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I'm 21 years old, studying Broadcast Journalism in Nottingham. I want to work creating short video productions for music videos, corporate use, sports, martial arts and news packages. I'm the founder of Stay Safe workplace self defence and thekaratecharity.org. I have a problem when it comes to making videos: I am awful with technology. I wasn't brought up around it, and I haven't taken well to it. Reeling off camera models to me will baffle me. What I do love however is image and capturing a story with the use of motion picture. I am a theorist and a creative, and here lies my attempts to battle with digits and beat the digital world. (Not a reference to Digimon. Well, it is now.)

Current projects I have lined up include: Creating a self defence DVD series, Working with local musicians filming music videos and behind the scenes bios, working as a Video Journalist for CBJ news and planning to do my very first wildlife/investigative journalism piece this summer through to fall.

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  • The Karate Charity - Launching mid April 2012. The charity I founded to help lives through karate-do


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