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Enrico Parenti is an Italian-American freelance filmmaker, he studied filmmaking in Barcelona and now lives and works in Rome as filmmaker and cinematographer. His first feature-length documentary "Standing Army" 2010, has received a considerable international interest: the film was aired by thirteen international broadcasters including Al Jazeera, RT-tv, FOX, ZDF, History Channel, reaching an estimated audience of 350,000 people to date. In 2012 the film has been released in 25 Japanese movie theaters and in the U.S. it’s distributed through Amazon and HULU. It was also screened at 29 international film festivals and won three awards: one for “best documentary”.
His short film "Zewdu the street child" was chosen for the “Vimeo” homepage and “staff-picks”, and at festivals has won three awards. His latest short-film “While the train runs” 2013 won the “audience award” at the exhibition palace in Rome.
Since 2004 he makes documentaries, short films, music videos and works regularly with Italian and foreign televisions. He is currently working on a feature-length documentary on Romani people produced by Zalab.org and funded by the open society foundation.

Takae film is a small but internationally oriented independent production company founded by Enrico Parenti in 2008.The company is specialized in documentary production, feature films, videoclip, short movies, television productions.


“ROM(A)”, Feature-length documentary.2013. (Post production)

“The factory”, Short Film. Bangladesh. 2013. (Post production)

“While the train runs”, Short Film. Bangladesh. 2013.

“In nome del popolo Italiano”, short documentary, Zalab. 2012.

“Hallebuia”, Videoclip. Italy. 2012.

"6 gennaio", Videoclip. Italy. 2012.

"Zewdu the street child", Short Film. Ethiopia. 2011.

"Revolver at the milonga", Videoclip. Italy. 2011.

"Standing Army", Documentary. Italy-Japan-U.K- U.S. 2010.

“GPS GOD”, Short movie. Italy. 2010.

"Docs on the road", Documentary. Ethiopia. 2009.

"1943", Documentary. Italy. 2008.

"Giving Voice", Documentary. Italy. 2007. (Director of photography)

"Dralion Circus", Documentary. Brazil. 2004.

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