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As a travel, landscape and press photographer, I deal in the ‘now.’ Once an image is captured, the environment is seldom, if ever the same. In a split second I have the opportunity to document the essence of an event, person or environment, or completely miss the opportunity. When I succeed, my images have both power and a voice. I’m able to voice my perspective or opinion on topics for which my comments might otherwise be considered irrelevant, and I’m able to give a voice to those who are not able to speak for themselves, whether their imposed silence is due to poverty, political pressures, or fear.

My goal is for each of my images to tell its own story.

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Tim Lundin
Phone: 202.527.9069
Fax: 202.204.6274

Twitter: TDLphoto

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Freelance - Events - Fashion - Travel - Project - Documentary - Corporate

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