1. The Past, The Present


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    Submission to Cinema Out of Your Backpack www.cinemaoutofyourbackpack.com STORY PITCH The movie is about young people growing up in a small town. A town and a region that suffered immensely during WWI. The movie tells all kinds of stories of young people and how they deal with that past. It’s about how does this influence their daily life, how it makes them think about society, about politics, about war and peace. How do they deal with the past? How do they live in the present, different young people with different stories. They make friends with tourists of their age. A girl falls in love with a British boy who says he will join the army and go and fight in Afghanistan… What are their ideas and wishes for the future? It’s about how they look at the monuments, the landscape, the military cemeteries, the Last Post… CAST Daughter: Sarah Mylle Mother: Kris Vanderstichele Friends: Anke, Silke, Soetkin, Ellen, Freya, Jade CREW Camera, Director, Editor: Gerdy Vandermeersch Storywriter, 2nd Director, Sound: Diederik Vandenbilcke Music: Steven Willems I'VE PACKED MY BACKPACK... Lowepro fastpack Canon 5d Mark II 24-70mm L2.8 Canon lens 50mm 1.4 ZE lens Mini Tripod some stretchers to make the 2 ceilingshots

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    • Anzac Rest: Brothers in Arms (On Holy Ground)


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      Dover Forget Me Not War Graves, Australians in World War One: Ypres Salient; Genesis of a War Monument: Brothers in Arms. This is the true story of John Hunter, an Australian soldier of the Great War who fell on the battlefield near Ypres. When his brother heard that he had fallen, he marched back for over 2 km through the killing fields with risk of his own life. He found his dying brother. He comforted him and then John Hunter died in his brothers arms. His brother buried him on site, facing towards Australia. John Hunter's remains, together with those of 4 others, were discovered during road works by Johan Vandewalle (among others) in 2006. John Hunter is one of the 'Zonnebeke Five' and they are the most recent soldiers to be burried on the Buttes British Military Cemetery in Zonnebeke, near Ypres, Belgium. Read more about how Johan discovered the remains of John Hunter here: http://www.brothersinarmsmemorial.com/Documents/The%20Story.pdf I’m an independent, non-commercial amateur filmmaker. I have been working on a ‘passion project’ for about one year called ‘On Holy Ground’, which is about the World War One cemeteries and memorials in the Ypres region in Flanders, Belgium. This is where I live. I have a channel on vimeo and I have made about 25 short films already. More details on the Australian Hunt brothers’ story: www.polygonwood.com Filmed on a 550D/T2i (lenses: Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 and Samyang 14mm f2.8). As you will see, not all is perfect... the two gentlemen talking into the microphone had had no preparation time at all, as these were impromtu talks, and Alan, a great person, was using the microphone rather as a pointing stick or baton, instead of holding it towards his mouth... Oh well, it is authentic, and this is what matters! Here is my channel: https://vimeo.com/channels/onholyground

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      • De Vinkenzetters


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        A documentary about a famous but dying sport in Belgium. Adventurous if you’re willing to believe everything we tell you… Well at least it is based on facts Een kortfilm (of documentaire met een hoek af) over de avontuurlijke wereld van het vinkenzetten... Regie: Peter Ghesquière Camera: Jochen Decostere

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        • Museumzoektocht Belle Ieper


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          Promo I made with the famous freestyle-soccer player Thomas Vandendriessche for the Belle Museum in Ypres. It was a lot of fun making it...

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          • On Holy Ground: Canadian Forces Memorial, Sint-Juliaan, near Ypres, Belgium


