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Toronto, Canada

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I'm a veteran character animator, passionate about art, education, and the environment. I freelance for studios near and far while teaching part-time. My long-term goal is to animate on comedic or dramatic features.

My specialties include: 2D/3D Character Animation, Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage|XSI, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere, Drawing, Traditional and Digital Painting, Texturing, Teaching, Directing.

Currently learning: TVPaint

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  • Taranimator.com - My portfolio site.
  • Tarateach.blogspot.com - My teaching blog - Information about classes, assignments and other news for my students in the Game Design Department at George Brown College.
  • Taranimator on Facebook - A place to connect with my industry and teaching-related contacts, share helpful info, tutorials, photos of events and kibbitz about all things animated.
  • LinkedIn


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