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Mexico City

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My research processes take as starting point language, text, the political implications of the domestic, of what is public and private, and of “the others”.
Translate strategies amongst systems –(linguistic, visual, phonic)– and practices, generates equivalences and associations, where there is a constant nostalgia for the obsolete, that makes me consider the discursive content of artifacts and on the former projections of future. In this quest, I have gathered interdisciplinary work teams that contribute from their diverse knowledge fields and specific skills to archive poetic intersections amongst art and technology.
Textiles have been present in my work as tailoring, as a narrative resource and as labor, socially embedded with meaning. Tailoring as design is a contact point with architecture, where the space distribution of the plans as sewing patterns re-signifying the idea of inhabited space or the utopia of an space that could be inhabited.
My creative processes continues linked with language, and my intention is increasingly oriented towards the materiality of sound, the idea of the automata, the possibilities of mechanisms and the sensible experience with architecture.

Tania Candiani’s work is found in private and public collections, such as those of the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego), SDMA (San Diego Museum of Art), Mexican Museum (San Francisco), Deutche Bank, among others.
Among her upcoming individual projects are an exhibit in the Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (LAA), with a book about the investigation, process and results from Cinco variaciones de cirncunstancias fónicas [Five variations on phonic circumstances], an exhibition produced expressly by LAA.
Tania Candiani has recently been awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship under the Creative Arts category, to develop a project related to “domestic architecture”, and became part of the “Sistema Nacional de Creadores” .

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