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What you see is not what you get. What you don't see is better than what you do see.

I’ve always loved photography but I didn’t get fully into it until 2010. From that time I always have my camera near because I like capturing the stories around me, the small things that happen every day - real life.

I learned a lot from different workshops, most of them where about reportage and documentary photography. Fewer and fewer I am interested in snapshots and more and more in pictures which are made in more reflection way.

I do music photography, fashion, portraits and photocasts from weddings, which are mix of film, sound and photos, because I think that such creative combination gives more complete artistic vision of this Day... But still photography is for me the most important. What is important - you won’t find me running around telling people to smile, to kiss, hauling flashes and umbrellas from room to room, setting correct shots. I try and walk and being surpised of everything.

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Z wykształcenia menedżerka kultury.
Z wykonywanej profesji marketingowiec, strateg.
Z zamiłowania fotograf.

Zdjęcia reporterskie, osobiste, rodzinne, intymne. Autorsko, komercyjnie, głównie cyfrowo, ale na życzenie analogowo też. Ślubnie i eventowo. Muzycznie. Zapraszam do współpracy osoby publiczne. Prywatne. Redaktorów i fotoedytorów. Organizatorów. Wystawiam rachunki (Regon: 121996951).

_fotografia koncertowa,
_fotografia ślubna (fotokasty),
_portrety (fotografia rodzinna, fotografia artystyczna ciążowa),
_fotografia modowa w plenerze
_ fotografia dokumentalna i fotodziennikarstwo

Kamila Buturla

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