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A fresh twist on the classical string trio, Tatu Mianzi will circle you round with an eclectic musical offering of strings in every size, shape and color. From Medieval to Mozart, from Beethoven to beatboxing, we play music for all tastes and ages. Come and hear family music at its best!

Tatu Mianzi mixes styles and mediums with ease, using music to paint pictures and tell stories. Our trio answers the question of musical relevance in today’s modern world with a resounding YES!

We are Kate, Allison and Susan Reed. We’re part of a large family of musicians. Kate and Allison are instrumentalists as well as singers who record regularly on family CD’s and children’s books with Barefoot Books. Susan is a multi instrumentalist, singer, composer and author. For more information on Susan’s concerts, books and music, please visit susanreed.com.

Tatu Mianzi…what’s with the name? Tatu Mianzi means “three Reeds,” and that’s us! Mianzi also means, “honor.” We honor the tradition of classical music and celebrate the new.

Allison Reed – violin
Susan Reed - violin
Kate Reed – cello

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