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I've been in the architectural field for 25 years, started with 3d Max in 1995 and switched to Softimage 3.0. Loved it right from the start, learning and getting my hands dirty as much as I can with all the bells and whistles. After 911, laid off, and time on my hands, I made two short story animations. They were fun and good experience to go from story writing to animating to linear editing to sound effects.
Back to a regular job, and being away from the animation field for a while, I'm trying to get back into it, and get some short stories onto the web.


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  1. Great show, don't be afraid to go Indie and start your own company, there are hurdles, but it can be very rewarding.
  2. More good advice to get advice from an experienced lawyer once you have a good idea of your game. Don't wait too long, because you may be making decisions that will hurt you down the road!
  3. Very informative, for someone like me new to the game industry, and thinking of different ways to fund developing my game, looks like some of my ideas could get me into hotwater. Looks like the next step is going out and getting some advice.
  4. Very good, just a ton of information on how, when, who, where, what; on the PR and marketing strategy. Watch and take notes!
  5. Tanya613 commented on SIMPLEFUR-4
    This fur series is great! New to ICE, but following along so far. On this one, I'm having trouble getting the "self.StrandSize" to work. In the Emit from Geometry, I have 'Initial Values > Size' set to 1, and shape set to segment. I can get the…