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We all have said it or thought it: "I need to get away...".

I began my love affair with the open road as a child, traveling with my family in the Vista Cruiser wagon from Ohio to California every other summer. We took this expedition in the days before reliable air conditioning and the invention of minivans and onboard entertainment systems.

I loved it.

The shoulder-padded 1980’s were the time for getting on in the world and making a pile of dough. I dove in head first. Funny thing; working a demanding job doesn’t leave much time or energy for travel. Climbing the ladder takes on a life of its own and travel remains the elusive carrot at the end of a very long stick.

The meltdown of my industrial cleaning company in 2007 brought me to my knees and to a moment of mid-life clarity. It also put me back on the road. This time on a motorcycle.

Still happily married to my college beau, I'm often found exploring North America's highways and byways. That’s where I encounter people, places and adventures to inspire my life, books, speeches and articles.

I'm an Author, Storyteller and American Road Trip Expert. Welcome to my videos!

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