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Tamer Ashry is a director, producer, script-writer, and director of photography with over 10 years experience working in film and television in Egypt and the Middle East. He joined faculty of mass communication and graduated with excellence in 2006. He made his first short film "Check Mate" as a graduation project. After graduating he started to get involved into the media field to get more experience and start his own career.

His specialty is in documentary, fiction film, TV commercial and reality TV. He is passionate about creating media that will have a social impact. He has worked with some of the largest media outlets in the world including the BBC, Al-Jazeera, and MBC as well as international independent companies as a director and producer. Tamer's Directing credits include: "The Blue Elephant," "The Trials of Spring," "El Mashroua (The Project)," "Geran Elmashraha (Neighbors of the Morgue)" and "Pictures from Gaza."

Tamer is also co-founder and CEO of Bee Media Production, one of Egypt's most reputable production companies.

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