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Los Angeles, California

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Australian native Tanya Dunn is an award winning Writer/Producer & Editor.
Since arriving in LA, Tanya has worked on major launch & branding campaigns for CW, G4, Esquire, TruTV, FOX, Soap Net, FX, ABC, CBS & Disney. She has also been involved in feature campaigns for '21 and Over', '2 Guns', 'This is the End'.

Prior, Tanya accepted a role at the Nine Network, where she was key creative in the launch of "The Voice", "Alcatraz", "CSI", "Prime Suspect". and "Person Of Interest". Also working on the "Network Branding ID spots", in 2012.

Dunn was also leading the way as a Senior Writer Producer/Editor for the #1 network, Seven Network, Australia for over a decade. Responsible for unique and dynamic launch campaigns and weekly episodic spots for top U.S. shows, including 'Criminal Minds', 'Lost', '24', 'Ugly Betty', 'Desperate Housewives' , 'The Amazing Race', 'Deal or No Deal', 'Home and Away', and many more.

With 15 years experience in all areas of Television Production and On Air marketing and advertising, Tanya continues to bring a "knock out punch" to all of her work in a unique and unforgettable ride, that delivers!!

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