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Tank and Bunker’s passion for filmmaking is fueled by their dedication to unveiling the complexities of the human experience. Their distinct, emotionally raw style evokes a sense of authenticity that permeates their commercial work regardless of the subject. By consistently working to integrate the visual frame with the brand’s spirit, Tank and Bunker works tirelessly to fully immerse the audience in the subject’s emotional world. With a background in narrative film and academia, Tank and Bunker’s work is both cinematic and intellectually curious.

Working with brands such as ESPN, Procter and Gamble, ACLU, General Mills, and American Express in countries like Argentina, England, China, and Thailand, Tank and Bunker consistently draws inspiration from the diverse landscape of commercial filmmaking. Using each individual project as an opportunity to explore and grow, Tank and Bunker is a perpetual work in progress, allowing them to remain nimble, collaborative, and adventurous.

Born out of a morning routine meeting for coffee before film class at Columbia University, Tank and Bunker is the directing partnership of Judah-Lev Dickstein and Justin Liberman.

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