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Meet Aaron Holupchinski, me. I'm a forever Minnesotan, but I'm not loyal to all the Minnesota Sports teams, since I'm not loyal to any sports teams. Why? I'm jsut not a sports person. At all. I never watch or follow ANY sports. I like to bike around St. Paul and Minneapolis a lot in the summer, but it's just a hobby. My other hobby, which is more an obsession, is filmmaking. I go to an after school-program at IFP Minnesota 6+ hours a week. There I made a few videos including: Accept the Difference (a short PSA addressing the issue of criticizing gay people for the orientation; which got screened at the Walker Art Center), Solar Ice (a documentary about an ice cream shop on Marshall Ave and it's aspirations to go to Solar (it already has). It was screened at the Filmanthropist Project, a film festival about community action in the Twin Cities.), Shadow Puppet, a short psychological/experimental video playing with sound and camera angles. That video won three awards from IFP. All these videos are availible to watch on Vimeo. Also, check out more vidoes outside my IFP experience @ youtube.com/tapiocarampage