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Holding the official permit from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (MCIG) and being a member of the association of advertising companies of Iran, the advertising association of TARHBARAN started up in 1999 (Solar Year). Since the beginning, this association has initiated its activities in the fields of design and printing advertisement orders in the countrywide publications. This in terms of the number of orders placed in newspapers with high circulation has made TARHABARAN one of the prominent organizations in the advertising industry owing to the cooperation of its good clients throughout the years and also its professional and unceasing performance in placing orders for advertisements in publications.
Relying on the lessons learned and the previous experiences and benefiting from the latest advertising methods, the advertising association of TARHBARAN is now involved in the field of producing and broadcasting T.V teasers, both real and animation, with the official representation permit from the General commercial administration of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).
Believing firmly in the principle of quality along with innovation, the advertising association of TARHBARAN in the third year of its business (2002) started developing production lines of promotional gifts in form of gifts production workshop so that it can directly offer services to its clients without involving middleman.
In the recent years, regarding the expansion of printing industry, this company has purchased two outdoor and one indoor print machines. As one of the their latest tasks and according to their contract with Tehran Beautification Organization, the association has also bought a billboards in the commercially sensitive spots with high rate of traffic so that it could be considered as one of the reputable advertising associations, which is proud to be providing services to the organizations and owners of grand industries.see less
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Unit 11, 6th floor, No.61, Ebn-e-yamin St., North Sohrevardi Ave. Tehran, 1555913115 Iran
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11-50 employees


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