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            Lenses used: Prime time all the way! Samyang (Walimex Pro) 14mm f2.8 @ f8 Auto Chinon 135mm f2.8 My review of the Samyang/Walimex Pro 14mm F2.8 (Canon mount) Here are my first impressions. The physical build of this lens is impressive. It is even better than the build quality of my vintage manual lenses and is certainly superior to the Canon EF-S kit lens and the EF lenses I own. Turning the focus ring feels excellent and is silent, which is important for video, and the aperture ring has two clicks per number. The lens feels heavy and compact and is actually a bit smaller than I had anticipated. The sun hood is an integral part of the lens as it encapsules the impressively big front glass. It is not possible to put a filter in front of the lens. There is a huge lens cap. It is so huge it won’t fit in my jeans’ pocket. On my 550D/T2i the lens works in M, Av and TV mode. Aperture is set manually, and it does not show in the exif data. Focus is manual only, and there is no beep or green light to confirm focus. Optically, the lens is very sharp. In the centre, there is no chromatic aberration to speak of, even at 2.8. In the borders, there is mild CA. The focal distance of 14mm makes it the widest lens I own, the equivalent of 21mm on a full frame/35mm camera. Yet the pin-cussion distortion is minimal and not distracting at all; this is no ‘fish-eye’ lens. The ‘moustache’ deformation I read about on the internet when shooting architecture only occurs when used with a FF camera, I think. I’ll report back on this when I take the lens outdoors. While all of the above is positive, I must tell you this is no lens for beginners. Using it for the first time kind of reminds me of the shock I had when shooting a dslr for the first time. I kind of have to re-learn focussing and framing with this lens! In fact, the easiest use is outdoors using the hyperfocual technique: set the lens at f8 or f11 and focus to infinity, and from then on, everything further away than 2 metres or so, will be in focus. But since this fast lens has a maximum aperture of f2.8, I want to use this lens indoors and for portraits too. The problem is that manual focus on subjects nearby is hard. With longer, manual lenses, I usually focus on the eye lashes or other details. But with this lens, due to the wide angle, I can’t see enough details in the viewfinder to be sure they are in focus. So I tried to go in live-view to be able focus more accurately. I have Magic Lantern on my card, which offers additional help such as ‘focus peaking’, but even then, there is wide margin of error. Now I must say that this issue is typical of all manual wide angle lenses, it is not specific for Samyang. And in my experience, after using that EF-S 10-22mm for about the week, I noticed that this lens too has a hit-or-miss rate of 50% when used wide open on subjects close by. (And, of course, it costs double the price of the Samyang/Walimex.) The fact is that for subjects nearby, using the distance scale on the lens has been the most successful approach up to now. The indicated distances on the lens are 0.35/0.40/0.50/0.70 and 1.0m and so on, with 40 degree turns in between (that’s my guess). But, like I said, relying on the distance scale was quite a ‘shocking’ experience for me! All in all, using the Walimex 14mm f2.8 is a joy. Handling this lens and making a sharp picture/video with it is very rewarding. So here is my summary: Pro: build quality, optical quality Con: manual focus (even with focus assists) when not using the hyperfocal technique

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            • 3d Drone Edit: The Dragon of the Cloth Hall Ypres


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              3de Edit ter promotie Music: Wolfram Gruss - Machine

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              • Machinima-Verite: "Great-granduncle Hank over Ypres."


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                My family still tells the story of my Late-Great-granduncle Henri...some of the wonderfully outrageous exploits he "pulled-off." Ze ones of the first World War I always enjoyed hearing the most...of his daring scouting/combat missions in his DH.2, which he loved dearly. As he would, afterwards shout, "And why NOT, she saved my life, more than once!" Ypres is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. Though Ieper is the Dutch and only official name, the city's French name Ypres is most commonly used in English due to its role in World War I, when only French was in official use in Belgian documents, including on maps. During that conflict, Ypres was the center of intense and sustained battles between German and Allied forces. During the war, because it was hard to pronounce in English, British troops nicknamed the city "Wipers". SEE ALSO: Machinima-Verite: "Uncle Hank does The Battle of ARRAS, France 1917" https://vimeo.com/80960279 NOTE: "Wings of War - PC" is wholly owned by 'Gathering of Developers ' & 'Silver Wish Games' for who I give full attribution and THANKS for their graciousness...and fine game! amazon.com/gp/product/B0006AAOHI/ref=oh_details_o07_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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                • The Opposites


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                  Movie made for opening weekend of new Social and Cultural Meeting Place Het Perron in Ypres... Filmed with 5d Mark II and Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4-prime

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                  • 1st Aerial Shots: Ieper


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                    Some of my first Aerial test shots of Ypres and a few beautifull places round the city. Filmed with Phantom + 3d Zenmuse + Go Pro Black Edition Starring: me & my girlfriend Music: Feeling Quirky (Instrumental) 60sec by Nicholas Pesci (Vimeo Music Store)

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                    • My very first footage with BMPCC


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                      My very first try out with my new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Lenses used: Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 T and Auto Chinon 2.8/35. No tripod and EVF or monitor used, so shaky and sometimes out of focus footage (due to the crappy screen). Shot (ProRes) in Ieper (Belgium), the peacetown in the middle of the battlefields of WWI. Twitter: @phovid See also my other videos: http://vimeo.com/phovid (Canon XF100, older with Sony DSR-PDX10)

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