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Tania Giannouli studied piano (Soloist Diploma with excellence and 2nd Prize), Advanced Theory and Composition (with excellence and 1st Prize) at Athenaeum Conservatory and Orfeion Conservatory.
Her main area of interest is mixed-media music and she is frequently engaged (either as a performer or a composer) in projects, which combine music with visuals, text and speech. Her music for theatre and film has been performed at many festivals throughout the world - Greece, Germany, Iran, Romania, Bosnia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Bulgaria, UK, Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Lithuania, Morocco, China and Brazil. She has collaborated with the video artists Istvan Horkay, Roland Quelven, Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Guillaume Baychelier and with the film-makers Marcantonio Lunardi, Marcel Michalaris, Aspa Siokou, Stavros Raptis, Argyris Germanidis, Vasiliki Souniou.
Improvisation plays a major part of her musical life. She is a founder member of both groups 4+1 and Schema Ensemble, which performed in the international electronic music Synch Festival in 2010. Her collaboration with the wind player Paulo Chagas, resulted in the release of the album "Forest Stories" in the New Zealans's label Rattle and got very good reviews worldwide. In 2014 she founded the "Tania Giannouli ensemble" which made its premiere at the 2nd Syros Jazz festival.
Her concert music has been performed by Dissonart ensemble, Athens Youth Orchestra and Galaxy Quartet.
Tania’s interest in expanding her musical expression has led her to found the project Emotone together with the electronic music composer Tomas Weiss. She is currently collaborating with one of the most important Greek writers, Evgenios Aranitsis.
Her discography as a pianist/composer include so far: Tori no Kaigi (4+1/ Trente Oiseaux, 2009); "Live at Sfendoni" (4+1/ Triple Bath, 2010); "16 days "(Archangel music, 2010) in collaboration with the Sofia’s Symphonic Orchestra; "Feeling of movement" (Creative Space, 2012), together with Spyweirdos; "Soundtracks no. 4" (Ilse, 2012), "One year of Ilse" (Ilse, 2012); "Forest Stories" (Rattle, 2012)

For more info, events, concerts, projections and news please visit: tania-giannouli.com



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