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Squaresville, USA

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Published photographer with seven years experience. Been shown in three art galleries and published in numerous magazines and websites.

I shoot an incredibly diverse range of stuff. From artistic to erotic to morbid to glamour to sometimes just plain silly. My work is heavily influenced by comic books, movies and music. I really love low brow pop culture from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Trashy films, sleazy listening and weirdness.

Gallery Shows:

"IMMEDIATE", March 2011, Atelier M, Phoenix, AZ

"Abstract", January 2013, Imagination In Focus, Mesa, AZ

"Hearts & Bones", February 2013, Gypsy, Phoenix, AZ


Skin Shots International (UK tattoo magazine)
Tetovani (Czech tattoo magazine)

Other Clients, Websites, Etc.:

Boson Eyewear, Macy's, HALO Piercing, GodsGirls, Erratic! Radio on KWSS 106.7 FM, Shake! at The Rogue Scottsdale, Saints & Scissors Salon, Nubile Films, Raw Talent Clothing Company, Makeshift Apparel, FTV Girls, Amphetamine Reptile Records, Nubiles.Net, Gypsy Bar, Erratic! Records, Suicide Girls, May Cause Dizziness Records and Atomic Comics

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