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Special Details about Notes From A Kitchen: Volume Three

October 15, 2014 – James Beard Foundation award-winning photographer and author Jeff Scott is excited to announce the release of the Two-Part Limited Edition Notes from a Kitchen: Volume 3 on the website, The book, published independently by Scott, will be available in a two-part Limited Edition Collection, with the first set available in October, 2014 and the other in January, 2015. The books will be sold almost exclusively via the website, though a limited quantity will be available at the finest Indie Bookstores.
Notes From A Kitchen: Volume Three is a 2-Part coffee table book featuring over 2,000 full- color original photographs, rare interviews and essays with the most innovative chefs and artisans working today. The book follows Scott’s adventures into the natural world that inspires these chefs, and delves into the concept of ongoing process. Notes from a Kitchen: Volume 3 results from the collaboration of these visionary chefs and Scott’s artistic obsession. By gaining access to their kitchens, private lives, and personal notebooks, Scott provides a better appreciation for the stories of these culinary geniuses, while also exploring the very origin of idea and inspiration.

Each unique book (Part One and Part Two) will feature 768 pages, with vellum pages, cloth covers and slipcovers. The author signs the first 2,500 copies of each Limited Edition Collection book.

Part One: (October 2014 Release)

Jordan Kahn, Dominique Crenn, Juan Contreras, Justin Cogley, Joshua Skenes, Shawn Gawle, Alex Stupak, Vinny Dotolo, David Chang, Julian Van Winkle and Forager Jenna Rozelle.

Part Two: (Fall 2015 Release)

John and Karen Shields, Scott Anderson, Matthias Merges, Sean Brock, Dave Beran, Linton Hopkins, Hugh Acheson, Matthew Jennings, Alex Talbot, Aki Kamozawa, James Syhabout, Stella Parks, Erik Anderson, Kyle Connaughton and Zakary Pelaccio.

About the Author
Jeff Scott is a multi-media artist specializing in genre-bending interpretations of our iconic cultural figures. He is widely known for challenging the established understanding of America’s cultural landscape—reinventing these subjects and imagery with his innovative photographic, graphic design and printmaking techniques. Scott is the author of Elvis: The Personal Archives, a stunning collection of original artwork from his series of the same name. This work is the result of a ten-year project documenting Elvis Presley's personal possessions, in unique collaboration with Elvis's Estate in Memphis, TN. Scott’s original artwork has been featured in dozens of gallery and museum exhibitions across the United States, including the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. His artwork can be seen in the permanent collections of The Dallas Museum of Art, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Disney, Ralph Lauren, and The National Trust for Historic Preservation. Scott's groundbreaking book on chefs’ lives, Notes From A Kitchen: A Journey Inside Culinary Obsession, received the 2012 James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence in Photography.

Publishing Details
Part One:
Release Date: October 15th, 2014
Hardcover: 768 pages
Publisher: Tatroux LLC; 1ST Edition (2014) Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9836159-2-7
Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 3 inches
Shipping Weight: 12 pounds

To purchases Notes From A Kitchen: Volume Three: Part One please go to

Jeff Scott
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