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Tamra Raven is a producer and director based in Los Angeles and New York.

Highlights include:

• The documentary "Rats to Roses" which aired as part of the "Sierra Club Chronicles" series on Sundance Channel (director/producer)
• The Disney series "Science of Imagineering" (series producer)
• The award-winning feature documentary " A Walk Into The Sea: Danny Williams and The Warhol Factory" (producer)
• The documentary "A New Hope" (director/producer) about Arab and Jewish teens in Israel
• A&E, MTV, VH1, ABC, AMC, History Channel, Court TV, TLC and BIO
• Sr. Producer at ReelzChannel
• Creative Director at MetroTV (Cablevision)

In 2000, I founded Out of the Dirt Productions, a media company whose mission is to bring awareness to environmental, health and social issues. Website is tamrave.com

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