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The aRT oF sight and Sound...


The ingenious soul of TAWk remains hidden behind the veils of alchemy. But the experience and innovative style of TAWk has been a part of a cultural movement for over a decade with the sound constantly evolving and redefined for simply the love of it. TAWk's unique sound is eclectic, innovative, euphoric in its digestion aurally and its intonation which makes it incomparable to the mainstream.
TAWk has the innate ability to assess an artists energy, talent and change the ordinary into extraordinary. By using the scriptures of life combining the passion for music and seeing sound as a visionary color palette, TAWk utilizes personal life experiences and achievements to enhance the musical landscape with a different picture. This picture is sonically unpredictable, esoteric, and bridges cultures, gender and genre under the universal symbol of TAWk. It's more than a sound, it's a movement.

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