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Actress, TV Host, & Model.
Columbia University Film Studies Graduate.

Don Buchwald & Associates:
NY: Leslie Zaslower/David Lewis- 212 867-1070
LA: Tim Weissman- 323 602-2332

Pam Goldman- Commercial/VO- 212-867-1070

Abrams Artists:
Mark Turner- Hosting- 646-486-4600


Television: MTV' s One Bad Choice, CBS' Unforgettable, NBC's 30 Rock, CW's Gossip Girl, CBS' Blue Bloods, CBS' Person of Interest, MTV's Hey Girl, CBS' NYC 22, ABC's All My Children & One Life to Live, SNL Digital Short, Dan Opsal & Jimmy Fallon's "Sugar Boy: Once Upon a Love".

Film: ADDicted, Sugar Daddies, The Factory, Douglas Brown, Affluenza, Sleeping With the Fishes, The Tale of Timmy Two Chins.

New Media: Above Average/Lorne Michael's "Cool Kids' Table" (Host), Seriously Distracted, Congressional Hearings.

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