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Tanner Christman is a young, inspired muti-platform media specialist / artist capturing what the average eye may miss. Studying the Art of Design and Photography at the Art Institute of Seattle, mixed with a passion for traveling and exploring the world around him, provided the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures, arts, designs and techniques.

He is dedicated to merging his knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm, with the goal of sharing the genuine honesty and beauty of life. His inspiration and dedication to communicate this vision using multimedia offers a new perspective to explore and enjoy.

Multimedia allows endless outlets to bring ideas to life, immerse ourselves in the present while creating ideas for our future. Amid the chaos a great artist finds these moments, capturing them in such a way that the eye and the mind can discover both the mystery and beauty that surrounds us.
Tanner has worked with a large range of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small independent businesses and is available for contract assignment as well as freelance projects. By having an understanding of multimedia as a whole Tanner has the ability to use a variety of outlets to fulfill the needs of his clients. His level of dedication and tenacity is evident in the quality of his work.

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