling their journey through the 2015 Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership seminar. By Taylor Edelle Stuart and Thomas Eslinger. www.Tayloredellestuart.com www.Eslingerphotography.com *WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC* Music: Jonsi- Go Do Rachel Platten- Fight Song

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              • Critical Components for Christian Leadership - John Gray | The Leadership Collective


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                Pastor John Gray from Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas shares critical components for Christian leadership You have grace for your assignment. Never compare yourself to someone else's calling because you must occupy the thing you were created to solve. The moment you try to fulfill someone else’s equation your’s goes missing. If you attempt to occupy someone else’s anointing you will be frustrated, unhappy and unfulfilled because you were not designed to be them. To get even more leadership principles and wisdom, visit: www.TheLeadershipCollective.org Connect with us: Like: facebook.com/leadershipcollective Follow: twitter.com/LdrshpCollectv Follow: instagram.com/leadershipcollective

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                • Carving the Future TRAILER 90s


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                  "Inspirational young New Zealanders, leading change." Grassroots, youth driven community action was the inspiration for this film. Experience a vision of vibrant future communities through the eyes of three passionate young New Zealanders – an inspirational account of how together, we can make a difference. This film was produced by Guy Ryan & Nick Holmes as the final product of a Masters in Science Communication at The University of Otago. Beyond entertainment this film is an educational resource primarily for young New Zealanders.

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                  • Dream Chasers Dreams for Kids on MSN


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                    American Family Insurance profile of Dreams for Kids and our founder Tom Tuohy

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