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Tempestas et Caelum Productions believes in the diversity of humanity and the preservation of the environment for future generations. It is the story of whom we are in a vast landscape we call Earth. TCPFilms believes in the celebration of many beliefs and attitudes that make us unique in a vast world of cultural and environmental differences. Cameron Douglas Craig created TCPFilms so that students would have a unique stage to explore the world around them without prejudice. Truth comes from discovery.

Tempestas et Caelum Productions, which means "weather and climate" or "storm and sky," was established to give students at Eastern Illinois University and in the Department of Geology/Geography a platform on which to communicate their fresh new ideas for the future. Tempestas et Caelum Productions was created by geographer, climatologist, and documentarian, Cameron Craig, to provide students of science, broadcast meteorology, technology, humanities, and the arts experience in producing documentaries. The organization is a division of the department's Integrative Learning experience at Eastern Illinois University.

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Mr. Craig is currently a Geographer/Climatologist in the Department of Geology/Geography at Eastern Illinois University. He currently oversees students in the broadcast meteorology minor and collaborates with WEIU-TV's Emmy Nominated NewsWatch as meteorological consultant allowing student forecasters to have an immediate resource for meteorological inquiries and severe weather events. In addition to his duties at EIU, he is working toward receiving his Ph.D. in Physical Geography at Indiana State University with emphasis on Climatology, Physical Geography, and Geographic Education. Mr. Craig is the founder of Tempestas et Caelum Productions.

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