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Propelling his life based on querying self with these 5 questions

1. What is the origin of entire universe/multiverses ?
2. What is definition/function of life as a form of human ?
3. Where do all human thoughts derive from ?
4. What is the mechanism of co-existence and interconnection of the fundamental particle through entire universe ?
5. Am I asking the right questions ?

Emancipate self to be exposed to any of circulating thoughts and ideologies which are conspired by Energy, Frequency and Vibration of elementary element throughout the entire milieu.

Predominantly, submerge self under realms of Theology, Philosophy, Cosmology, Astrology, Science, Psychology, Computer related articles, Arts, Photography, and Linguistics.

The paradigm shift could be applied to his thought and attitude at any point of his life's time line as a principle of Learn-Unlearn-Relearn.


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