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  1. live metallica

    by Todd Imming joined

    5 Videos / 7 Members

    live metallica

  2. God and Music

    by New Hope Church Calgary joined

    34 Videos / 6 Members

    Why does music impact us, move us, shape us, change the way we dress? Eat? Live? What music has shaped your life?

  3. Metaal

    by Marcus de Boom joined

    98 Videos / 2 Members

    Slayer, Ice-T, Metallica, Fantômas, D.R.I, Napalm Death, Gore - Mean Man's Dream


    by MadDriven joined

    88 Videos / 50 Members

  5. Turkish Short Films

    by Murat Çorlu joined

    424 Videos / 194 Members

  6. Thai Occultism

    by Thailand Amulets joined

    5 Videos / 2 Members

    Thai Buddhism has both Purely Buddist Amulets, and also Black Magic, Necromancy, and Animist Sorcery along with Brahman and Tantric Beliefs. This Groups is for those interested in this Facet of Thai…

  7. bmpc4k

    by Hazna.com joined

    111 Videos / 126 Members

    Black magic 4k global shutter camera

  8. BMCC

    by ronaldvdz joined

    159 Videos / 74 Members


  9. BMD Cinema

    by Oblikovalnik joined

    225 Videos / 150 Members

    A group for the latest tests and feeds on the performance of Black Magic Design Cinema Camera.

  10. black magic pocket cinema camera

    by SIRJEET joined

    33 Videos / 20 Members

  11. Black Magic Cinema Music Videos

    by Ghost joined

    36 Videos / 19 Members

    Looking to share music videos shot with the Black Magic Cinema Camera, The Black Magic Production Camera, and The Black Magic Pocket Camera

  12. Black Magic Cinema World

    by Thomas Arnold joined

    13 Videos / 16 Members

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