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Tan has portrayed his inventive and autodidactic energy as an artist, teacher and researcher for three decades while residing in China, Canada, Singapore and the U.S.A.

He has taught art and animation for decades across all college levels internationally. Currently, he is a co-director and associate professor of art at Rutgers University. In addition, he has previously worked as an art director, animator, graphic designer and executive art editor in local and board industries. He currently specializes in fine-arts animation through the use of Softimage/XSI and Maya.

His artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group shows, and has received numerous awards. His exhibitions have also been displayed at the National Art Museum in China, SIGGRAPH (‘02-’07), Ars Electronica, the Beijing World Art Museum, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Electronics Alive IV, iDMAa04-08, the Shanghai DuoLun Museum of Modern Art, the National Center for Computer Animation in UK, the Centre D’Art Contemporaine in Montreal, the Singapore Art Museum, the LaSalle Univ. Art Museum, the LA Center for Digital Art, the Noyes Museum of Art, the Jiangsu Art Museum, and the Guang Dong Art Museum, amongst others.

Tan’s art research since 2000 has focused mainly on the merging of the relationship between conceptual animation, animation installation and interactive animation. His resulting work was awarded first place, as well as the excellence prize from the China Academy Awards. He has also been awarded “Best of Show” at iDEAa, the Award of Excellence by the International Digital IV, the Award of Excellence at the Global Media Competition from gallery international, and First Place from the 5th Digital Art and Computer Animation Competition by the Beecher Center for Art and Technology.

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